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u Sunday 5/11 Aaron is doing a photo shoot in Orlando for EXTRA on CBS. Monday he's off to LA, California! (thx Sara)

u Aaron's episode of ALL THAT where he performs "To All The Girls" is going to be repeated Saturday May 24th at 8pm on Nickelodeon - Justin T. is a guest! (thx Brooke)

u REMINDER: Aaron & Nick's episodes of "SESAME STREET" - airing in some areas Sunday morning (thx Rachael), other areas Mon & Tues (check local listings - story is about new baby bear)!

u Here are the story and lots of pictures (from aaroncarter.com) about Aaron's GradNite concert at SEAWORLD in Orlando last Friday 5/9! (thx Angela)

u There are reports that Aaron's new CD will be coming out July 22! - there's an ad for the CD in June/July 2003 Teen Vogue page 83. (thx Angel, Michelle, Sam)

u Aaron did an awesome job Friday night 5/9 at 8th grade GRAD NITE at Seaworld in Orlando! He totally rocked! Jane, BJ, and Leslie were there, but not Angel. Bridgett and Brianne from Triple Image were there, but they said Brittany was sick. Also there was Aaron's good friend, dancer/choreagrapher Kaki, and another one of his friends Kevin. Aaron rode some roller coasters - and 15 lucky people got to go backstage! Aaron talked about his upcoming tour, and there will for sure be one starting mid-summer! Aaron said he would be staying in Orlando until he flies to LA Monday. (thx Chelsea, Christina)

A fan reports that tonight on FOX-TV's "Pulse" (5/8 9pmET) that Hilary was asked about her dating situation and she said "No, I dont have a boyfriend ... guys are really hard" she laughs. Then they showed a clip of Aaron where he said "Hilary plays really hard to get and it's irritating" while laughing. (thx Jessie)

Here's the full article about Aaron's management plans! (thx Sam)

REMINDER: Aaron is back in Florida for a show at SEAWORLD in Orlando Friday night 5/9 for 8th-grade GradNite (show is not general public)!

Spectra Management (Jane Carter) is partnering with Premier Artists Services to oversee Aaron's career in all media. Aaron's new album for Jive is due out this fall. Aaron has been writing and recording in Hollywood and the Florida Keys. A late summer USA concert tour is also in the works. Aaron will be starring in the movie "Future Force" in which Aaron leads the fight to defend the globe from alien invaders! (thx ACCrazy, Amber, Angel)

The EARLY SHOW didn't ask Hilary about Aaron because the interviewer didn't want to put her on the spot about it! (thx Krista)

PBS-TV REMINDERs: Aaron & Nick's 3 episodes of "SESAME STREET" this week or next week (check local listings - story is about new baby bear)! Also on Thur 5/8, the episode "Valley Forge" on LIBERTY'S KIDS with Aaron as the voice of Joseph Plumb Martin!

Another chance to hear from Hilary about Aaron will be on Wed May 7 on CBS-TV's EARLY SHOW!

"ET on MTV" has been showing the clips of Aaron and Hilary at her movie premiere last weekend! It's on again Sun 5/4 at Noon! Also check for it on "ET on VH1" at 2:30pmET! (thx Steph, Ashley)

One of Aaron's dancers 19yr-old Natasha Louis was on "Star Search" Fri 5/2 - she was in a dance group named "Freestyle" - they were good but lost by 10 stars! (thx Amber)

REPORT: On ABC-TV's "GOOD MORNING AMERICA" 5/2 when Hilary was asked about Aaron, she again said "we're really good friends, he's great" - when asked if they were an item she wouldn't say no or yes - she said "it's really hard because we're always out of town, we're always working".
On "REGIS & KELLY" they asked her if Aaron was still her boyfriend and she didn't say no, so maybe that could mean yes(?)

The news from Aaron's UK website is that "Camp Summer Stage" is off for now but Aaron is working on another movie deal to be announced later, Aaron's USA concert tour is being planned, and Europe/UK is in the plans for later! (thx Angel)

When Hilary was asked about Aaron on TRL 5/1 she said "We’re really really good friends and we went to the premiere together and he’s great!". (thx Erin, Rachael)

Here's another concert date for Aaron - Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA on June 14th! (thx Amber)

Aaron has a concert scheduled for Thursday August 14 at Tommy Hilfiger At Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY at 7:30pm! - Tickets avail Sat 5/3 (Amex now)! (thx Richard, Amber)

Maybe Hilary will say more about Aaron when she is on "Good Morning America" and "Regis & Kelly" on Friday May 2! - Also Hilary will be hosting MTV's TRL on Thursday May 1. (thx Tara)

Here is the recap of the episode of "America's Most Talented Kid" last Fri 4/25 when Aaron was one of the judges - here are the contestants & winners! (thx Tanya)

INSIDE EDITION reported that Aaron and Hilary went to a Japanese restaurant after the premiere Saturday in LA! (thx Melissa)

Tues 4/29 on TRL they mentioned Aaron (when Hilary's #10 video was playing) - a pop-up talked about Aaron and Hilary being together at the premiere and about them dating. (thx Danielle, Katie)

Aaron was interviewed on "ACCESS HOLLYWOOD" as he was going into the "Lizzie McGuire Movie" Premiere! Aaron was asked about him and Hilary, and he said they were going to talk it over later.
ET has a story/video online about the Premiere! (thx Amber)
UPDATE: The report from EXTRA is that AARON and HILARY are going steady!!

Here are Aaron's PICS (20) from the "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" Premiere in Hollywood Sat 4/26! - Aaron brought flowers for Hilary! (thx Anna, Melissa) - More PICS (1), (2), (3), (4) (thx Sasha, Angela)

Aaron and Craig are heading up to MICHIGAN for about a week! (thx Beth, Jessie, Emily)

Here are 17 Pics of Nick, Aaron's dad Bob and the boat in Miami! (thx BML)

8pmET NBC-TV Friday, April 25 "America's Most Talented Kid" Wild-Card Show - In the first of two “wild card” shows, 11 previous contestants return to compete for three spots in the finals. Judges: Brooke Burns, Aaron Carter, Jon Secada. Hosts: Lance Bass and Mario Lopez. (thx Brooke)

Aaron has a concert scheduled for Aug 19 in the Detroit area (out I75 in Clarkston) at the DTE Energy Music Theatre 7:30pm - info! (thx Richard)

Aaron and Cole will make 3 promotional appearances for "Camp Summer Stage" in May and June - one will be in Long Beach CA - Cole will also be at Saturday's "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" Premiere in HW (Sat 4/26 5:30pmET)!

REMINDER: On YTV in Canada, Aaron will be on the Nick Cannon Show on Friday April 25th at 6pmET! (thx Alyssa)

Nick will be part of a press conference Friday morning 4/25 10:30amET at the Biscayne Bay Marriott in Miami FL - kicking off the Super Boat Grand Prix!

UPDATE: One more pic of Aaron (on the golf cart) at APBA Key West hanging out with the director of CSS!

Aaron is in the Los Angeles area this week! Last night (Wed 4/23) he was at the premiere of the movie "IDENTITY" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood CA! - Aaron & Angel Pics (4)! - More Aaron Pics (11), (2), (3), (2), (7)! (thx ACCrazy)

Watch for 2 of Aaron's episodes of "Liberty's Kids" on PBS-TV - May 8th and May 26th. (thx Amber)

Aaron is invited to the premiere screening of "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood CA on Sat April 26 - 5:30pmPT celebrity arrivals, 6:30pm movie screening. (thx Sasha)

Here are a few pics of Aaron with NoSecrets at CSS rehearsals! (thx to Jade's Journal at NoSecrets-Shh)

Here's a report from a fan about the "Tonight Show" 4/21 when Hilary was on: Arsenio Hall from StarSearch made a comment after Hilary said "Rome boys were cute" - Arsenio kiddingly said "are they as cute as Aaron Carter?" - and Hilary was like "stop it, Arsenio" and then they laughed about it. (thx Erin)

Hilary Duff is scheduled to visit the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday April 21 - if she is going to be in "Camp Summer Stage" with Aaron, maybe she will say something about it!
UPDATE: Hilary didn't mention CSS - guest Arsenio did mentioned AC.

Here is Nick's Florida schedule (in case Aaron might show up) - 4/25-27 Miami Superboat Grand Prix races, 5/2 House of Blues Orlando, 5/3 Sunfest West Palm Beach, 5/4 The Masquerade Tampa!

REMINDER: Aaron's performance of "I Want Candy" on the "MJ's 30th Celebration" is on again on Sunday 4/20 at 7pmET on VH1 - Aaron's spot is at about 7:30pm! This was the show in NYC the night before 9/11/01.

REPLAY: Aaron's episode of the Nicktoon "Rocket Power" is on Nickelodeon again on Tuesday April 22 at 7:30amET! - Aaron's episode is titled "Legends and Their Falls" - He does the voice of Clutch Koerner (son of Cam the Man) - First aired 2/23/01. (thx Nikki)

"Aaron's 2004 Wall Calendar" (Regular and Mini) can be pre-ordered at AMAZON - maybe avail Aug 2003 - Click the cover photo to enlarge! (thx Angel)

Aaron is scheduled to head up to Atlanta Thursday evening 4/17! - (plans subject to change)

There's a pic of Aaron and Nick from Sesame Street on the cover of "Kid's Power Magazine"! (thx Nikki, ACCrazy)

UPDATE: According to the producer, Hilary is currently the lead female role in "Camp Summer Stage"!

On YTV in Canada, Aaron will be on the Nick Cannon Show on Friday April 25th! Here's Aaron & Nick Cannon from 2001! (thx Alyssa)

REMINDER: Aaron's appearance on the "Disco Ball" will replay on VH1 Friday 4/11 at 7pm! He sings the 70s hit "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" early in the show!

Clips of Aaron were on "Kids' Choice Awards Retrospective" again today on Nick2 (Wed 4/9 at 3:30pm). (thx Ashley) - Also, Aaron's bit on VH1's Bubblegum Babylon was on again. It showed pics of his dolls and other merchandise, Aaron when he had long hair, and Aaron holding a ball under his head. (thx Angel)

A fan called the APBA Offshore Racing people and they said Nick has nothing to do with them anymore! - And NCR says it's over.

It is reported that Aaron & friends arrive Thursday morning for a vacation in the Daytona Beach area April 10th thru 17th - Aaron plans to attend the boat races (4/11-13) - a TV crew will be filming his stay - Nick's racing team (boat #1) is scheduled to race in the Outlaw Performance V class (Note: NCR says there is some contract issue). (all of this info is unofficial and plans are subject to change).

Nick is moving up to the Superboat Unlimited class of racing with Super Boat International Productions (SBIP)! The first race is the Miami Super Boat Grand Prix scheduled to take place April 25-27. Nick's top team includes Todd Wharton at the throttles and Marc LaFleur at the wheel! (thx Kate)

Again on Noggin TV, Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" is on Tue 4/15 at 6pmET & later at 2:30am (replay of 10/30/01)! Also, Aaron's performance of "I Want Candy" on the "MJ's 30th Celebration" is on again on Sunday 4/20 at 7pmET on VH1 - Aaron's spot is at about 7:30pm! This was the show in NYC the night before 9/11/01.

Here are some more PICS of Aaron from the May POPSTAR Magazine! (thx ACCrazy, Richard)

Aaron's next single was going to be "To All the Girls", but now it will be "America AO" - Here's the cover! (thx Linda, Aisha)

Aaron was on VH1's "Bubblegum Babylon" today (4/7) at 5pm. It showed parts of his "I Want Candy" video. (thx Ashley)

Aaron's UK website has opened up the "Aaron Art Competition" contest again - same thing but with a few new rules! (thx Trish)

Clips of Aaron were on tonight's (4/5) "Kids' Choice Awards Retrospective" of his performance and when he got pied by Nick during his acceptance speech in 2001 - also during the "bloopers" part when Nick slimed him - they also showed him performing "How I Beat Shaq" in the part where they show how dance styles change - no replay is listed. (thx Trish, Amber)

You can vote HERE for Aaron to be in San Diego's "Who Do You Want To See at 93.3 Your Show 4" at the Coors Amphitheatre on May 16. - There is a long list of favorite stars that fans have voted to be in the show - Click the "Submit Your Show" button near the top to add your vote. Aaron's mom Jane is aware of this event, and will allow Aaron to participate if he is invited! You can vote even if you aren't in the San Diego CA area. (src ACCrazy)

AARON & O-TOWN are scheduled to perform at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles CA on Thursday July 31st at 7:30pmPT - Tickets go on sale Sat 4/12! (thx ACCrazy)

On this week's MTV "Making The Video" with Avril Lavigne, her guitarist says that he only got 6 hours sleep and that he felt like calling in and saying he was sick - Avril joked, "Then we'd just have to call up AARON CARTER and ask him to fill in for you". - (because they look alike). Replay Fri 4/4 6:30pm & Sat 4/5 8:30am. (thx Katie, Sara, David)

Here are the SESAME STREET summaries for Aaron & Nick's three episodes - (1), (2), & (3) - due to air in May (check tv guide) - the story is about a new baby in the bear family. - taped in Nov'02 - 3 PICS.

Here are the 5 PICS from the May POPSTAR magazine! - info on Aaron's Pool Party, "Camp Summer Stage", planned trip this year to Europe, dating. (thx ACCrazy)

CANCELLED: Aaron's show on 6/14 at the "Lionel Roberts Stadium" in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, for some reason has been cancelled. (thx Amber)

A fan reports that Aaron's character Joseph Plumb Martin was in another episode of Liberty's Kids today 3/31 on PBS - the title of the episode is "Yorktown". Here you can listen to the Liberty's Kids Theme Song & a PBS interview with Aaron. (thx Lashawna)

Aaron's UK website has cancelled their Artwork Competition Contest because too many contestants are submitting the same art and which is obviously not their own - Another new competition will be announced later! (thx Trish)

A fan reports that Aaron plans to visit friends in Cincinnati OH until he goes to the boat races in Daytona Beach FL April 10th - During Aaron's visit to Daytona Beach April 10th thru 17th, a TV crew will be following him around from when he steps off the plane at Daytona Airport and while he is going about his daily life on this vacation and going to the offshore boat races - the tape is set to air later in the year. - (this info is unofficial and plans are subject to change).

Aaron's appearance on the "Disco Ball" will replay on VH1 Friday 4/11 at 7pm! He sings the 70s hit "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" early in the show - Pics (1),(2)&(3)

It is reported that "Camp Summer Stage" will begin shooting again in May! There are no further details right now about location or extras. (src NS-Shh)

Aaron's episode of the Nicktoon "Rocket Power" is on Nickelodeon on Tuesday April 1 at 7:30amET! - Aaron's episode is titled "Legends and Their Falls" - He does the voice of Clutch Koerner (son of Cam the Man) - First aired 2/23/01. (thx Nikki)

Here is a pic from Aaron & Nick's appearance in a safety video to promote the use of life jackets by boaters and anglers! (src ACCrazy):

TV REMINDER: Aaron's episode of Nick-TV's ALL THAT will replay on Sat 3/29 at 8pmET! Justin is the special guest and Aaron is the musical guest singing "To All The Girls"! (thx ACCrazy)

TV REMINDER: Re-broadcast of Aaron's co-hosting of the "Limited Too" What's-Your-Wish show on the ABC Family Channel Thur 3/27 (4pm)! (summary)

The May issue of Popstar Magazine has some awesome pics of Aaron, including a centerfold poster. There is an interview with Aaron while he was in LA. Popstar sent some lucky fans to have a pool party with him! Aaron talks about being a judge on Star Search & about his upcoming movies and album. In the Dating Guide, Aaron talks about his best, worst, last & first dates. Also there is a contest to win an autographed centerfold of Aaron by sending in the "Speak Out" and voting for what kind of movie Aaron should do - Popstar will pick their fave 9 answers to win! (thx Lashawna)

It is reported that one of the reasons "Camp Summer Stage" was postponed is to schedule busy Hilary Duff as the female lead. (thx NS-Shh)

Aaron has a song on a free CD in specially marked boxes of Cheerios cereal! They are marked with Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Award logo. Aaron is not nominated for a KCA this year (4/12/03), but he is on several KCA CDs! - Nick also has a song on CD1 - "Don't Walk Away"! (thx ACCrazy) Also check marked boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Trix & Hamburger Helper. (thx Debra)

Here are some MORE PICS of Aaron & Jane at the fashion show in Miami Beach on Saturday, March 22nd! (thx ACCrazy)

Here are some PICS of Aaron & Angel at the fashion show in Miami Beach on Saturday, March 22nd! (thx ACCrazy)

Aaron has a poster picture in the latest TEEN Magazine! (thx Anya, Michele)

Aaron's UK website is having an Aaron Art Competition that runs until June 5, 2003 for submittal of entries! - Checkout the rules. (thx Trish)

REMINDER: Aaron & Angel will be participating in many events on Oscar Night Sunday 3/23 - (1) dinner with foster children as part the Oscar Experience at the Los Angeles House of Blues, (2) Elton John's annual AIDS fundraiser, (3) the Miramax/Dimension get-together, and (4) Paramount's gala! (thx Ashton)

"Camp Summer Stage" UPDATE: Bad News! - According to the online agency, this independent production has been postponed indefinitely for possible script changes, pick-up by a studio, and other production matters - the shooting locations may completely change - they say to please disregard any dates given. This is a big disappointment - of course, that's the way it is in the movie business! Read their BULLETIN.

Here's some news items thanks to ACCrazy:
-- About Aaron's next album! Aaron is moving away from rapping and into more singing [good career move]. As far as tracks, "Figure it Out", "Contemplate", "Reach Out", "Good Life" and "Smile" which Aaron wrote will be featured! And a tour is expected for late summer!
-- The tentitive airdate for Aaron and Nick's episode of "Sesame Street" is May 12th!
-- Aaron and Angel are scheduled to appear on the runway for fashion designer Charlie Lapson at Fashion Week of the Americas in Miami Beach on Saturday, March 22nd at 6pm. Aaron will probably not be performing, only modeling.

Another CSS cast member was added - 13-yr-old new actor Cole Weiss in a supporting role!

From the Mar 11th online diary of actress Lindsay Lohan (Angel & Aaron's friend) - She says she's going "to visit some friends in like i think Gainsville or somethin. idk ..."

TV REPORT: In Key West FL, Aaron went bowling with the contest winner Melanie, her friend Rebeca & their moms in his part of the Limited-Too "What's-Your-Wish" TV show. They also met the mayor, went to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, posed with a python around their necks, went shopping at Mallory Square, and went to the Key West Aquarium! - Aaron's favorite birthday (so far) was his 13th when he got his platinum record, Nick was there, and it was in an airport hangar. - Aaron says he's 5'10". - The TV show replays Sat 3/22 (noon) & Thur 3/27 (4pm) on the ABC Family Channel.

REMINDER: Aaron's appearance on MJ's 30th Celebration is on VH1 Sat 3/15 7pm (Aaron's sings "I Want Candy" about 7:30pm).

Aaron's episode of Nick-TV's ALL THAT will replay on Sat 3/29 at 8pmET! Justin is the special guest and Aaron is the musical guest singing "To All The Girls"! (thx ACCrazy)

Aaron is on a birthday card - it's available at Target! It's from Carlton Cards, the same creators of his Christmas ornament. (thx Ginna)

REMINDER: Aaron is co-hosting the "Limited Too" What's-Your-Wish show on the ABC Family Channel Fri 3/14 (4pm), Sun 3/16 (noon), 3/22 (noon), 3/27 (4pm)!

If you missed Aaron and Angel on ET, here's their home video about their time at Mardi Gras! (thx Richard)

Here's an update on Aaron's lawsuit against Lou Pearlman! - The judge fined Pearlman for not producing documents in the case.

LATEST UPDATE about "Camp Summer Stage" from the online sign-up agency bulletin: Production is on hold due to possible script revisions. Please do not call or email regarding your acceptance status or shoot schedule. Someone from production will call for extras at random times throughout the month once we get the final shoot schedule. Please do not put your personal plans on hold or make travel plans at this point. If you have already been called and given dates, any dates given to you should be treated as tentative.

Aaron & Nick will appear in three episodes of "Sesame Street" about a new sibling - the season starts April 7. (thx ACCrazy)

It is reported that after filming his scenes in "Camp Summer Stage", Aaron plans to go to Daytona Beach FL for the APBA boat races Apr 11-13!

Here are 4 videos of the Endymion Parade from New Orleans on March 1st - Aaron and Angel are on Float B - they are shown briefly near the 65% mark of Part 1 - a lady catches a football from Aaron! (thx Richard)

Aaron has a gig on 6/14 at the "Lionel Roberts Stadium" in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands! (thx ACCrazy)

(This link is working again) Here are 5 PICS of Aaron and Nick in the April POPSTAR magazine! (thx Amber)

It is reported that actress Haylie Duff (Hilary's 18-yr-old sister) may be in "Camp Summer Stage". (thx Sasha)

If you are in a Limited Too Store, check for their offer - you can get this little card with Aaron's picture on it and info on the What's-Your-Wish show, and a question that can only be answered by watching the show. You can bring the completed card back for a small prize (unknown) and entry in a sweepstakes (be sure to read the official rules). (thx Kristina)

Best wishes for a VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aaron's mom JANE CARTER
today Sunday MARCH 9!

A commercial for the "Limited Too" What's-Your-Wish show on the ABC Family Channel shows a quick picture of Aaron with a parrot - the show is this Fri March 14th at 4pm! (thx Chrissy)

If you missed it Saturday, be sure to watch "ET on MTV" on Sunday at 10:30am - Aaron & Angel are on this weekend with home video clips of their time at Mardi Gras and in their tour bus - Angel was talking about modeling and Aaron visited with some fans along the parade route. It's also on "ET on VH1" Sat at 11pm and Sun at 5:30pm! (thx Kristyn, Erin, Sara, Marilynn, Amber, Brielle, Danielle)

Some of the cast of "Camp Summer Stage" are Aaron as Tim (the hero), William Shatner as Tim's uncle, Kirstie Alley as Boopsey, "No-Secrets" as counselors in training - Jessica as Amber (the sassy leader), Carly as Nicole (who misses her boyfriend back home), Erin as Sonny (tough-talking girl who bends the rules), and Jade as Tiffany (who tries to keep things together) - Angel Faith is not in the cast due to other commitments. Shaggy and Nivea will also be in the movie. The shooting location is Camp Kateri (Orange Springs, FL) and a state park in Florida, starting March 17th - the date slipped partly because of Erin's pulled muscle - the end date will be extended later through April as well. (from NS-Online and NS-Rock)

A fan reports that the new issue of POPSTAR magazine has a poster of Aaron from the powerboat races wearing the lei that her friend gave him! - also there other pictures from the boat race of Aaron & Nick! (thx Allie)

Here are a couple of pics of Aaron in New Orleans at Mardi Gras! (thx Amber) - Click

Wednesday March 5 - is the time again for the
2nd Annual International Aaron Carter Day! - more info at ACCrazy News!

REMINDER of Aaron's upcoming TV appearances: "Disco Ball" replay on VH1 Tue 3/11 at 1am & 11am - co-hosting the "Limited Too" What's-Your-Wish show on the ABC Family Channel Fri 3/14 (4pm), Sun 3/16 (noon), 3/22 (noon), 3/27 (4pm) & 4/9 - MJ 30th Celebration Sat 3/15 7pm VH1 (Aaron's sings "I Want Candy" about 7:30pm).

If you missed Aaron's episode of "Family Affair", here are the 4 video clips of Aaron's scenes! (thx Richard)

(Article) Aaron and Angel visited St Martin's Episcopal School on Friday 2/28 in Metairie Louisiana. He talked and then performed a song. (thx Martina, ACCrazy). Aaron and family are in New Orleans this weekend to be in the Mardi Gras parade Sat 3/1. They will travel the St Charles Avenue route starting at 4pm and ending up in the Louisiana Superdome at 8:30pm.

Liam's Script (Aaron has 15 lines and is in 4 of 9 scenes):
- - - High School Music Room - - -
Hey, Sissy. Could I talk to you for a second?
Um, You’ve been to the Acting in Shakespeare seminar, right?
Um, I was wonderin' if, uh, maybe I could get your notes from you.
And, um, I was wonderin’ if, uh, you were goin’ out with anybody right now?
Um, So maybe we could go out sometime.
Alright, um, I’ll call you and we’ll figure out Friday night.
Alright, I’ll see ya.
- - - Sissy’s Apartment Building - - -
Ya, I think I gave people somethin’ to think about.
What was it, like, women of the American Revolution!
Turnips, wooden teeth.
- - - The Moroccan Restaurant - - -
I know, that’s like, we're sittin’ on pillows. Who thought that up?
I guess you just gotta go with the flow.
I know. It was really cool of all those guys to help us sneak out.
I think Max said they were gonna go hang out in Washington Square Park.
- - - TV Party in the Study of Sissy’s Apartment - - -
(no lines)
(Thx Angel)

"Camp Summer Stage" UPDATE from the online sign-up agency: This project has been pushed back 2 weeks. If you have applied to be an extra, please do not call or email about your acceptance or schedule. You do not need to re-send your info. Someone from production will be calling for extras at random times throughout the month. If you are available and fit that day's scenes, you may be called. Please do not feel bad if your friend is called and you are not. Not everyone will work each day, but they will try their best to use everyone at some point during the filming. Girl Scouts will be getting their info from their troop leaders. When you are called, please remember it is work and it will be a long day for you. You will be expected to stay the whole day, and to act professionally around the leads. If you have not already applied, the roster is completely full. (thx Sarah)

REPORT: Aaron (Liam) did a great job in his 1st major TV role! Liam Curtis asks Sissy out on a date. Uncle Bill thinks Sissy is too young for her 1st one-on-one date. Sissy & friends plan to tell him it’s a group date. Buffy & Jody overhear Sissy’s plan but are sworn to secrecy. The group of friends leave the apartment together, then Liam and Sissy split on their date to a Moroccan restaurant with curtains & pillows. Meanwhile Buffy & Jody slip up and spill the secret to Uncle Bill - they go to get Sissy at the restaurant. But Sissy and Liam had already left because they were uncomfortable with the situation, and they rejoined their friends back at Sissy’s apartment for a fun TV party.

Aaron was on the TV Guide Channel today (2/27) talking about guest starring on tonight's "Family Affair" on the WB (8:30pm) - it showed parts of Aaron's episode. (thx Ashley)

Online sign-up for the extras for "Camp Summer Stage" mentioned that they received over 500+ entries from Florida kids alone, and that they are 2 weeks behind in processing them. (thx MelC)

REMINDER of Aaron's upcoming TV appearances: "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" episode, Wed 2/26 at 2:30pm on UPN-TV - "Family Affair" Thu 2/27 at 8:30pm on the WB - "Disco Ball" replay on VH1 Sat 3/1 at noon & 10pm and Tue 3/11 at 1am & 11am - co-hosting the "Limited Too" What's-Your-Wish show on the ABC Family Channel Fri 3/14, 3/22, 3/27 & 4/9.

Aaron will be co-Grand Marshal of the "Krewe of Endymion" at this year's MARDI GRAS parade in New Orleans. The parade will travel the St Charles Avenue route this Sat, March 1, beginning at 4pm and winding its way through the streets of New Orleans, ending up in the Louisiana Superdome at 8:30pm. Aaron and the Carter family will be greeted by 15,000 revelers, who will be entertained by Kool and the Gang, Creedence Clearwater Revisited and others. Angel will be joining Aaron on the float followed by the Carter family in their tour bus. (thx Richard)

Here's some info in an interview with Aaron and Nick on Kidsday/Newsday! Sesame Street episode is next month - Aaron's doing 2 movies (for Fox & Dreamworks) & 2 TV shows (Family Affair & TBAA)! (thx Amber)

UPDATE from Newsday: "The girls got more than just one Carter at the Vanderbilt Saturday night. Blond bro Aaron, at first hidden in a parka, introduced the night's headliner, 'Give it up for my big brother.' Aaron was later spotted in the WBLI/106.1 FM skybox, causing a mad dash for autographs and photos." (full article)

More details on Aaron at Nick's concert 2/22 - there were windows with people behind them in the back of the stage (some fans recognized Aaron back there joking around and taking pictures with a camera). After the opening acts, Aaron came out with the hooded coat and introduced Nick's act - it was a big surprise! Then he went back and watched the show from a box across from the stage. (thx Erin)

Here are 5 PICS & 6 PICS of Aaron at the Grammy Awards BMG after-party Sunday night 2/23! (thx Jill) - More PICS - (thx ACCrazy)

ACCrazy is posting a large collection of great AC live audios and lyrics, and a 15-sec sound check (goofin'-around) video!

Aaron was at Nick's concert at The Vanderbilt in Plainview (Long Island) NY Saturday night 2/22 - Aaron came on stage for a short time - he was wearing a coat with the hood up and at first no one knew who he was - when someone noticed it was him, he pulled his hood back and introduced Nick's act. (thx Stephanie) - Nick's schedule.

Aaron and Nick are in the March issue of "Teen People" on page 56 with a new photo from their episode of "Seasame Street" (air date is not announced yet). (thx ACCrazy)

Hilary Duff will be the guest judge on Star Search next Wednesday 2/26!

Due to an overwhelming response, the "Camp Summer Stage" online sign-up roster is now full, so they are no longer able to accept applications for extras. They say thanks for the interest and to please check back in 1-2 weeks for updates. The movie is planned for filming near Gainesville, FL from March 3 - April 11.

VH1 is reporting that Aaron will be performing at Bayside Stadium at SEAWORLD in Orlando FL on May 9, 2003! (thx Lashawna) - UPDATE: A fan reports that the Seaworld show is not general public, but is a special show for 8th-grade GradNite! The park will close to the public and then re-open from 7pm to Midnight for GradNite. (thx Christina)

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from the 2001 summer tour - 6 tour pics.
Three statements about the 9/11 WTC tragedy from aaroncarter.com.

Email Aaron at aaron@aaroncarter.com
aaroncarter.com - Official Aaron Carter Site
carterconnection.com - Official Carter Family Site
www.aaroncarter.co.uk - Official Aaron Carter UK Fan Club
Read Along on the TRANSCRIPT of the 18-MINUTE CHAT WITH AARON 8/23

Read a TRANSCRIPT of a PZO interview with Aaron and Nick after the Teen Choice Awards - (src ACCrazy)

Interview last year in Asia - AC's quick written answers - short video clips of "Candy" and "Bounce" live on realplayer.
6-minute video interview with Aaron!
aaron-carter.com - Official Site operated by Aaron's label, Jive Records - (forwards to getmusic.com/artists/001/aaroncarter).

zombaapro.com.sg - Official Site operated by Zomba Records, Jive's distribution company - new Asia AC site

Listen to the 3:19min full length audio of Aaron's fired-up "Get Up on Ya Feet" - this is the bonus tract on "Oh Aaron" Asia CD rel 9/12.
Brief Aaron Video Clips on MTV-Asia - also lots of clips of other performers.

rollingstone.com/artists - Aaron in Rolling Stone - concert pics
MTV News - Aaron Carter
Vote on TRL for "Not Too Young, Not Too Old"
Aaron Carter Crazy - #1 fan site with news, videos, Aaron's family and much more. Check out the sounds, including March interview with Aaron.
Radio Disney Top 30 - 4 Aaron songs - NTYNTO, Oh Aaron, Shaq, Candy - Request a song
The winner is .... Ally from San Francisco! She won the vacation for 4 onboard Disney Cruise Lines Apr28-May2/02 heading to the Bahamas with Aaron Carter & his family!
The other Radio Disney's contest ended 10/30 - this was to win a bedroom door with Aaron's signature (plus many other music stars).
Find the Radio Disney Station nearest you.
Be sure to visit nick.com SoundScoop - Aaron is spotlighted with OH AARON & NTYNTO videos, Aaron and dancers messing around at Nick Studios having some fun with live NTYNTO and AC's ALIEN NATION, audio of new LEAVE IT UP TO ME from Jimmy Neutron, other video clips, & pics. Billboard Top 200 Albums - Oh Aaron went off the top #200 on 3/30/02 after 31 weeks, but it was back on at #146 after 32 weeks, then went back off after 35 weeks - highest point at #7.
Aaron's Party Album went off the Top200 on 1/26/02 after a very long run of 68 weeks! - highest point at #4.
Billboard Top 40 Videos - "Oh Aaron - Live in Concert!" dropped off the Top40 on 6/1/02 in its 8th week. "Aaron's Party - Live In Concert!" went off the Top40 on 1/19/02 in its 26th week - highest point at #1.
95.5 the Beat
Live Daily News - Aaron Carter
SonicNet - Aaron Carter News
Wire Image - pics of AC appearances
65 pics at Teen Hollywood
Aaron on EXTRA! Feb 7, 2002

Checkout the latest videos at Nick.com Popstop
Aaron's TeeNICK concert videos are on Nickelodeon's Soundscoop!
Some More Good Fan Sites:

MOSIQA's Top 100 Aaron Carter Sites
AC Lyrics
Ashley's Aaron Carter Page - Carter family info
BSB and AC Page
Always Aaron
AC's Sugar Sweeties
Carter Fan 4 Life

Some Picture Sites:
Promo Crew UK
Ashley'sAC Site
AC Avenue

Aaron's Dancers:
Shake It
AC Avenue

Nick Carter Racing
APBA Offshore Racing


Announcements to watch for:

Aaron will be the voice of soldier/writer Joseph Plumb Martin in the PBS TV animated series, "Liberty Kids"! - airs 5 days a week for 2 years - starting in the fall of 2002. AC also does the theme song. Other celeb voices will be Dustin Hoffman, Whoopie Goldberg, Ben Stiller, Billy Crystal, Annette Benning, Liam Neeson and Walter Cronkite.

5/9 - Special show for 8th-grade GradNite at Bayside Stadium at Seaworld in Orlando FL!

5/12, etc. - Aaron & Nick appear in three episodes of "Sesame Street".

5/24 - Aaron's episode of ALL THAT where he performs "To All The Girls" at 8pm on Nickelodeon - Justin T. is a guest!

5/26 - Aaron's episode of "Liberty's Kids" on PBS-TV.

6/14 - Concert atWild Adventures in Valdosta, GA!

July/Aug/Sept - Aaron's JUKE BOX TOUR 2003!

7/31 - AARON & O-TOWN are scheduled to perform at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles CA on Thursday July 31st at 7:30pmPT - Tickets go on sale Sat 4/12!

8/19 - Concert in the Detroit area (out I75 in Clarkston) at the DTE Energy Music Theatre 7:30pm!

8/14 - Aaron's concert at Tommy Hilfiger At Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY at 7:30pm! - Tickets avail Sat 5/3.

9/16 - Aaron departs for Japan!

2003 - Visit to the UK!?
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