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Friday 12/7/07
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------------------------ 12/7/07 ------------------------


------------------------ 11/3/07 ------------------------

A bankruptcy judge rules that Aaron’s management and recording agreements with Lou Pearlman are no longer in effect. Ownership of Aaron’s recording masters & royalty issues with Transcontinental are still to be decided (next hearing Nov 13)! TMZ, Central-FL-News13

Aaron and Brooke Hogan were spotted together during a recent visit to the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas!

------------------------ 9/1/07 ------------------------

Aaron is trying to get unstuck from his worthless contract with bankrupt and jailed ex-manager Lou Pearlman!

------------------------ 8/30/07 ------------------------

According to TMZ, Aaron chose not to do DWTS and MTV's CRS due to time limitations with other projects!

------------------------ 8/29/07 ------------------------

Aaron & 3 others weren't on the list of this year's 12 DWTS contestants that were announced on GMA: They are Jane Seymour, model Albert Reed, Sabrina Bryan, Mark Cuban, actress-model Josie Maran, Wayne Newton, singer Marie Osmond, Floyd Mayweather, Melanie Brown, Helio Castroneves, Jennie Garth, and actor Cameron Mathison!

------------------------ 8/28/07 ------------------------

According to TMZ, Aaron is in the cast of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" (season premiere Sept 24 at 8pmET) - the full list is Aaron Carter, Wayne Newton (Las Vegas star), Marc Cuban (billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks), boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr, Lou Ferrigno (TV’s Incredible Hulk), racecar driver Helio Castroneves, Jane Seymour (Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman), Melanie Brown (Mel B, Spice Girl), actress Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth (Kelly in BH 90210), Nia Peeples (soap star), newsman Richard Quest, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, and Sabrina Bryan (Cheetah Girl)! The official announcement will be on ABC's "Good Morning America" on Wednesday!

------------------------ 8/19/07 ------------------------

Here is a short video from TMZ on 7/30 of Aaron and new 10-week-old pup Nala!

------------------------ 6/25/07 ------------------------

According to E! GOSSIP, it is rumored that Aaron is in talks to join the next season of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars"!

------------------------ 6/12/07 ------------------------

The bankruptcy auction of Lou Pearlman's stuff includes Aaron's "Danish Gold" album for selling 25,000 copies of his first album in Denmark in 1998! - More - List of Items!

------------------------ 6/11/07 ------------------------

Aaron signed autographs for patients & their families at the "16th Annual Celebrate Life With Hope" on Sunday June 10th at Paramount Studios in LA - 3 pics!

------------------------ 6/6/07 ------------------------

Video - Aaron at the Jack-in-the-Box Celebrity Shootout in Phoenix on Jan 14, 2007! (1:42min)

------------------------ 5/20/07 ------------------------

Here is a recent video of Aaron & Kaci in NYC at Kaci's recording session with Toby Gad! (3:24min)

Here is a 2006 video of Aaron & Nick meeting some happy fans! (3:54min)

------------------------ 5/4/07 ------------------------

Here is a video of an interview with Aaron at the Kids Choice Awards 3/31! (4min)

------------------------ 4/1/07 ------------------------

Here are 2 small pics of Aaron at the Distinctive Assets Gift Lounge at the 2007 KCA!

------------------------ 3/27/07 ------------------------

Here is the video of Aaron and Kaci having fun at Venice Beach (with Aaron's dog Jada)! (3:48min)!

Aaron & Kaci attended the Mercedes-Benz Fall 2007 LA Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios on 3/19/07! (13 small pics)

------------------------ 12/19/06 ------------------------

Here is the video of Aaron, Kaci Brown, Angel & Nick Hogan at Shaq!

Aaron had a 19th birthday celebration with Angel and his girlfriend 18-yr-old Kaci Brown at Shaq nightclub in Hollywood on Friday 12/15!

------------------------ 12/7/06 ------------------------


------------------------ 11/26/06 ------------------------

Sun Nov 6 - "Good Night and Good Carter" @ 2am
Fri Dec 1 – All 8 episodes:
"Welcome Back, Carter" @ 3pm
"Carter Dearest" @ 3:30pm
"Carter Knows Best" @ 4pm
"Two of a Carter" @ 4:30pm
"Everybody Hates Carter" @ 5pm
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 5:30pm
"Hangin' With Mr. Carter" @ 6pm
"Good Night and Good Carter" @ 6:30pm

------------------------ 11/12/06 ------------------------

Here are Aaron & Nick on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Friday Nov 9! (5min in 3 parts)

------------------------ 11/8/06 ------------------------

Here is the episode of HOC with Aaron's surfing injury! (21min in 3 parts)

Wed Nov 8 –
"Everybody Hates Carter" @10pm
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 10:30pm
"Everybody Hates Carter" @ midnight
Thu Nov 9 –
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 12:30am
Fri Nov 10 –
"Everybody Hates Carter" @ 6pm
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 6:30pm
Sat Nov 11 –
"Everybody Hates Carter" @ 4pm
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 4:30pm
Sun Nov 12 –
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 2am
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 11pm
Mon Nov 13 –
"Hangin' With Mr. Carter" @ 9pm
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 9:30pm
Tue Nov 14 –
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 10am
"Hangin' With Mr. Carter" @ 10:30am
Wed Nov 15 –
"Carter's Anatomy" @ midnight
Thu Nov 16 –
"Hangin' With Mr. Carter" @ 12:30am
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 5pm
"Hangin' With Mr. Carter" @ 5:30pm
Sat Nov 18 –
"Carter's Anatomy" @ 2pm
"Hangin' With Mr. Carter" @ 2:30pm

------------------------ 10/29/06 ------------------------

Here is Aaron & Nick as guests on the 10/23 episode of "The Megan Mullally Show"! (6:33min)

------------------------ 10/26/06 ------------------------


"Two of a Carter" -
Sat Oct 28 @ 1pm
Sun Oct 29 @ 3am
Mon Oct 30 @ 9pm
Wed Nov 1 @ 6:30pm
Fri Nov 3 @ 11:30am
Sun Nov 5 @ 10:30am

"Carter Knows Best" -
Mon Oct 30 @ 9:30pm
Wed Nov 1 @ 6pm
Fri Nov 3 @ 11am
Sun Nov 5 @ 2am & 10am

"Carter's Anatomy" -
Mon Nov 6 @ 9pm
Tue Nov 7 @ 9:30am

------------------------ 10/25/06 ------------------------

Here is the 10/23 Carter episode of "The Tyra Banks Show"! (3 parts)

Interview - Aaron takes TVGuide inside the crazy HOC!

Aaron & his sisters were at Fox Reality Presents "The Reality Remix Reality Awards" on Tuesday 10/24 at Les Dues in Hollywood! - 6 small pics here & here!

------------------------ 10/20/06 ------------------------

Aaron & Nick will be guests on the "The Megan Mullally Show" on Monday 10/23! Check your state here for time & station!

Here are pics of Aaron & Nick at "WWE Raw" in the Staples Center in Hollywood on Monday 10/16!

------------------------ 10/19/06 ------------------------

Here is the 10/16/06 Carter episode of "The Dr Keith Ablow Show"! (40min in 7 parts)

------------------------ 10/15/06 ------------------------

Here is an E!News preview of the Carters on tomorrow's "The Dr Keith Ablow Show"!

Here are some previous episodes of House of Carters!

Here is Aaron & Nick's interview recently on KTLA!

Here is Aaron & Nick on "Fox & Friends" on 9/29/06!

Aaron & Nick will be on "The Tyra Banks Show" on Mon Oct 23! Tyra's guests are cast members of "House of Carters" and "Hogan Knows Best" - Brooke Hogan performs. Check your local listing (or here) for station & time!

"The Dr Keith Ablow Show" with Aaron, Nick, BJ, Leslie & Angel airs Monday Oct 16th! The show is syndicated, so check your local listing (or here) for station & time!


"Carter Dearest" (30min):
Sun Oct 15 @ 11pm
Mon Oct 16 @ 2am

"Two of a Carter" (30min):
Mon Oct 16 @ 9pm
Tue Oct 17 @ 10:30am
Wed Oct 18 @ 10pm
Thu Oct 19 @ 1am & 11:30am
Fri Oct 20 @ 9:30pm
Sat Oct 21 @ 4:30pm
Sun Oct 22 @ 1:30pm
Mon Oct 23 @ 8:30pm
Tue Oct 24 @ 10am
Thu Oct 26 @ 1am

"Carter Knows Best" (30min):
Mon Oct 16 @ 9:30pm
Tue Oct 17 @ 10am
Wed Oct 18 @ 10:30pm
Thu Oct 19 @ 1:30am & 11am
Fri Oct 20 @ 9pm
Sat Oct 21 @ 4pm
Sun Oct 22 @ 1pm

"Everybody Hates Carter" (30min):
Mon Oct 23 @ 9pm
Tue Oct 24 @ 10:30am
Thu Oct 26 @ 1:30am

------------------------ 10/4/06 ------------------------

Aaron, Angel & BJ (5 pics & 3 pics) were on the red-carpet at the Rolling Stone’s Celebration of their 2006 Hot List at Stone Rose in LA on Tuesday Oct 3!

------------------------ 10/2/06 ------------------------

Here is the video of Aaron & Nick's interview on Cleveland's "Good Company" last Tuesday 9/26!

"House of Carters" debuts tonight at 9pmET on the "E!" Network!

Episode 1 "Welcome Back, Carter" (1 hr):
Mon 10/2 @ 9pm
Tue 10/3 @ 1am & 10am
Wed 10/4 @ 10pm
Thu 10/5 @ 11am
Fri 10/6 @ 9pm
Sat 10/7 @ 3pm
Sun 10/8 @ 10am
Episode 2 "Carter Knows Best" (30min):
Sun 10/8 @ 11pm
Mon 10/9 @ 9pm
Tue 10/10 @ 10:30am
Wed 10/11 @ 10:30pm
Thu 10/12 @ 1:30am & 11:30am
Episode 3 "Carter Dearest" (30min):
Tue 10/10 @ 10am
Wed 10/11 @ 10pm
Thu 10/12 @ 1am & 11am

------------------------ 9/30/06 ------------------------

Here is the video of Aaron & Nick's interview on "Regis & Kelly" on Friday 9/29!

------------------------ 9/28/06 ------------------------

Here is the video of Aaron & Nick's interview on today's "E! News"!

Aaron, Nick, BJ, Leslie & Angel taped the full hour of "The Dr Keith Ablow Show" today in NYC - the show will air Friday Oct 13th! The show is syndicated, so check your local listing (or here) for station & time!

Aaron & Nick are scheduled to be on "Live with Regis & Kelly" on Friday 9/29 @9am ET!

Here is the video of Aaron & Nick's interview with Ryan Seacrest explaining the engagement!

Aaron is suing Lou Pearlman in Orlando to void their contract & to give an accounting of Aaron's earnings!

------------------------ 9/27/06 ------------------------

"THE HOUSE OF CARTERS" reality-TV series starts Monday night Oct 2nd on the "E!" Network at 9pm ET (1-hour)!!! Watch the first episode online - 44 minutes! (click "watch clip" & then select debut episode) NOTE: The videos will change as the episodes air!

------------------------ 9/25/06 ------------------------

Aaron has broken off his engagement to Kari! Aaron's quote: "I then realized it was a hasty thing to do and I am not ready for marriage quite yet."

------------------------ 9/18/06 ------------------------

Aaron got engaged to girlfriend Kari Ann Peniche onstage during the Playboy Comedy Tour at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas!

------------------------ 9/10/06 ------------------------

Aaron's third episode of 7TH HEAVEN "Why Not Me?" is showing on the FAMILY CHANNEL on Wednesday Sept 20 @ 7pm ET!

------------------------ 9/6/06 ------------------------

Aaron's first two episodes of 7TH HEAVEN "The Song of Lucy" & "Bad Boys.." are showing back-to-back on the FAMILY CHANNEL on Monday Sept 18 at 6pm & 7pm ET (originally aired 9/27/04 & 10/4/04)!

------------------------ 8/20/06 ------------------------

Aaron's movie SUPERCROSS is showing on HBO today Sun 8/20 @ 5:30pm & Thu 8/31 @ 6:30pm ET! It is also showing on other days & times on other HBO channels!

------------------------ 8/4/06 ------------------------

Aaron is OK after his surfing accident earlier this week!

------------------------ 7/20/06 ------------------------

Catch up on some of the videos you may have missed: "House of Carters" and "Aaron Carter"!

------------------------ 7/13/06 ------------------------

Aaron & Nick get in a schuffle in an episode of their new reality series "The House of Carters" - the series debuts in Oct 2006!

------------------------ 6/22/06 ------------------------

Aaron is filming scenes in Wilmington NC to appear in a pilot for a TV show "Grand Stand" on the FUSE network (or some other music network) - Grand Stand will offer music by a rotating list of hot artists and a core group of actors!

Some VH1 & MTV2 appearances coming up: Celeb Sibling Showdown, VH1 6/22 2pm; Cribs, MTV2 6/30 12pm; Most Awesome Celeb Beefs, VH1 7/2 12pm!

------------------------ 6/7/06 ------------------------

Aaron is scheduled to play in the Hollywood Knights vs El Monte High School Faculty celebrity basketball game tonight 6/7 in El Monte CA!

The MTV Movie Awards that Aaron & Nick attended last Saturday will air this Thursday night 6/8 starting at 8:30pm on MTV!

------------------------ 6/4/06 ------------------------

"WireImage" has new (small) pics of Aaron & Nick this weekend at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards, the Pre-Awards Hollywood Life Lounge, the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge, & the House of Hype Luxury Lounge and After Party.

------------------------ 5/1/06 ------------------------

"The Carters" reality-tv series is coming this fall on E! This is an 8-part 1/2-hr series with Carter siblings Aaron, Nick, BJ, Leslie & Angel!

------------------------ 4/23/06 ------------------------

Here are some fan pics of Aaron & Nick at the Hollywood Knights Celebrity basketball game in Bergen Norway!

------------------------ 4/19/06 ------------------------

Aaron's show in Orlando will re-air on "Pop Town" on the FUSE network (digital tv) on Sat morning Apr 29th at 10:30am EST (30min)!

------------------------ 4/4/06 ------------------------

Aaron's show in Orlando will re-air on "Pop Town" on the FUSE network (digital tv) on Sat morning Apr 8th & 15th at 10:30am EST (30min)!

------------------------ 4/3/06 ------------------------

The plan for the Carter siblings reality show on the "E!" network is making progress!

Aaron and Nick are scheduled to play in the International "Hollywood Knights Celebrity Basketball Game" in Bergen Norway on Apr 22!

------------------------ 4/1/06 ------------------------

Aaron is mentioned near the end of last week's episode of "Hogan Knows Best - Kids Reality Check (a job)" - Hulk asks Brooke if that's Aaron Carter on the phone! Re-airs on VH1 Sun 4/2 12:30am, Thu 4/6 1:30pm, Fri 4/7 10:30pm!

------------------------ 3/29/06 ------------------------

Aaron's episode of "Sabrina" will re-air on the UPN channel on Wednesday morning April 5 at 5:30am EST - Originally aired Feb 23, 2001!

Aaron's Christmas episode of LIZZY MCGUIRE will re-air on the DISNEY channel on Monday April 3 at 5:30pm EST - Originally aired Dec 9, 2001!

------------------------ 3/22/06 ------------------------

Aaron is legally disputing his contract with Lou Pearlman's Trans Continental Records, which was signed when Aaron was a minor (on 12/7/04, his 17th birthday)!

------------------------ 3/14/06 ------------------------

Aaron's episode of "Sabrina" will re-air on the NOGGIN channel on Saturday March 25 at 8:30pm EST - Originally aired Feb 23, 2001!

------------------------ 12/24/05 ------------------------

Aaron's Christmas episode of LIZZY MCGUIRE will re-air on the DISNEY channel on Christmas Day, Sunday Dec 25 at 5pm EST - Originally aired Dec 9, 2001!

------------------------ 12/17/05 ------------------------

Aaron's previous record label, Jive, is releasing a new CD "Come Get It: The Very Best of Aaron Carter", due out on Jan 17, 2006! -
12 Tracks: Aaron's Party, Shaq, Bounce, My Internet Girl, I Want Candy, Leave It Up To Me, AC's Alien Nation, Oh Aaron, I'm All About You, To All The Girls, Another Earthquake, & One Better!

------------------------ 12/11/05 ------------------------

Again, Aaron's Christmas episode of LIZZY MCGUIRE will re-air on the DISNEY channel on Tuesday Dec 20 at 9:35pm EST - Originally aired Dec 9, 2001!

Again, Aaron's show in Orlando will re-air on "Pop Town" on the FUSE network (digital tv) on Sat morning Dec 17 at 10:30am EST (30min)!

------------------------ 12/2/05 ------------------------


Aaron's Christmas episode of LIZZY MCGUIRE will re-air on the DISNEY channel on Saturday Dec 10 at 3:30pm EST - Originally aired Dec 9, 2001! (Note: Hilary has been quoted as saying that this visit by Aaron inspired her to start her singing career!)

REMINDER: Aaron's show in Orlando will re-air on "Pop Town" on the FUSE network (digital tv) on Sat morning Dec 3 & 10 at 10:30am EST (30min)!

------------------------ 11/22/05 ------------------------

A fan reports that Aaron will be doing a Radio Disney call-in show Wed 11/23 between 6 and 7pm EST! UPDATE: Aaron had to cancel the trip to Philly for the call-in & the parade!

------------------------ 11/15/05 ------------------------

For those who missed it (and have digital TV), Aaron's show in Orlando will re-air on "Pop Town" on the FUSE network on Sat morning Nov 26 and Dec 3 at 10:30am EST (30min)!

------------------------ 11/8/05 ------------------------

Aaron was one of the performers on the Sharon Stone charity single "Come Together Now" for Katrina victims! The song was released for download on Oct 17th and the CD release is Nov 29th!

------------------------ 11/7/05 ------------------------

According to a fan's letter from the AC Fan Club, Aaron is concentrating on his open-learning college studies. He plans to tour again next Spring after the semester is over!

------------------------ 11/6/05 ------------------------

Aaron is scheduled to be interviewed by Kelly Ripa on Philly's 6ABC (ABC-TV) at the "6ABC/Boscov's Thanksgiving Parade" on Thurs morning Nov 24, beginning at 8:30am!

------------------------ 11/5/05 ------------------------

Aaron's Pop Star DVD will be released at Amazon on Nov 8!

Aaron is advertised to be on the Tony Danza Show on Monday 11/7 (10am EST)! Not sure, but check it out! UPDATE: Aaron was not on the show.

For those who have digital TV, Aaron's show in Orlando will re-air on "Pop Town" on the FUSE network on Sat morning Nov 12 at 10:30am EST (30min)!

Aaron will make an appearance on "Penn and Teller: Off The Deep End" underwater magic 2-hr special on NBC on Sunday 11/13 at 7pm EST!

Aaron's mom Jane was married on Wednesday 11/2 in Reno NV to Mr Holcomb!

------------------------ 10/11/05 ------------------------

Aaron's mom Jane is engaged and plans to marry in December in the Tampa area! She has known her fiancée for over thirty years. Also, Aaron's sister Leslie is working on an album! (thx TM, Steve)

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