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About Aaron's concert 8/13, ticket-holding fans have been reporting that they have been contacted by Ticketmaster to tell them that the TLA venue is "General Admission". (thx Anna, Pratik, Rachel)

"Another Earthquake" was voted in the VTeens Top Five Albums for August 2003 for it's summertime feeling! (thx Amber)

There was a commercial for Aaron's tour on Access Hollywood - for the Aug 14 concert at Jones Beach .. they played clips of some of his songs, they showed clips of the "Not Too Young Not Too Old" video, and they showed a few seconds of Aaron live from last year singing "I'm All About You"! (thx Kim)

Aaron's Philly area concert 8/13 was originally scheduled to be at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. Ticketmaster is saying that the event has moved to the Theater of Living Arts (TLA) - here's TLA's schedule & info! Read the Ticketmaster statement here. (thx Priscilla, Holly, Jessica, Rose, Pratik)

The Sept 2003 issue of Popstar magazine has small pictures of Aaron on pgs5,12,18,84, there's a "personal" on p17, a clipout wallet picture on p87, and a great new poster! (thx Brooke)

Here are 36 pics of Aaron at the AC Back-to-School Meet-n-Greet at Marshall Fields in Chicago 8/5! (thx Alyssa) - Here's the story! (thx Richard)

REMINDER: Tues 8/5 - Aaron will be at Chicago's Marshall Fields State Street store from 12-2pm! (thx Becki, Danielle)

Aaron performed on WGN Morning News show at 7:53-7:59am - fan report! (thx Trish, Minnie)

Here is Aaron's Playlist for the Jukebox Tour! (thx Micki, Chris, Brianna)

UPDATE: Aaron is expected during the 7am hour. (thx Liz) - Aaron is expected to perform on Chicago's WGN-TV Ch9 "Morning News Show" (5:30-9am)! (thx Trish)

Here's a review, playlist and some pics of Aaron's 8/2 Baton Rouge concert at Dixie Landin'! (thx Carter Compound)

Here's some news from the Teen Choice Awards from Hilary about Aaron and Lindsay - they are all cool with each other! (thx Sara, LNC)

According to a friend of a friend of Stevie Brock, it is reported that Nick will be at the concert in Philly 8/13! (thx Kim)

Here is Aaron on Sunday 8/3 at National Kids' Day in Washington, D.C. - pictures, a video of Aaron performing "Beat It", a video of Aaron & his dancers onstage with Emily (from "Always Aaron's" & "ShakeItDancers.com"), and pictures of Aaron's 6 new dancers. (thx Anna, AaronFan)

The winner of the Art Competition at Aaron's UK website is Sarah from Harrisburg PA!

Here's some fan pics meeting Aaron at the CA Mid-State Fair concert 7/31 in Paso Robles! (thx Ariana)

At some of Aaron's concerts on the east coast (not sure which ones), Nick will be a surprise guest!
Other news - a video will be made for "She Wants Me," and Aaron's album will be all new material! (thx ACCrazy)

Aaron plans to be in Chicago on Tuesday 8/5 for an autograph session at Marshall Field's State Street store, followed by his concert at the House of Blues. (thx Becki)

AaronCarter.com lists some of Aaron's concert playlist!

Stevie Brock will be opening for Aaron at these tour dates: 8/12 NH, 8/13 Philly, 8/14 Wantaugh NY, 8/15 Hershey, 8/16 Wildwood NJ, 8/17 Poughkeepsie NY, 8/19 Detroit, 8/20 Toledo OH, 8/21 Milwaukee, & 8/22 Minn State Fair. (thx Amber, Marilynn, Kristin, T2, Francisco)

Aaron will be in Washington DC on Sunday 8/3 at National Kids' Day at the White House! (thx Kim, Toby)

Here's an article about Aaron from the Chicago Sun-Times! (thx Richard, Sara)

Aaron was on the "Best ---- Sports Show" on Fox Sports Wed 7/30 & again early Thur. He was on during the 2nd half hour. They talked about Nick and other famous siblings, and about the song "How I Beat Shaq", and about Another Earthquake - Aaron said he was still half-asleep when they did the cover. Then Aaron played basketball with former NBA star John Salley, and Aaron won! Then they talked about Aaron's Jukebox Tour! (thx Faina, BigEZ)

Here are 53 pics of Aaron backstage at the Wiltern concert! (thx Loucreasia)

Here are some great pics and a fan review from Aaron's Wiltern concert 7/29! (thx Ashton)

Aaron will be co-hosting with Ashlee Simpson and a special grand prize winner (contest in the Limited Too's catalog) at Limited Too's Toopalooza on October 11th. Acts include Jhene, Nikki Cleary, Jessica Simpson, Nick Cannon, Play and more! This is all the info right now, so watch for more info later. (thx Meagan)

Here are some wire-image pics from Aaron's Jukebox Tour! (thx a-carter.org)

UPDATE: Glen showed up at the Wiltern concert and performed on the guitar right before Aaron's final set. The piece was taped for "The Tom Green Show." (thx Robert)

Aaron on the "Tom Green Show" 7/29 was asked the usual questions - being Nick's bro, starting out in Germany, dating Hilary, liking Christina, the Tour - Aaron said he took over 3 times to get his driver's permit! Tom asked Aaron to let his co-host Glen play guitar at the Wiltern concert! (thx Nikki) - pictures (thx Carter Compound), fan reports

Launch.com has an article about Aaron where he talks about the tour playlist and his new CD coming out in early 2004. (thx BSnews)

YM Magazine is offering a contest to meet Aaron & Nick Sept 6 in NYC after a concert for the "Twister Moves" game! (thx a-carter.org)

Aaron will be a guest tonight (Tue) on the "Tom Green Show" on MTV at midnight ET! (thx Brian, Erica, Tina, Tristin, Amanda, Faina, CC, Madison, Kara)

Here are 15 great pics of Aaron's concert in Las Vegas Sunday night 7/27! (thx Anastasia)

Aaron was on KTLA Morning News about 8am. They talked about his pink-streaked hair. Aaron is at the Grove in Anaheim on July 28th and at the Wiltern Theatre on July 29th! (thx Vivian)

News travels fast - TRL had a pop-up about Aaron liking Christina as they played her video! (thx Jennie)

Aaroncarter.com has some new "Question & Answers" about Hilary and Aaron's new car!

Lesley Moore of JUMP5 is sick and will not be available for an unspecified time, so it will be "Jump4". - more news at their website.

Yahoo Group "AC Fans Worldwide" has some fan reporters for AC's concerts. Here's a report for the AZ concert! - join reqd. (thx Debra)

Here are some fan pics of Aaron from the AZ concert 7/26! - more to come. (thx Kim)

Hilary was on "ET-on-MTV" Sat 7/26 - she said that she doesn't have a "Prince Charming" because she and Aaron just broke up. She also said "Hey Aaron, I hoping you're doing awesome! I hope you're having fun in Halifax Nova Scotia rehearsing - he's working really hard because he's starting his new tour!". (re-airs Sunday 7/27 - check VH1 & MTV listings for your area) (thx Allie)

In the new Sept issue of "Popstar!" there's a big poster of Aaron (new picture). Also there is an interview with Lindsay Lohan where she talks about being single and about her first love - she wouldn't tell who. (thx Jessie)

Aaron's 2003 JUKEBOX TOUR starts tonight 7/26 in Phoenix AZ at the Celebrity Theatre!

Here are some screen captures of Aaron on "Good Day Live"! (thx A-Carter.org)

REPORT: Aaron was on "Good Day Live" today (7/24). He talked about his tour and the music that he is doing in tribute to his favorite artists. About Hilary, he said "we are just good friends right now". He said he really appreciates that his fans respect his personal life. He told some stories about when he lived in Tampa. Who would Aaron love to do a duet with? - Christina - he admitted his crush on her and how at an awards show she winked at him. He didn't mention anything about the new CD. Also, on ET tonight, Hilary confirmed she was single and that she and Aaron had broken up. (thx Missy, Melissa, KT, Hollie, Arti)

Greg Raposo has been confirmed at Aaron's concerts from 7/27 Las Vegas thru and including 8/22 Minneapolis (except not CA Mid-state 7/31)! (thx Maryann, Jen, Dawn, Minnie, Amber, Marilynn)

REMINDER: Aaron will be a guest on Thursday July 24th on "Good Day Live" on FOX (check tvguide in your area - "Good Day")! (thx Amber)

REMINDER: Aaron & Nick's episode of "Sesame Street" is on again on PBS this week - probably 7/23 or 7/24, but check local listing - it's about the new baby bear!

Many reports are coming in about who are the opening acts for Aaron's tour - but wait for official confirmation for your concert - reports are Jump5, Greg Raposo, maybe a guest appearance by Nikki Cleary at some concerts, maybe Stevie Brock (thx Jennifer, Pratik, T2, Jen, Minnie, Kimberly, Dawn, and others)

Aaron's brother Nick is doing another movie! (thx BML)

Here's another article about Aaron's activities. (thx Kaitlin, Brittany)

Aaron & Nick are on AIM in an article about celebrity siblings - with pictures! (thx Chrissy, Toby)

A fan reports from a reliable source that Aaron's CD is expected either at the end of 2003 or beginning of 2004, and there is no title for it yet. (thx Laura)

Aaron's 1998 episode of "Figure It Out" was on twice today (7/19) on channel NickGAS (Games & Sports). A panel of celebrities attempts to guess a contestant's unusual talent or invention. The other 3 panelists were Kenan, Danny and Lori-Beth. Aaron didn't get a word on the board - he got a few yes's though - and he did get slimed! It might be playing again (Sun 1:30am, 11am, 4pm & more - check tvguide). (thx Kristyn)

Here's a dance remix of "She Wants Me"! (thx BML, April, Katie)

According to amazon.de (search "another earthquake"), Aaron's ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE CD is expected to be available in Europe on August 4th! (thx Sharkie)

A fan who called WALMART today (7/18) reports that they said they are expecting Aaron's new CD July 22nd! We can hope they are correct, but maybe they didn't know if the date changed, since many CD stores don't know when it is being released! (thx Cassie)

AARONCARTER.COM is getting a new layout! Preview it at! (thx Linda, Tenille, Minnie, Matt, MelC, Chris, Nikki, Holly, Steph, Kim)

Aaron's fans and friends have been reporting for a month or more that Aaron & Hilary are not together. Now in the July 28 issue of "US Weekly" p24, it reports that “Hilary has parted ways with her on-off boyfriend Aaron Carter. It was only a few months ago that the 15-year-olds showed up together at the premiere of Duff's ‘The Lizzie Maguire Movie’. Duff's rep says the breakup was due to the fact that Carter lives in Florida and Hilary lives in LA, and they're both busy kids." The break-up was also mentioned today (7/17) on Inside Edition. Also recently Hilary has been seen with Chad Michael Murray, her co-star in “The Cinderella Story”. (thx Toby, Jamie, Kensie, Elizabeth, Alley, Sarah, Katelyn, Lauren, Janine, Holly and many others)

Here's an article and some pictures (click galeria) of Aaron's appearance in Puerto Rico back on May 24th! [The article is in Spanish, so you can paste the link into "babelfish.altavista.com" and select language to translate.] (thx Mitzi)

Aaron's tour schedule at Aaron Carter UK has been updated to add Hawaii Hawaiian Tropic on Sept 26! And Six Flags NJ 9/6 is still on the list! (thx Angela, Aisha)

REMINDER: Aaron's appearance on the "Disco Ball" will replay on ABC Thurday 7/17 at 8pmET! He sings the 70s hit "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" early in the show - Pics (1),(2)&(3)

Aaron's concert with O-Town on 7/31 at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles CA, is offering "Buy One, Get One Free" Tickets for remaining seating! (thx Jen)

Aaron's episode of "Hot Pop" (if you get the WAM! channel) - Tues 7/22 @ 2:30pm, 8:30pm, then 12:30am - 7/26 @ 1:30pmET - check www.tvguide.com for your area. (thx Chris)

A fan called FYE (CD store) and they are not expecting an Aaron Carter CD on the 22nd and they don't have a release date - so it will probably be a while longer. (thx Francisco)

The latest report is that Aaron is out of the USA for tour rehearsals! - Craig was in the hospital for something, but he's fine now. (thx Lizzy, Craig)

PLAY will be in Europe in August, so it seems they changed their minds about joining Aaron's tour. (thx Pratik, T2)

Here is a PIC of the original BSB with Aaron's brother Nick (about 12), Howie, AJ & 2 others (Sam Licata & Phoenix Stone) before Kevin & his cousin Brian replaced them in 1993. (thx popdirt)

This doesn't have to do with Aaron, but in case fans are not aware of what is happening lately with peer-to-peer (P2P) file swapping of music using Kazaa etc, the RIAA is preparing lawsuits against big file swappers - here's one article. There have been many articles about this in the news lately.

"M" mag website repeats about Aaron's concert plans & song types. (thx Amanda)

Here is the cover of Aaron & Nick's "She Wants Me" CD! (thx Angela, Dana, Chris, BML)

A fan reported that she bought that Karaoke CD off Ebay and it was a bad copy (the words were scrambled on about 13 songs). They sent her another one and it did the same thing. They refunded her money and sent her another kind of CD free. She says's the company was great but the CD wasn't. (thx Jodie)

For fun, here are 30-sec snippets from a karaoke CD of Aaron's songs (not Aaron singing) - the CDs do not have lead vocals. (thx Krista)

A fan called the Mid-Hudson Civic Center (NY) to ask them who the opening acts are, and they said that "there's a special guest - it's a surprise until the day of the show." (thx Nikkie)

Aaron is #8 in the July "Top 10 Rising Stars" on AIM! (thx Aisha, Sarah)

"Aaron's Party" is on a CD called "Pop Mix" - tracklist. (thx Rachelle, Angel)

The Frosted Cheerios that has Aaron's poster also has a picture of Aaron's new album on the side of the box! (thx Angel)

Aaron's Jive I-SQUAD is back! - You can join here! (thx Emily)

ACCrazy has a new "picture of the week (POTW)" of Aaron from the August issue of Popstar! (thx April) - see Popstar mag for more photos of Aaron!

It is reported that the production of "Camp Summer Stage" will begin again in October. (thx Jenifer)

General Mills Cereal has been putting free "Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards" 6-song CDs by Aaron and other stars in their cereal boxes. There are 4 different CD's: CD1 has "Oh Aaron", CD3 has "I'm All About You", CD4 has "How I Beat Shaq"! (thx Sarah, Jami)

Again on Noggin TV, Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" is on Tue 7/15 early morning at 4:30am (replay of 10/30/01)! (thx Brooke)

There's been an ad on TV for a CD by "Super Star Kids" (like Kidz Bop) where they sing Aaron's "America AO". (thx Valerie, Amber, Michelle)

Fans have reported that in some boxes of Frosted Cheerios they are giving away locker posters of Aaron and others. (thx Dana)

Aaron pic with a caption is in the June issue of "Ignite" on p12 - he's leaving a meet n greet and making a face! (thx Brooke, Vanessa)

A fan who went to MTV's "Karaoke" a week after Aaron's, says that they tape all 4 episodes on the day of the first broadcast (Mon) - they start taping 11:00-12-ish. They make the judges change their clothes between each episode and they change around where the audience people are standing so it looks like different days. Cool! (thx Kim)

Here are the lyrics to Aaron's song with Nick - "She Wants Me" (thx April, Chris, Michelle, Nicole)

If you missed Aaron on EXTRA! - here is the video! (thx Emily)

Aaron's song "She Wants Me" mp3! (thx Robin, Micki, Popdirt)

Here is the link to EXTRA's website which has the times and channels for each state! (thx MelC)

FAN REPORT about EXTRA's visit with Aaron: It's short, and its at the end of the EXTRA show. Aaron talks about his pets - about 16 dogs, 30 finches, 5 birds and 5 or 6 cats. They show Aaron's video "Aaron's Party" and they said that Hillary is Aaron's girlfriend. Aaron takes us into Nick's house to the kitchen and says "this is the kitchen, but I hate to break the news to you, Nick doesn't cook, I do!" Aaron takes us to his studio - that's where he makes all the magic - he's there all the time - he sometimes orders in - if he gets tired he sleeps right there - he played the drums. They show Nick, Bob, and Angel too! (thx Minnie)

Here is the ad for the Twister Moves Game that Aaron & Nick are involved in - "She Wants Me" is in it (lower right)! - (thx Chris, bsdirt)

REMINDER: "EXTRA!" will be visiting Aaron at the family's 15-acre Florida compound on Wednesday July 2nd! (check your local listings for time and station)

Aaron's performance on the "DISCO BALL" will replay Thursday 7/17 on VH1 at 8pm! (thx ACCrazy)

Aaron's first single from his new album (due out later this summer) is titled "She Wants Me", which features Nick! (thx ACCrazy, Katie, April, Faina, Amber, SHan, Meagan)

A fan called the "Tower City Ampitheater" in Cleveland OH and they said that there was no AC concert scheduled there. (thx Chelsea)

REMINDER: Tickets for Aaron's concert in Minneapolis MN on 8/22 at the Minn State Fair go on sale Monday 6/30 at Ticketmaster!

Nick was interviewed on "E!" - Nick said he wants to help protect Aaron from some of the bad experiences he had in the business. (thx Dana)

Aaron & Nick's episode of "Sesame Street" is on again on PBS this week - probably 7/23 or 7/24, but check local listing - it's about the new baby bear!

It looks like Aaron won't be at Six Flags on 7/12 because there is no mention of him on their website, and a fan called Six Flags and they said that Aaron won't be there on 7/12 (they said it was an error on Aaron's website). We will have to wait and see about the 9/6 date. (thx Jess) - A second fan called Six Flags and they said the same thing. (thx Caitlin)

TICKETS!! Aaron's concert in Poughkeepsie NY on 8/17 at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center go on sale Saturday 6/28 at Ticketmaster!

In the June 30 issue of PEOPLE magazine, there is the Aaron & Hilary picture and a short caption! (thx Kayla)

AOL users can see the pic of Aaron at Target’s “A Time For Heroes” carnival at TeenPeople.com! (thx Anna, Tiki, Missy, Angel, Dana)

Tiger Beat Magazine has an article about Aaron and Angel. (thx Angel)

Aaron’s episode of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” will be repeated Wed July 9 at 2:30 pm (check local listings). (thx Brooke)

Aaron was on "Bubblegum Babylon" on VH1 - they showed his video “I Want Candy” and talked about the history of that song. (thx Heather)

TICKETS: Aaron's concert in Minneapolis MN on 8/22 at the Minn State Fair go on sale Monday 6/30 at Ticketmaster!

There is a pic and small article on page 12 about Aaron in the August issue J-14 magazine! (thx Dianna)

PLAY's official website took off all their AC tour dates - it now says "Tour dates will be posted as they are confirmed." Check back for updates. (thx T2, Amber)

Aaron's Chicago concert is now on 8/5! TICKETS for the "Chicago House of Blues" will be on sale Saturday June 28 at Ticketmaster! (Presale 6/25) (thx Ryan, Steph)

A fan who called Ticketmaster reports that their system for Hershey and Philly went down for a while Sat 6/21, so some fans may have had trouble buying tickets. (thx Hilary)

Here is the seating chart for the Star Pavilion at Hershey Park - Here's another view (thx Jill)!

REMINDER: Tickets go on sale this weekend at Ticketmaster for Aaron's concerts in Milwaukee WI, Hershey PA, Philly area PA, Kings Island OH, Las Vegas NV, and Los Angeles CA!

Aaron's brother Nick will be a guest judge on "American Juniors" on Tuesday June 24 on FOX @8pmET!

A fan reports about Aaron's Baton Rouge LA concert 8/2 at "Dixie Landin'", that according to a call to the park, they said there is no reserved seating, just general admission and that your park ticket is the admission. (ph 225-753-3333) (thx Dana)

Aaron's song "Get Up On Ya Feet" is on the new CD "Kim Possible" due out July 22! (thx disneystarsonline)

TICKETS for Aaron's 8/23 concert in Kings Island OH at Paramount's Kings Island will be on sale Saturday June 21 at Ticketmaster! (thx Aisha)

If you missed Aaron on the MTV "Karaoke" show, there are many pics in the gallery (TV Guest Appearances) at www.aaronfan.com! (thx MelC)

TICKETS for Aaron's 7/29 concert in Los Angeles CA at The Wiltern will be on sale Sunday June 22 at Ticketmaster! (thx Aisha, Micki)

TICKETS: Aaron's concert in Minneapolis MN on 8/22 at the Minn State Fair (with special guests Jump5, Play and Chris Trousdale) go on sale Monday 6/30! (thx T2, Krista, Emily, Kaitlin)

REMINDER: Tickets for Aaron's 8/21 concert with Play, Jump5 & Chris Trousdale at the Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee WI will be on sale Friday June 20 at Ticketmaster! (thx Jen, Sarah)

On the afternoon MTV "Karaoke", Aaron gave a 10 to Melanie and said he was totally in awe! (thx Angel)

TICKETS for Aaron's 7/27 concert at the Hard Rock Hotel's "The Joint" in Las Vegas will be on sale Saturday June 21 at Ticketmaster! (thx Amy)

TICKETS for Aaron's 8/13 concert at the Tower Theatre in the Philly PA area will be on sale Saturday June 21 at Ticketmaster! (thx Holly)

REPORT: Tuesday's noon MTV "Karaoke" - Steven (from "Real World LV") and Danielle Fishel ("Topanga") were the co-hosts. Kenan, Melissa ("Dream") & Aaron were the 3 judges - in the 1st round Aaron picked Lauren - Aaron gave her a 10 in round 2 - Aaron picked Lauren in the final round, but Erica won. This show is from The Hamptons NY.

REPEAT: Aaron's episode of the Nicktoon "Rocket Power" is on Nickelodeon again on Saturday 6/21 at 11amET! - titled "Legends and Their Falls" - He does the voice of Clutch Koerner (son of Cam the Man) - First aired 2/23/01. (thx Angel)

Aaron challenges throttleman Rich Wyatt to an offshore race! (thx Jessica)

Aaron's song "Do You Remember" is on the "Pop Planet 5" CD (Canada) on sale today 6/17!

EXTRA will be visiting Aaron at the family's 15-acre Florida compound on July 2nd! (thx Elizabeth)

Aaron & Hilary are featured on the "What's Hot" section of AIM Today! (thx Steph, Bree, Elizabeth)

Aaron will be a celebrity judge on MTV's "Say What Karaoke" at noon & 3:30pm all this week! (thx Shenai, Brittany, Jamie, Ashley, Maddie, Holly, Kristina, Valerie, Jessica, Charlene, Rachael, Allie, Kelly, Janice, Janine, Nicole, Melissa, Tesia, Kiki, Hilary, Kara, Erin, Missy, Bree, Aisha, Amber, Steph, Michelle)

Aaron & Nick's episode of "Sesame Street" is on again on PBS this week - probably Wed 3/18, but check local listing - it's about the new baby bear!

Here's Aaron's playlist for yesterday's Valdosta concert (not in order) - Baby It's You, To All the Girls, Aaron's Party, Bounce, I Want Candy, Real Good Time, Another Earthquake, My First Ride, America AO, Do You Remember, Keep Believing, I'm All About You, Eye Of The Tiger! (thx April)

UPDATE: There are 59 PICS of Aaron's Valdosta 2003 concert Sat 6/14 at Carterism! - Still more 2003 pics to come! - There are also pics of Valdosta last year 2002!

The picture of Aaron & Hilary at the Premiere is in this Sunday's newspaper in the PARADE section p2 along with a Q&A! (thx Kara)

There is a small article about Aaron on page 10 in the July03 issue of M magazine! (thx Amanda)

TICKETS for Aaron's 8/15 concert at the Hershey Park Star Pavilion in PA will be on sale Saturday June 21 at Ticketmaster! (thx Chrissy)

Hilary was on Sacramento's 107.9 "The End" on Thursday 6/12 - She said that she and Aaron are still going out - they mainly cross-paths in LA - a fan that was there reports Hilary said she sees Aaron about once a month but talks to him all the time (her mom said the cell phone bill was horrible!) (thx Jennifer).

Aaron's song "SummerTime" is on "The Even Stevens Movie" on Disney about 26 minutes into the movie when they arrive on the island! Repeats on Disney Fri 6/13@9:50pm, Sat 6/14@8pm, Sun 6/15@8pm, Wed 6/18@8pm, Thur 6/26@8pm! (thx Chrissy, Kristyn, Chris)

Aaron is in the June 2003 Spanish TEEN mag. There is a two page article of him! (thx Amanda)

According to Radio Disney, Aaron's concert tickets for the Milwaukee show go on sale Friday June 20th! (thx Jen, Sarah)

Here is an article on LIVE DAILY about some music plans in Aaron's tour! (thx ACCrazy)

Here is an article 6/12 on BILLBOARD NEWS announcing Aaron's Jukebox Tour dates!

The SUPERBOAT GRAND PRIX is coming to Marathon FL (Aaron's hometown) this weekend June 13-15! Nick has a boat in the "Super Boat Unlimited" class, but it hasn't raced yet! - Aaron has a concert at Wild Adventures in Valdosta GA on Sat. - Maybe Aaron and Angel will make it for the races on Sunday?! (thx MelC)

TICKETS COMING UP at Ticketmaster!:
7/26 Celebrity Theatre - Phoenix AZ - on sale Wed 6/18
7/27 Hard Rock Hotel's "The Joint" - Las Vegas NV - on sale Sat 6/14
8/8 Oak Mountain Amphitheatre - Birmingham AL - on sale Sat 6/14
8/13 Tower Theatre - Philadelphia PA - on sale Sat 6/21
8/15 Hershey Park Star Pavilion - Hershey PA - on sale Sat 6/21
8/16 Wildwood Convention Center - Wildwood NJ - on sale Fri 6/13
8/20 Centennial Terrace - Toledo OH - on sale Sat 6/14
8/21 Riverside Theatre - Milwaukee WI - on sale Friday 6/20
(thx Missy, Chrissy, Aisha, Nicki, Dianna, Holly, Amy)

Here are 4 pics of Aaron from the August(?) TEEN BEAT! (thx Angela, Aisha, ACStride)

REMINDER: Pictures of Aaron in July 2003 Popstar, Hot Pop on WAM, "Time for Heroes", "Teen" mag & Vanity Fair are all available in the news section of www.aaronfan.com!

Natasha Louis is confirmed to be dancing for Aaron's JukeBox Tour this summer, Matt Carroll said he most likely is -- still awaiting confirmation on others. - (thx Emily, Angela)

TICKETS for Aaron's 7/26 concert in Phoenix AZ at Celebrity Theatre will be on sale Monday June 16! (thx Nicki)

TICKETS for Aaron's 7/29 concert in Los Angeles CA at The Wiltern will be on sale Sunday June 22! (thx Aisha, Micki)

REMINDER: Be sure to pick up the July issue of POPSTAR and read "Fan Faves". It's about fan Jessica and friend Kristin meeting Aaron at the Winston-Salem NC Walmart show. (thx Angela, Katie)

TICKETS for Aaron's 8/20 concert in Toledo OH (with Play & Jump5) at the Centennial Terrace will be on sale Saturday June 14 at Ticketmaster! (thx Chrissy)

PLAY was on "Regis & Kelly" this morning 6/10. When Regis asked them if they were going on tour soon, they said "yes", they were going on tour this summer with Aaron Carter, and Regis was like "Oooohh Aaron Carter? He’s a nice kid". (thx Katie)

REMINDER: Tickets to Aaron's concert 8/8 in Birmingham AL (with Play & Jump5) at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater will be available Saturday 6/14 at Ticketmaster! (Presale? tkts avail 6/11)

Here are 154 pictures of Aaron Sunday 6/8 in Los Angeles at the Target "A Time for Heroes" to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation! (thx ACCrazy)

Jump 5 and Play will be opening for Aaron at Wild Adventures in Valdosta, GA this Saturday 6/14! (thx Carterism) - also "In Touch" article and Vanity Fair pic are here too!

Here are some captures of Aaron from the "Hot Pop" show! Also check out other pics at this site - Aaron's house from In Touch mag, Vanity Fair pic etc. (thx Anna)

REMINDER: Fans are reporting seeing Aaron on "Hot Pop" (if you get the WAM! channel) - repeats 6/10 at 2pm & 8pm, 6/11 at 12am, 6/27 at 7:35pmET! Maybe 6/15 & 6/22? - Check www.tvguide.com for your area. This is an old interview - showed "Oh Aaron" video - Aaron's dog. (thx Chris, Suzanne, Matt)

REMINDER: A short clip of Aaron is on ET-MTV today 6/8 at noon and ET-VH1 at 12:30pmET! He didn't say anything, they just talked about the Vanity Fair shoot. It shows him playing with his puppy and it said how he posed for the shoot. (thx Melissa, Allie)

Here is Aaron's Vanity Fair Pic! (the shirt says "subversive") (thx Chris, ACStride, Steph, Sara, Aisha)

Aaron is in the July issue of POPSTAR! - p32, ‘FansFaves’ there’s a story about a fan, Jessica’s ‘tale of devotion’. - p40, there’s a very nice fold out poster of Aaron in a hammock - p87, there’s a picture that a fan drew of him! (thx Katie)

It is reported by "US Weekly" that there was some tension between Lindsay and Hilary over Aaron when he was on the Vanity Fair photo shoot! (thx Brittany, popdirt)

Aaron's performance on the "DISCO BALL" will replay Monday 6/16 on VH1 at 12:30pm! (thx Brooke)

Tomorrow 6/8 is the last day on the stands for the magazine "In Touch" with the pictures of Aaron's home! - June 9 issue with Ruben and Clay on the cover - $2 avail Walgreens etc. (thx Sara)

UPDATE: Aaron in "Vanity Fair" is in the issue with teen stars Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, Alexis Bledel, Raven, Mandy Moore, & Lindsay Lohan on the cover - it goes on sale next Tuesday 6/9; Also Aaron is on ET-MTV today (6/7) - he didn't say anything, they just talked about the magazine! ET-MTV repeats Sun noon, ET-VH1 repeats Sat@11pm and Sun@12:30pm. (thx Melissa)

At the OR Fair concert, 11-yr old singer Trey Kenyon will be opening Aaron's show with the national anthem! (thx mom Jami)

REMINDER: Tickets go on sale today Sat 6/7 for Aaron's concert (7/28) in Anaheim CA at the The Grove!

TICKETS for Aaron's 8/30 concert at the Oregon State Fair in Salem OR are now available at TicketsWest! (thx Jami)

This Sunday June 8th, Aaron is expected to participate in the Target "A Time for Heroes" where over 100 celebrities work carnival-style games to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation - from noon to 4pm at the Mandeville Canyon Estate of Ken Roberts in Los Angeles. (thx ACCrazy)

REMINDER: Aaron & Nick are on the cover of "Kid Power" Magazine from Sesame Street! Pic (about $4 at Wal-Mart). Also look for Aaron's 2 cards (about $3) at Wal-Mart,CVS,Target. (thx Debra)

Aaron is in the new July issue of VANITY FAIR on pages 109 & 158. It's a small paragragh of facts but there is a nice picture. (thx Ginna)

Best wishes for a VERY HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY to LESLIE CARTER today Friday JUNE 6!

The Radio Disney Mag-A-Music is at Walmart for about $10. It's basically a folder that contains a page of stickers and an enhanced CD featuring Aaron, Nick and other RD artists. The CD has 6 songs, 4 videos, and a few extras (trivia game, performer bios, photo gallery, etc). The highlight by far is Aaron's "Do You Remember" video - you can watch it full screen! (This Mag is the "Hit Picks" mag mentioned earlier). (thx Angela, Ginna)

TICKETS for Aaron's 8/8 concert in Birmingham AL (with Play & Jump5) will be on sale Saturday June 14. Details at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater! (thx Dianna)

Aaron is in the new summer 2003 issue of TEEN (page 74)! He talks about his best vacation and there's a nice pic! (thx Kaitlin)

TICKETS to Aaron's concert Monday 7/28 in Anaheim CA at the The Grove will be available Saturday 6/7 at Ticketmaster! (Presale? tkts avail 6/4) (thx Angela, Chrissy, Aisha, April)

Chris Trousdale is expected be a confirmed act for Aaron's tour, along with LMNT (on select dates) and Greg Raposo (on select dates)! (thx Amber, Debra, T2, Tesia)

Here are 9 PICS in and around Aaron's home in Florida! (thx Aisha, ACCrazy) - UPDATE: Now the pics are gone - they were from "In Touch" mag.

VIDEO LINK: If you missed Aaron on the CBS Early Show last Tuesday 5/27, here is the link now to the video (under "Multimedia")!

REMINDER: Tickets for Aaron's concerts in Hampton Hill NH are avail Friday 5/30 and in Myrtle Beach SC are avail Sat 5/31 at Ticketmaster!

Aaron will be on "Hot Pop" (if you get the WAM! channel 199) on 6/8 at 8:30pm, 6/10 at 2pm & 8pm, 6/11 at 12am, 6/27 at 7:35pmET! (thx Chris)

Shortly after 9/11, Aaron and other singers collaborated with MJ on a charity song "What More Can I Give" that was never released - after all this time, finally see the video here! (thx popdirt)

It looks like Aaron will not be at the NJ State Fair Meadowlands on 6/20 - according to an email from the Fair people. (thx Connie)

Wild Adventures says that "Detour" will open for Aaron's concert there 6/14! (thx Susan)

Aaron's concert date 8/26 at the Chicago "House of Blues" is taken by another show - so Aaron's schedule for Chicago is uncertain and needs to be updated. (thx Stephanie, Zoe)

TICKETS to Aaron's concert 8/9 in Myrtle Beach SC at the House of Blues will be available Saturday 5/31 at Ticketmaster! (thx Chrissy, Aisha)

Here are some screen captures of Aaron's character (soldier/writer Joseph Plumb Martin) in "Liberty's Kids"! (thx Anna)

If you missed Aaron on the CBS Early Show, here is the video clip - click "Meeting Aaron" - while it lasts! (thx ACCrazy)

REPORT: On Tuesday's (5/27) CBS Early Show's "All-Star Week of Wishes", a fan Nicki from the north US won a visit with Aaron at the Carter compound in Marathon FL! It was a surprise - she thought it was a Florida vacation with her family - she didn't know whose house she was in until Aaron walked in! He drove here around the compound & she met Nick - she seemed in shock during the visit!

Be sure to join Aaron's Official Fan Club - Here is their recent message: "We will be offering meet and greets for most of Aaron's tour dates (other than sporting events and charity events). If you are already a member, send in your meet and greet request to the fan club address or fax it." (thx Connie)

MANY UPDATES: On the Early Show, a fan gets to meet Aaron at his home! (thx Richard, Amber) - Live Daily Forum "Aaron will not be live on the Early Show tomorrow - An e-mail from the Early Show said ... "Good morning! While Aaron Carter will be on The Early Show on Tuesday, his appearance will not be live. Be sure to tune in from 7-9am for what promises to be a great segment! Thanks for watching The Early Show!" (thx Sam) - Aaron will be performing (not live) on THE CBS-TV EARLY SHOW Tuesday 5/27! (thx Rachel) They just confirmed on TV that he would be on it (not live)! (thx Jessica) - According to the commercial for The Early Show 5/27, Aaron said he will grant one of his fans wishes on the show tomorrow! (thx Amber)

REMINDER: Aaron's episode of PBS-TV's LIBERTY'S KIDS titled "Yorktown" is on Monday 5/26 (check listings)! Aaron is the voice of soldier/writer Joseph Plumb Martin. Also in some areas it will be on again Sat May 31 (check listings)! (thx Brooke)

There are two new Aaron greeting cards available at Target stores! One says "Hangin' with you is always cool." The other one has a big "7" on the front. (thx Tesia)

The report is that Aaron is not dating Hilary according to a chat with her sister Haylie last Sunday (thx Jasmin)

The July issue of BOP magazine features a really great pin-up picture of Aaron - on the inside back cover is a short article about Aaron's childhood lemonade stand! (thx Angela)

The +18 problem for Aaron's Hampton Hill NH concert has been cleared up - the Ballroom says "Special All Ages Show"! (Ticketmaster still not fixed) (thx Emily)

REMINDER: Aaron's episode of ALL THAT where he performs "To All The Girls" is going to be repeated Saturday May 24th at 8pm on Nickelodeon - Justin T. is a guest!

Here are some PICS of Aaron on that plane to NYC and the Nautilus MS Dance Team bus last Friday 5/16! (thx ACCrazy) - More PICS! (thx Kara, Nancy)

A fan noticed that the ticket info for Aaron's Hampton Hill NH concert at the Casino Ballroom says "18 and over unless accompanied by a parent of legal guardian." - that's probably because of the casino - but still, that isn't going to work very well. Maybe Jane will fix that? (thx Melissa)

PLAY and JUMP5 will open for Aaron's Jukebox tour at some of the shows! (thx Amber, T2)

It is reported that Aaron will be performing on the CBS EARLY SHOW Tuesday 5/27! (thx Rachel) - this is unconfimed, so keep checking for sure before you go down there!

TICKETS to Aaron's concert 8/12 in Hampton Hill NH at the Hampton Beach Casino will be available next Friday 5/30 at Ticketmaster!

Aaron flew down from NY to be at the Super Boat Grand Prix races in Fort Myers Beach, FL on Sunday 5/18. Aaron helped out presenting the awards following the race and he had a great time clowning around and talking to the fans after the ceremony. The next race event is in Marathon FL June 13-15! (thx Richard, Jaym)

Aaron is invited (scheduled?) to appear (with others) in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Sat May 24th at an event 2pm-9pm at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium! - tickets. (thx Aisha, ACCrazy)

Aaron was in New York finishing up his new album! He flew in there last Friday 5/16! (thx Amber). Some fans spotted him on the plane and spent time with him while he was waiting for his limo! - here's their story. (thx Vanessa)

The new Radio Disney "Hit Picks" Magazine includes a CD that has music, videos, interviews, screensavers and games. The debut issue May 26 and will feature Aaron, Nick and other singers. (thx Amber, T2)

Aaron & Nick will be singing on the CDs that go along with the new Milton Bradley game TWISTER MOVES, a dance version of the classic TWISTER game to be launched this June! (thx Amber) Also, Nick will be starring in a movie "Hollow", a present-day "Sleepy Hollow". (thx BML)

The singing group "PLAY" (Faye, Anais, Anna & Rosie) is a possible opening act for Aaron's JUKEBOX tour! (thx Amber, T2)

Hilary was on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD today Monday (5/19) where they interviewed her at her "Got Milk" photo shoot. When they asked her about Aaron she said "Yeah, were back together again". They asked why she chose to go out with him again and she said "It was just a better time". She said it took her awhile to decide because Aaron had just been in a serious relationship (didn't say who), and how busy they both were and just how hard it is, and that she just wanted to be sure. (thx Brittney, Ashley)

It is reported that "Camp Summer Stage" is still on hold at least until fall because of funding. (thx Paige)

Both of Nick's episodes of "8 Simple Rules" will be aired back-to-back on Tuesday the 27th at 8-9pmET on ABC-TV! (thx Brooke)

REMINDER: Tickets go on sale today Sat 5/17 for Aaron's concert in Detroit MI at the DTE Amphitheatre on 8/19!
Hilary called in from California Thursday morning 5/15 (from a "Got Milk" shoot) to talk on the "Kidd Kraddick in the Morning" radio show! Hear the 10:15-min interview (the part about Aaron is 7:25 to 8:45)!
Here are 3 PICS of Aaron & Nick on "Sesame Street" this week (5/13)! - the show was taped in Nov02. (thx Dana)
Aaron's wild and fun JUKE BOX TOUR 2003 kicks off early this summer - this is surely going to be a tour to remember! (thx Angela, Amber, Dana, Aisha, Connie, aaroncarter.co.uk)

TOUR DATES & VENUES (preliminary & subject to change) - Ticketmaster & Clear Ch!

Aaron is in the new PEOPLE MAGAZINE (Matt LeBlanc on the cover). There is a two-page article on Hilary and it says "and oh yes, much teen-mag chronicling of her near 2-year on-again-off-again romance with singer Aaron Carter. It's on again: 'He messed up big last time' she says cryptically 'but he's being good this time.'" Then there is a large picture of them labeled "'we don't get to see much of each other' says Duff of her beau Aaron Carter".

Here's the ad from Teen Vogue about Aaron's new CD!
It says "Look for the brand new album from Aaron Carter in
stores July 22, 2003 on Jive CDs and tapes. See Aaron
on tour this summer." The bottom part is about AC's older CDs.
(thx Steph, Angel, Aisha)

HILARY DUFF was on a Sacramento, CA radio show "107.9 THE END" with DJ Doug Lazy. There was a really long interview, and in it she finally confirmed that she and AARON are dating! - Hillary said "You know what, it's crazy. You're actually the like first person I'm going to admit it to. OK...here we go...wow, um, we're together again. Yeah it's very cool. I'm having a good time. We're cool. Oh my God he saw me on like all the shows too, like in New York and he's like 'Why are you not saying we're dating to anybody?' and I was like 'Ahhh'. So here we go. Sacramento you're the first people to know." (yahoo group "AarHil" has the audio file) (thx Angela, Sarah)

Sunday 5/11 Aaron is doing a photo shoot in Orlando for EXTRA on CBS. Monday he's off to LA, California! (thx Sara)

Aaron's episode of ALL THAT where he performs "To All The Girls" is going to be repeated Saturday May 24th at 8pm on Nickelodeon - Justin T. is a guest! (thx Brooke)

REMINDER: Aaron & Nick's episodes of "SESAME STREET" - airing in some areas Sunday morning (thx Rachael), other areas Mon & Tues (check local listings - story is about new baby bear)!

Here are the story and lots of pictures (from aaroncarter.com) about Aaron's GradNite concert at SEAWORLD in Orlando last Friday 5/9! (thx Angela)

There are reports that Aaron's new CD will be coming out July 22! - there's an ad for the CD in June/July 2003 Teen Vogue page 83. (thx Angel, Michelle, Sam)

Aaron did an awesome job Friday night 5/9 at 8th grade GRAD NITE at Seaworld in Orlando! He totally rocked! Jane, BJ, and Leslie were there, but not Angel. Bridgett and Brianne from Triple Image were there, but they said Brittany was sick. Also there was Aaron's good friend, dancer/choreagrapher Kaki, and another one of his friends Kevin. Aaron rode some roller coasters - and 15 lucky people got to go backstage! Aaron talked about his upcoming tour, and there will for sure be one starting mid-summer! Aaron said he would be staying in Orlando until he flies to LA Monday. (thx Chelsea, Christina)

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Announcements to watch for:

Aaron will be the voice of soldier/writer Joseph Plumb Martin in the PBS TV animated series, "Liberty Kids"! - airs 5 days a week for 2 years - starting in the fall of 2002. AC also does the theme song. Other celeb voices will be Dustin Hoffman, Whoopie Goldberg, Ben Stiller, Billy Crystal, Annette Benning, Liam Neeson and Walter Cronkite.

7/2 - EXTRA will be visiting Aaron at the family's 15-acre Florida compound on the July 2.

7/9 - Aaron’s episode of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” will be repeated Wed July 9 at 2:30 pm (check local listings).

7/17 - Aaron's performance on the "DISCO BALL" will replay Thursday 7/17 on VH1 at 8pm!

7/24 - Aaron will be a guest on "Good Day Live" on FOX (check tvguide in your area)!

7/23? or 24? (but check local listing) - Aaron & Nick's episode of "Sesame Street" is on again on PBS - it's about the new baby bear!

July/Aug/Sept - Aaron's AARON'S 2003 JUKEBOX TOUR!!

7/31 - AARON & O-TOWN are scheduled to perform at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles CA on Thursday July 31st at 7:30pmPT - Tickets.

9/16 - Aaron departs for Japan!

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