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Friday 1/16/04
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There are 45-sec audio clips HERE
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u Although the financial differences have been worked out, there are still some issues to solve - article. (thx Sara, MelC, Rag)

u Here's a recent story about Aaron's reconciliation with his mom this last weekend! (thx Sabrina, Debi)

u Here are 8 pictures of Aaron in current issues of Popstar, Cosmo Girl and "M!" magazines!

u Here are some of the pictures of Aaron from the Feb04 issue of Popstar! (thx Richard)

u According to ET, Aaron is reconciling with his mother! (thx Debi, MelC, Shanta)

u Aaron's episode of "MTV Cribs" is playing again on Saturday early morning 1/17 at 4:30am (set VCR 30min)!

u UPDATE on Pro-Dance: Los Angeles is being considered for a Pro-Dance conference if enough people contact them (form) to let them know they're interested!

u There are about 20 video clips of Aaron & the Jukebox dancers in the media/video section of the website about Tony and Misha!

u If you missed Aaron & Nick on "Real Access", www.nickss.com has the video in the media section!

u In the Feb04 issue of Popstar magazine (Adam on the cover), there is an interview and pics of Aaron and Nick from the Twister Moves concert on p30&31 - There's a 16X22 poster of Aaron - A small pic of Nick and Aaron on p5 - a small article about his MRH cd and a pic on p22 - and a pic of Aaron and Nick on p90! (thx Crystal, Katie)


u Here's a transcript of Aaron & Nick's "Real Access" interview!

u REPORT about Aaron's "Real Access" segment 9/1: Aaron & Nick were in a dance studio being taught a dance routine (for the first time together) for a promo (probably Twister Moves) - at the break they were interviewed - Aaron wore a white sweatshirt with a hood and red bandana - He thinks it's cool that he can give Nick advice for a change - Nick calls him Gumby because of the cool break-dance move he did, like rubber - Aaron told a story about a big oak tree Nick couldn't climb so he tried to chop it down with a machete (the chunk is still there) - Nick says Aaron tells more stories than Dr Suess - Aaron tells about a prank when he was little (before BSB were famous), in Germany Nick and Brian hung him up in a laundromat and left him there.

u Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" will be replaying on Noggin-TV on Wednesday early morning 1/14 at 4:30am (set VCR 30min)

REMINDER AGAIN: On Noggin-TV - Aaron & Nick - Real Access - this Friday 1/9 at 9p&11p and later at 1amET! (some cables are different - check local listings)

A fan reports that in the new issue of J-14 there is a contest where the winner gets a letter from Aaron and roses from him sent to their house on Valentines Day! (thx Shannon)

Aaron's episode of "Hot Pop" (if you get the WAM! channel) airs Mon 1/19 @ 2:30pmET - check tv.yahoo.com for your area. (thx Emily, Nikki)

REMINDER: Aaron's episode of "MTV Cribs" is on again next Tuesday 1/6 at 7pmET! - Also, if you get "The N" channel (that's Noggin-TV after 6pm), Aaron and Nick will be included in an episode of a new newsmagazine TV-show "Real Access" - on Friday 1/9 at 9p&11p and later at 1amET! (thx Emily)

A fan reports that Radio Disney in Chicago announced that the Backstreet Boys are soon going back into the studio and they have booked a tour with Aaron in 2004. (thx Faina)

The dancers of Aaron's Jukebox tour - Misha, Tony, Randi, Lauren, Krista, and Kalie (not Aaron) - are going to be in a series of two-day conferences in the USA to meet and teach kids to dance!
Links: ForTheFansMag, ShakeItDancers

Aaron's episode of "MTV Cribs" is on again Monday 12/29 at 11pmET!

Aaron was mentioned on ET tonight 12/24 - Aaron wants to retrieve from his mom some valuable mementos that Bruce Willis gave him and Michael Jackson's famous red jacket from "Thriller". (thx Faina, Crystal)

UPDATE: Some fans have reported that Aaron is not mentioned on CBS's "48 Hours Investigates - Rich Kids" Wed 12/24 at 10pmET about the lifestyles of the young & famous (repeat of 6/11/03)! (thx Tara, Amber)

Aaron & Nick attended a support party for Michael Jackson today 12/20 at Neverland. (UPDATE: Some reports say they didn't attend.)

According to Radio Disney's "60-Sec with Aaron Carter", Aaron plans to spend the holidays in Colorado with family members. (thx Jaime, Jennifer)

A clip of Aaron's interview with ET is on "ET-on-MTV" and "ET-on-VH1" this weekend! (MTV Sat 11:30a, Sun noon - VH1 Sat 1:30p, 5p, midnight)

A DVD with 3 "Lizzie McGuire" episodes of Aaron, Frankie Muniz, and Steven Tyler will be coming out March 16th - $20 - titled "Star Struck"! (thx Meagan)

On ET again Wed 12/17, Aaron was asked about neighbor Michael Jackson. Aaron will be on ET again Thu 12/18 talking about getting a 16th birthday call from MJ.

REMINDER: Aaron's episode of "Lizzie McGuire" is on Disney-TV on Wed 12/17 & 12/24 at 7:30pmET! Also Aaron's episode of "MTV Cribs" is on next Tues 12/23 at 4pmET!

From the ET interview 12/16, Aaron hopes to reconcile with his mom once the legal stuff is solved. Michael Jackson gave Aaron a new $329k Bentley automobile for his 16th birthday present! Aaron will be on "Entertainment Tonight" again Wednesday 12/17 (check local listing)!

AaronCarter.com is offline! No word if it is temp or not. (thx Carter Compound, IWTB, Jamie, obg)

Here are some captures of Aaron on tonight's ET (right click "open in new window" to enlarge)! - (thx Anna)

Aaron will be interviewed on "Entertainment Tonight" Tuesday 12/16 (check local listing)!

REMINDER: Aaron's episode of "MTV Cribs" is on Sun 12/14 at 3pmET!

Aaron is looking for new representation to co-manage with dad Bob. (thx Katie, Crystal, Stephanie, Sarah, Carter Compound)

Aaron's new song "One Better" received a 76% approval this weekend on the Radio Disney's Music Mailbag! (thx Debra, T2)

Here are the results of Popstar's official "2 Cute Countdown" in the Dec/Jan issue: - 25)Gregory Smith, 24)Matt Ballinger, 23)Shia Labeouf, 22)Josh Hartnett, 21)Nick Carter, 20)Bow Wow, 19)50 Cent, 18)Frankie Galasso, 17)Bobby Edner, 16)Joel Madden, 15)AJ Trauth, 14)Riley Smith, 13)JC Chasez, 12)Chad Michael Murray, 11)Frankie Muniz, 10)Brandon Hargest (Jump5), 9)Chris Fedun (Jump5), 8)Greg Raposo, 7)Orlando Bloom, 6)Justin Timberlake, 5)Oliver James, 4)Chris Trousdale, 3)Stevie Brock, 2)Jesse McCartney & 1)Aaron Carter! (thx Debra, T2)

Aaron on TV: "Lizzie McGuire" Sat 12/6 7:30p, Sat 12/13 noon & 10:30p, Wed 12/17 7:30p, and "MTV Cribs" Mon 12/8 6:30p, Tues 12/9 8p, Sun 12/14 12:30a & 3pmET!

Aaron and Hilary are in a brief clip on "ET-on-MTV" & "ET-on-VH1" this weekend! Re-airs on VH1 Sat at 6:30p and on MTV Sun 12/7 at noon! (thx Danielle)

Aaron's Jive website Aaron-Carter.com has a new look! (thx Kim)

A VERY HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY WISH TO AARON & ANGEL ON SUNDAY DEC 7TH! - and Happy Birthday to Aaron's uncle Steve on Monday Dec 8! Also, Happy Dec Birthdays to Aaron's dancers Randi Kemper (17 on 12/5), Krista Coney (19 on 12/7) & Kalie Kelman (16 on 12/26)! (thx Denisse)

UPDATE: The taped episode of BSB on Oprah has been re-scheduled (again) for Wednesday Dec 10th! Aaron's brother Nick and Brian, Howie & Kevin surprise guest AJ talking against drugs.

Aaron's new song "One Better" is on Radio Disney's Music Mailbag! Listen to Radio Disney on Sat Dec 6 at 2pmET/11amPT to "pick or kick" his new song! (thx Megan)

Here's a picture of Aaron from "In Rock" magazine (Japan)! (thx Carter Compound)

If you get "The N" channel (that's Noggin-TV after 6pm), Aaron and Nick will be included in the 1/9/04 episode of a new newsmagazine TV-show "Real Access" - the series debuts 12/31 8-9pmET! (thx YG/someone_special)

During the parade, Bob Carter is in the crowd at Herald Square sitting in the gallery 2nd row in Macy's center section (to the right, blonde hair, black leather jacket). The best view of him is during Peter Cincotti's song (Lego's float). In Aaron's song our view of him is blocked by Aaron and the bear. (thx Molly Ann)

REMINDER: Next Sunday Dec 7 is Aaron and Angel's 16th birthday! - and Monday Dec 8 is their uncle Steve's birthday (Steve is Jane's brother who use to run AaronCarter.com)!

Here are pictures of Aaron in Popstar! (right click "open in new window" to enlarge)! - (thx Anna)

Here are some larger pictures of Aaron in the Macy's Parade! (thx Kay)

Aaron's episode of "MTV Cribs" is replaying Monday Dec 8 at 6:30pm!

Aaron's episode of "Lizzie McGuire" on Disney-TV is replaying on Saturday 12/6 at 7:30pm! (thx Bridget)

A clip of Aaron's song "Get Up On Ya Feet" was played tonight 11/28 on Disney's "Kim Possible: A Stitch In Time"! (thx Ashley, Jessica, Estefania)

It is being reported about Aaron's new CD that it is planned for release in a couple of months, it is still untitled, 2 songs have been recorded named "Believe in Me" and "Break Ya Heart, No Neva", that Aaron wrote almost all of the songs, and that there may be a prize of hanging out with Aaron! (thx FanNewsExclu and many others)

There's a full page picture of Aaron on p32 in the Dec issue of BLAST magazine! (thx Aisha)

Here are 8 small pictures of Aaron in the Macy's Parade! (thx Sarah)

UPDATE: The taped episode of BSB on Oprah has been re-scheduled for Tuesday Dec 23rd! Aaron's brother Nick and Brian, Howie & Kevin surprise guest AJ talking against drugs.

Here are 4 more pictures of Aaron in the Macy's Parade! (thx a-carter.org)

Here are pictures of Aaron in the Macy's Parade on Thanksgiving Day 11/27 singing "One Better"! (thx Carter Compound)

Aaron and Angel's episode of the Montel Williams Show about twins is re-airing early Fri morning 11/28 at 3am (check local listing to set VCR) - orig aired 10/13/03! (thx Crystal)

REMINDER: Thursday 11/27, Aaron will be singing "One Better" on the "Build-A-Bear Workshop" float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! The parade will air live on CBS and NBC from 9am to 12noon!

UPDATE: On Fam Ntwk at 6:30ET 11/25, Aaron hosted clips of Disney's new movie THE HAUNTED MANSION starring Eddie Murphy! Between clips, Aaron walked around this "scary" graveyard explaining the secrets of the special effects for the movie. He read tombstones throughout the show that predicted things that might happen ... and Aaron's name was on all of them! At the end of the show, he said "This is not a real graveyard - Look, I'll prove it to you." Then he tried to lift a "fake" stone and he couldn't lift it! Then he said, "Hey wait, my agent said this wasn’t suppose to be real!" As he was saying this, a zombie was walking up behind him very slowly ... he looked and yelled "I'm getting outta here!" and ran off! (thx Josh)

A fan reports that she saw Aaron hosting "The Haunted Mansion: Behind the Screams" tonight 11/25 at 6:30pmET on ABC Family Network! (maybe West Coast fans can still see it) - (thx Heather, Meg)

Here is the BOP magazine article! (thx Carter Compound)

BOP magazine has a pic and five Q&A with Aaron & Nick back at the Twister Show! Some of the answers are: The brothers play basketball together more nowadays - On tour, Aaron accidently did some flips off the stage - Who does Aaron want to punk? Nick, of course. (thx Angela)

AaronCarter.com has confirmed that a while ago Jive had cancelled the DVD with Aaron's MRH CD, and Jive forgot to tell them.

AOL is having a vote for favorite singer, Aaron or Hilary (keyword: Music Showdown)! (thx Faina, Stephanie, Shan)

UPDATE: The BSB episode on Oprah mentioned below has been postponed probably to later in Dec!

Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" will be replaying on Noggin-TV on Monday morning 11/24 at 3:30am (set VCR 30min) and the "Disco Ball" will be re-airing on VH1 on Thursday morning 11/27 at 1am (set VCR - Aaron's song is in the 1st half-hour)! (thx Brooke)

"My Shorty" was written & originally performed by members of the group "The Grand Skeem" under the song name "Shorti". Here are close to Aaron's lyrics based on the original!

The Yahoo Group ACFansWorldwide has Aaron's "One Better" and "My Shorty" (works sometimes, keep checking)! (thx Carter Compound)

Here are some scans of the AC-MRH CD insert! - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (thx Krista)

Here are a fan's lyrics to My Shorty from Aaron's new "Hits" CD! (thx Chrissy)

AOL users (Keyword KOL, under music) can see clips of Aaron, Play and Nick Cannon backstage at Toopalooza! (thx Janelle, Jennifer)

Here are 3 headshot pictures of Aaron! (thx Kay)

Aaron's brother Nick and Brian, Howie & Kevin were on Oprah to surprise guest AJ talking against drugs - episode airs 11/25! (thx hisstuffYG)

NICK-TV is showing a commercial promoting Aaron's "Most Requested Hits" CD due out Nov 18th! (thx Michelle)

Here are 3 more pictures of Aaron & Nick at Hilary's Celebrity Charity Challenge back in Sept! (thx BML)

"Aaron's Party" video was #25 on RollingStone's "25 Basketball Moments That Rock" for "How I Beat Shaq"! (thx popdirt)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will air live on NBC on Thur 11/27 from 9am to 12noon! (thx Connie)

The Yahoo Group ACFansWorldwide has Aaron's "One Better" (works sometimes, keep checking)! Also, there has been a bonus track 16 added to Aaron's album MOST REQUESTED HITS - "One Better The Remix"! (thx Debra)

Here are the lyrics for Aaron's new song which he co-wrote - "One Better"! (thx Carter Compound, Aisha)

Aaron will be singing "One Better" on the "Build-A-Bear Workshop" float in the T'Day parade! (thx Emily)

This Monday 11/10 AOL members can log onto AOL Keyword: "Kids Only" or "KOL" to catch the "First Listen" of Aaron's new song "One Better" from his "Most Requested Hits" due out on Nov 18th! (thx Ryan, Kim, Carter Compound, Jessica)

UDPATE: Macy's 77th Thanksgiving Day Parade will air live Nov 27 from New York City - Hilary, Aaron and Mya will sing atop floats! (thx Carter Compound)

Aaron plans to attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade along with Clay, Ruben, and Hilary! (thx a-carter.org, Kara, Kathleen)

Aaron's episode of MTV CRIBS is still replaying - Thur 11/6 4p, Sat 11/8 10:30a & 7:30p, Mon 11/10 8p, Sat 11/15 1:30am!

Aaron has his own racing team! - Aaron Carter Racing - Aaron, Marc Lafleur and Bob Carter. They will make their debut this week in Deerfield, FL. The boat is a 29' Fountain, number F1-57! (thx Carter Compound, N&A Compound)

Here's an article about this week's SBI boat races! (thx N&ANewsYG)

Aaron and Alisa Reyes are the live entertainment at the Deerfield Beach SBI National Awards on Friday night! (thx Carter Compound)

REMINDER: Aaron is expected to attend the Superboat Intl World Championship races in Deerfield Beach FL (north of Ft Lauderdale) the first week in Nov - his dad is racing in the Manufacturer 2 class race! - VIP sections on race days Tue, Thur & Sun!

Aaron & Hilary plan to team-up for a benefit concert for "Kids With A Cause" (details TBD)! (thx Richard, Carter Compound)

Here are some fan pictures of Aaron this year at Twister Moves, Poughkeepsie, and Lakeland! (thx Julie)

Here's the album cover of Aaron's "Most Requested Hits" CD! (thx Carter Compound)

Here's a video clip of Aaron from the Zepp concert in Tokyo!

Here's a fan report of Aaron's MTV Cribs! (thx Faina)

Here are the pictures from the MTV Cribs Flipbook! (thx Carter Compound)

Check out the MTV Cribs Flipbook for 11 pictures of Aaron on tonight's episode! (thx Rachel)

Aaron's brother Nick is on MTV's Punk'd Sunday Nov 2 at 9pm. (thx Heather, Kimberly, Tara, Kim, Meagan, RC)

REMINDER: Aaron's episode of MTV CRIBS will be on Monday Oct 27 at 10:30pm! Replays Tue 10/28 3p&11p, Wed 10/29 8:30p, Thur 10/30 12a(midnt)&6p, Fri 10/31 2:30p, Sat 11/1 10a,1p,10:30p, Sun 11/2 3p, Mon 11/3 3:30p, Thur 11/6 4pm!

Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" is on early morning 3:30am Mon 10/27 on Noggin TV (replay of 10/30/01)!

Aaron is in the new issue Oct/Nov 2003 of TEEN VOGUE on pages 168 & 171! (thx Tenille)

Aaron is among other celebrities on the MJ video "What More Can I Give" - the video will premiere on the "Radio Music Awards" in Las Vegas live on NBC Monday Oct 27!

Aaron plans to attend the Superboat Intl World Championship races in Deerfield Beach FL (north of Ft Lauderdale) the first week in Nov - his dad is racing in the Manufacturer 2 class race!

During the ending credits of Disney's TV movie "The Little Vampire" 10/22 they played one of Aaron's early songs, "Iko Iko"! (thx Kirby)

Here are larger pictures of Aaron at the VA Beach show! (thx Kay, credit to a-carter.org)

Here's some pictures of Aaron at the VA Beach show! (thx Jennie)

Here's a picture of Aaron (with a sunburn) from Hawaii 9/26! (thx Carter Compound)

AaronCarter.com is showing pages from the November issue of Popstar that features Aaron! (thx to many fans)

Shake-It-Dancers has some interviews with Aaron's dancers from the VA Beach show! (thx Emily)

AngelCarter.org has some news about Angel's plans for a singing career! Also there is a recent message from Angel in "Angel's Diary"! (thx Paola)

Here's an UPDATED fan report from Aaron's VA Beach show today 10/19! (thx Abbi)

Here are 14 large pictures of Aaron at Toopalooza! (credit to a-carter.org)

There's a brief clip of Aaron at Toopalooza singing "I Want Candy" at the beginning of "ET-on-MTV" (Sat 11:30a&8p, Sun 12noon) and "ET-on-VH1" (Sat 12:30p&5:30p, Sun 1p)! (thx Jennie)

Also, from JerryReid.com, due to scheduling conflicts Jerry will not be performing at the VA shows 10/18 & 10/19. (thx IWTB116)

It is reported that J-me will not be at the VA shows 10/18 & 10/19 due to schedule conflicts! (thx j-me.tk)

According to Jive, Aaron's episode of MTV Cribs is scheduled for Monday Oct 27 at 10:30pm!

According to AaronCarter.com, Aaron's "Most Requested Hits" CD due around Nov 18 has two new tracks - "One Better" & "My Shorty"! (thx Angela, Amber, April)

Access Hollywood on Monday night had a brief interview with Aaron from Toopalooza. They asked him about his on-off relationship with Hilary and he said that right now they're "off" but their pattern is to get together and break up over again. The segment was about 6 minutes into the show. (thx Angela)

Aaron and Angel were on Montel today 10/13 talking about their bond as twins! Aaron once felt a vision to call from Europe & warn Angel in Fla not to go on a Fair ride - she didn't go, and it crashed! Angel is a model and is just starting singing! (thx Shannon, Heather)

Here are 3 larger pictures of Aaron with Ashlee at Toopalooza! (to enlarge, right-click & click "open in new window") (thx Anna)

Jerry Reid is expected to be on the "YDoUThink" show with Aaron 10/18 & 10/19! (there's still time for 5 to win the contest to hangout backstage with Jerry - read rules - ends Mon 10/13!) (thx Melodie)

Aaron & Angel will be featured on the Montel Williams Show about twins on Monday Oct 13 on NBC (check local listing for time)! (thx Chrissy)

Here are 17 small pictures of Aaron at Toopalooza! (thx Alaine)

Today 10/11 Aaron is scheduled to be co-hosting with Ashlee Simpson ("Cecilia" on 7th Heaven & sister of Jessica) and a special grand prize winner (contest in the Limited Too's catalog) at Limited Too's Toopalooza at Legoland California! Acts include Mandy Moore, Nikki Cleary, Jessica Simpson, Nick Cannon, Play and more! (thx Jessica)

Aaron's 2001 episode on the Maury Povich Show (10/31/01) was re-aired recently - Aaron was on via remote for a surprise meeting with a girl that was ill - this show was originally taped when Aaron was on his summer tour in Poughkeepsie, NY 8/22/01! (thx Jessica, Meagan, Angela)

Aaron's mom Jane is starting to write her autobiography - it is expected to be available next year! (thx Carter Compound, Natalie, Meagan)

As suspected by many fans, Aaron's episode wasn't on MTV Cribs Oct 6th, and according to the preview he is not on next week. Aaron's crib is scheduled to be on a future episode! (thx Heather, Angela, Faina, Carter Compound, Holly, Aspen)

AaronCarter.com has added a new section about Aaron's Dance Team - Misha, Krista, Lauren, Randi, Tony & Kaylie! (thx Holly)

Best wishes for a VERY HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY to Aaron's friend Craig on Monday OCT 6!

Here are 3 pics of Aaron, Hilary & Haylie at the Toronto birthday party 9/7! - 1, 2, 3. (thx Alaine)

J-Me is expected to be on the "YDoUThink" show with Aaron 10/18 & 10/19! (thx Kimberly, j-me.tk)

AaronCarter.com announces Aaron's upcoming CD "Most Requested Hits"! (thx Shan, Ashley)

Aaron is expected to be on an episode of MTV Cribs sometime this season! (thx Amber)

UPDATE: Checking into the CD due out 11/18, it's not Aaron's new one. It looks like it's this one - "Not Too Young, Not Too Old: Most Requested Hits"! (thx Toby)

At AaronCarter.com, there are lots of pictures and a story about Aaron on the Jukebox Tour in Japan! - more pictures and some "home video" clips coming there soon! (thx Maggie)

Here's Aaron's "M" magazine article with news from earlier this summer. (thx Alaine)

Aaron is in the Oct/Nov issue of "M" magazine where he says he still likes Hilary - there are also small pics on page 46 & 55! (thx Mackenzie)

Aaron, dancers, and band got into Hawaii early Friday morning (it's a 9-hr flight from Tokyo), where they have been having a wonderful time surfing. (thx Kimberly)

Aaron's episode of "Hot Pop" (if you get the WAM! channel) - Thur 10/2 @ 7:30p & 10:30p, Tues 10/21 @ 2:30p & 8:30p and Fri 10/22 @ 12:30am ET - check www.tvguide.com for your area. (thx N&ANewsYG)

Here's the National Enquirer photo of Aaron at Hilary's birthday in Toronto! (thx Alaine)

Here's the article and picture about Aaron in the Oct6 issue of "In Touch" magazine p31! (Ben & J-Lo on the cover). (thx Carter Compound, Angela)

Here are 60 small pics from wireimage of Aaron's Tokyo concert 9/22 at Zepp Tokyo, Japan! (thx Angela, Carter Compound, Bee)

It is reported that Aaron gave Hilary 16 vases of a dozen roses each plus a gift for her Toronto 16th birthday bash! (thx Misha)

There was a powerful earthquake that hit northern Japan today Thursday 9/25. Aaron's last Japan concert was last night in Tokyo. No word yet whether Aaron & cast felt the quake or had left for his concert Friday in Hawaii. (thx Ryan)

J-Me (Jaime Lee) is on tour with Aaron is Japan. Her report is that she's having a ton of fun in Japan and her and Aaron took a three hour train ride together from Osaka to Tokyo and she got to spend personal time with him and get to know him better. The touring is going wonderful, and they love it there! She also said that she'll have some new pictures on the web soon! (thx Khristena)

Aaron and Hilary are in the Sept 30th issue of The National Enquirer on page 14. There's a picture of them and Hilary's sister Haylie at her 16th birthday party in Toronto - there is also a small caption with the picture. (thx Amber)

UPDATE: Aaron wasn't on Hilary's 16th Birthday Bash on the WB Wed 9/24 - the only people there were fans, her family and friends, and Simple Plan. (thx Faina, Abbi)

Aaron is featured in Twist magazine on Page 10 and 20! (thx Emily)

BEST WISHES for a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aaron's dad Bob Carter on Tuesday Sept 23rd!

Aaron & Nick are in People magazine (John Ritter on the cover) about the MJ Celeb Charity! The picture with Mike Tyson and the story about the cake fight is on p49! (thx Jennie)

Here's a mention of Aaron from an interview with Hilary last month! (thx popdirt)

Here are 23 pictures of Aaron's Meet&Greet at Koseinenkin-Kaikan Hall in Nagoya, Japan Sept 18! (thx Cat, N&ANewsYG)

Here are some pics of Aaron & Nick on a student Planner! - Pic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (thx Kimberly, Randi, Kara, Amanda, N&ANewsYG)

ET's report about Aaron & Nick at the MJ Celebrity Charity last Sat is expected to show on "ET-on-MTV" (Sat 11:30a, Sun 1:30p) and "ET-on-VH1" (Sat 1&6p, Sun 4p)! (thx Kimberly, Shan, Angela)

Here are pics from Aaron's article in the Oct/Nov03 Teen Vogue! - Pic1, Pic2! (thx Kimberly, Randi, Carter Compound, Jenna)

Aaron’s episode of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” will be repeated Wed 9/24 on the WB (check local listings for time)! Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" is on early morning 4:30am Thur 9/25 on Noggin TV (replay of 10/30/01)! (thx Brooke)

UPDATE: Aaron is scheduled for two of the YDoUThink concerts with Monica - on Saturday morning 10/18 at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow VA - and on Sunday morning 10/19 at the Verizon Amphitheater in Va Beach! Tickets avail 9/20 at Ticketmaster! (thx Marilynn, Angela)

Here are two more pictures of Aaron & Nick in Toronto - Pic1, Pic2! (thx A&NNewsYG)

Here's an earlier report about the earnings of today's teen stars - Aaron is listed at $17M! (thx A&NNewsYG)

At the MJ Celebrity Fundraiser Sat night, Aaron & Nick joined Michael onstage and presented him with a birthday cake, which MJ purportedly threw in Aaron's face, starting a food fight! Here's the article! (thx Angela)

Aaron and company are off to Japan Tuesday 9/16 for shows in Nagoya 9/18, Osaka 9/20 and Tokyo 9/22,23,24 - and then a show in Hawaii on 9/26!

Here are the pictures from Aaron's 2004 calendar!

Here are two pictures of Aaron & Nick with Mike Tyson at Michael Jackson's Celebrity Fundraiser at Neverland CA on Saturday 9/13! - Pic 1, Pic 2 (thx N&ANewsYG)

Here's the video (rm) of Nick's interview in Toronto last week that includes a short part with Aaron!

REMINDER: Aaron's episode of ALL THAT where he performs "To All The Girls" will air again on Sat 9/13 at 8pm on Nickelodeon - Justin T. is a guest!

Here are some more fan pictures from the audience of Aaron's show at the OR State Fair Aug 30! (Amber)

Here are 4 pics of Aaron & Nick in Toronto! (thx Christin, N&ANewsYG)

Aaron is in the October issue of "Dance Spirit Magazine"! The article talks about his choreographer Brian Friedman and there are pictures of Aaron and his dancers. In the back there is also an article on Aaron with a picture. (thx Keri)

Here are lots of close-up pictures and story of meeting Aaron at Twister Moves! (thx AaronForever.com)

Here are 6 pictures of Bob, Angel and the Carters' boat at the NYC races Sunday 9/7! (thx N&ANewsYG)

Here are 4 pages of great smaller pictures from Globe Photos of Aaron & Nick at the Twister Moves events! (thx NickandAaronNewsYahooGroup)

Aaron has 2 pictures in the Oct/Nov03 issue of Teen Vogue in a section called Starry Nights! (thx Michelle, Sylvs)

Nick's next solo album will be back to pop-rock & BSB-style! He will start recording in the next two weeks. (thx popdirt)

The RIAA has begun suing people on the internet that offer/download copyrighted music, movies etc using peer-to-peer (P2P) like Kazaa! This can cost up to $150,000 per violation! Here's an example story!

It is reported that Aaron and Nick will be shooting the video for "She Wants Me" while they are in Toronto! (thx popdirt) - here's their picture in Toronto with Nick's new haircut!

According to AngelCarter.org, Angel is dating 16yr-old Jerry Reid! (thx Amanda)

Aaron is scheduled for a concert with Monica on Saturday morning Oct 18th at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow VA! This is for the "YDoUThink Slam N Jam" series - Tickets avail 9/20 at Ticketmaster! (thx Angela, Marilynn)

Here are 46 show pictures (with "Let The Music Heal Your Soul" musical background) of Aaron's concert at the OR State Fair 8/30! (thx Ted)

Here are some great close-up pictures of Aaron and Nick at the Twister Moves show! (thx Liz, NickandAaronNews)

On MTV today Sunday 9/7 on "Ultra Sound: School Days" (3:30pm), toward the end when they were talking about young singers being homeschooled, they showed clips of Aaron in "Not Too Young, Not Too Old" and then showed Aaron writing in a notebook with his tutor. (thx Brooke, Kristina)

Nick and Aaron couldn't make it to the races in NYC today 9/7 due to their appearance at Hilary's charity event in Canada. A fan was at the races talking with Bob while he was on the phone with Nick - Bob told Nick "don't worry about it, you do what you have to, I understand .... I'll bring home the trophy!" - Angel was there with a few friends. (thx Josh)

Here are more Twister Moves show pics! (thx NickandAaronNews)

Here are some WireImage pics of the Twister Moves events! (thx Sarah)

Here's a picture update to add a few Sacramento fan pics! (thx Ariana)

Here's a nice fan report from Aaron's Twister Moves show 9/6! (thx Jessie)

Here are some great pics of Aaron & Nick for Twister Moves - FoxNews (rm video), the show, backstage, & the signing! (thx BML)

Here's some fun fan pictures of Aaron and Nick at the Twister Moves show at South Street Seaport NYC on 9/6! (thx Jennie)

Aaron and Nick appeared on Fox News this Saturday morning 9/6! They were mostly talking about the "Twister Moves" game and they were dancing on it - their new song played in the background! (thx Angela)

Aaron has an article and picture in the October issue of POPSTAR on pages 74,75! Aaron talks about his movie "Future Force" probably to be out in 2005. Aaron says he plays the younger hero and there's a lot of action scenes in the movie! The movie is going to be shot in Australia. Aaron said he loves it there because its nice and relaxing! Aaron also talks some about his new CD and Hilary! (thx Jessica, Nick&AaronNews)

Here is a fun fan experience at Aaron's concert at the CA State Fair Monday 9/1 in Sacramento CA! (thx Amber)

Here are some fan pics from Aaron's concert at Jones Beach 8/28! (thx AaronForever.com)

It is reported that Aaron & Nick will be attending Hilary's Celebrity Charity Challenge in Toronto on 9/7 Sunday evening 7:30-9pm! (thx Faina)

According to Marc - Bob, Leslie & Nick will be at the New York Superboat National Championship this weekend Sept 5-7. Nick is taking Regis and Kelly out on a raceboat on Friday morning - Nick's race is Sunday. According to AngelCarter.org, Angel will be at the races also.

Aaron's episode of ALL THAT where he performs "To All The Girls" will air again on Sat 9/13 at 8pm on Nickelodeon - Justin T. is a guest!

Here is a short fan report from Aaron's concert at the OR State Fair 8/30! (thx Cami)

Jump5's road manager Derek writes about some of the fun things the acts did together during their free time on the AC tour! (thx Melodie)

SEATING for AC's 9/1 Labor Day concert: Seating capacity is approximately 3000 and the remainder of the show is "standing room only". Guests that would like to sit in the seats will be issued wristbands starting at 9:00am at the entrance to the Golden1 Stage. Wristbands are issued on a first-come, first-served basis and are not guaranteed. All those with wristbands must be seated by 4:30p or their seat will be re-issued. The concert begins at 5pm. People will not be allowed to campout outside the Main Gate prior to opening.

Jerry Reid will be opening for Aaron's Labor Day concert at 5pm Monday 9/1 in Sacramento CA at the California State Fair!

Here are some good fan pics from Aaron's OR State Fair concert! (thx Bri)

11yr-old Trey Kenyon did a great job singing the national anthem at Aaron's concert at the Oregon State Fair on Sat 8/30! - here's a concert report from Trey's mom Jami!

Here is a great fan experience with pictures about meeting Aaron, Craig and the cast at the 8/21 Milwaukee concert and 8/22 St Paul MN concert! (thx Tesia)

Here's a newspaper article from Aaron's concert in Hampton Beach NH back on 8/12! (thx Carter Compound)

This weekend on "ET-on-VH1" & "ET-on-MTV", Hilary is quoted as saying that after ex-beau Aaron Carter she's not going to date celebs anymore - "when I started dating Aaron, girls hated me so much, that it was scary". Repeat on VH1 Sat 7p, Sun 12:30p & 4pm, and on MTV Sun 9am! (thx Faina, Carter Compound, Aimee, Marilynn)

Here are Jerry Reid's comments to the fans about the fun of being part of Aaron's Jukebox Tour: "We all had a great time on this tour. All the acts bonded really well as a group, and we all enjoyed ourselves every minute. The thing I liked most about this tour was not only did the kids enjoy the show, But the adults did just as much, since most of the songs were from their era. Aaron really showed a lot of energy and perserverance and he really showed the audience what he was made of. Best wishes to all that came to the shows, you guys are the reason we do this thing. You guys have been amazing this summer. See you all soon :) - Love alwayz, J."

Stevie Brock, Greg Raposo and J-me we're back as the opening acts for Aaron's Jones Beach concert Thursday 8/28! They put on a great show and Aaron thanked everyone for coming (since it was rescheduled). It was just an amazing night! (thx Erin)

Aaron's 2004 Wall Calendar is now available at Amazon.com! (thx Carter Compound)

Hilary says her singing career was first inspired when Aaron was a guest singing on her TV show! She also talks about their being friends now. - here's the MSN Chat transcript. (thx popdirt)

The 9/6 Six Flags NJ concert is no longer listed on the "AC.com Tour List". This has been expected, because 6-Flags never confirmed it and Aaron's Toys-R-Us concert/signing is on the same day.

Aaron's episode of "Hot Pop" (if you get the WAM! channel) - Sat 9/6 7:37pm, Sun 9/7 3:34am & 8:30pm, Tue 9/9 2:00pm & 8:00pm, Wed 9/10 12:00am, & Sat 9/20 04:40am - check www.tvguide.com for your area. (thx Chris)

Stevie Brock is expected to be at Thursday's 8/28 make-up concert at Jones Beach! (thx Beka)

Here are lots of hi-quality pictures of Aaron's concerts in Milwaukee 8/21 and St Paul 8/22! (thx Richard)

Here is a fan's fun experience at Aaron's Paramount Kings Island concert 8/23! (thx Hannah, Carter Compound)

According to this ad, Aaron & Nick will be at the Toys-R-Us Times Square Store in NYC on Sept 6 at 5-7pm for a private signing. This is for the first 800 people that buy a Twister Moves game from the Times Square Store starting Aug 20th - (read the rules). (thx Jackie)

Here are some nice fan pictures meeting with Aaron, Craig, Greg and Stevie at the August 19th concert in Detroit! (thx Marilynn)

A fan reports that Hilary on MSN chat tonight 8/25 was asked about her and Aaron - she said: "Boyfriends and girlfriends can break up and get back together tons all in one hour (laughs). We're not dating right now. We've both got a lot of stuff going on right now and we're really good friends and talk on the phone every day. He's really nice." (thx Marilynn)

Aaron's show at the Minn State Fair on Friday Aug 22 was a lot of fun ... the opening acts played pranks on stage and it was Stevie and Greg's last show - check out the story and pics! (thx Casey, T2)

REMINDER: This Thursday Aug 28th is Aaron's re-scheduled concert at Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach in Wantagh NY! - (Tickets). (thx Rose)

In a Q&A in People Magazine at AOL, Lindsay Lohan answers a question about past tension with Hilary over Aaron: "Aaron and I were friends. That's my past. It was, like, a few months ago, you know. He's a cool guy. We're friends. Hilary is a cute girl. I wish her the best." (thx Faina, Chrissy, Jess)

Angel and Bob Carter are expected to be at the Fountain Gulf Coast Superboat Grand Prix this weekend Aug 23&24 in Orange Beach, Alabama! (thx AngelCarter.org)!

Here are some good pics from Aaron's Milwaukee concert, including Craig! (thx Sarah)

Here's a fan report from the Toledo show 8/20! Here's another fan report! (thx Emily)

Here's many more great pics from Aaron's Milwaukee concert on Thursday 8/21! (thx Kate)

Here are some pics of the crowd at Aaron's Toledo concert 8/20! (thx Sarah, who's in the 1st pic) - here's the fan report!

Here are a few pics from the Wildwood NJ concert! (thx Maggie)

A fan reports from the Toledo concert 8/20 that it was a great show and that it seems Aaron has twisted his ankle - hopefully it is not too bad - Aaron limped off the stage and onto the bus and was brought ice and a wrap. It probably will be well by Thursday's Milwaukee show! (thx Kristi)

Here's a fan report from The DTE Detroit concert 8/19! (thx Mackenzie) - Here's another fan report! (thx Anna) - Here is another long fan report! (thx Marilynn) - Here's another fan report! (thx Kayla)

Here's some good pictures at the Hershey concert 8/15, including some backlot football tossing with Aaron & Craig! (thx Holly)

UPDATE: Here are the pictures to go with the interview with Aaron 8/16 at the Wildwood NJ concert! (thx Kimberly)

Here are lots of great pictures from Jones Beach NY 8-14, The Meet-N-Greet with Aaron in Hershey PA 8-15, and pictures of the new dancers from 8-15, and some 8-16 WildWood NJ concert pictures!

UPDATE: Aaron's new song "She Wants Me" (featuring Nick) got a 69% "Pick-It" vote on Radio Disney's Music Mailbag! (thx T2)

According to AaronCarter.com, the Jones Beach NY concert that was postponed due to the blackout is being tentatively rescheduled for Thursday August 28th! - Check with the venue Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach to be sure. (thx Kim)

Here's an interview with Aaron 8/16 at the Wildwood NJ concert! (thx 15-Min Mag, Connie, Faina)

Here's a fan report from the 8/17 Poughkeesie NY concert! (thx Aprile)

Here are many pics (1) and (2) from the 8/12 Hampton Beach NH concert! (thx Katie)

AngelCarter.org reports that Aaron's grandmother Barbara Carter (Bob's mom) is ill.

Here is a short fan report on Aaron's Hershey PA concert 8/15! (thx Jill)

Here is some info about Aaron's 6 dancers from the tour - Kalie Kelman, Krista Coney, Lauren Last, Misha Hamilton, Randi Kemper, and Tony Testa! - pics to be added soon of 8/15 Hershey and 8/16 Wildwood.

Here's a fan report from Aaron's 8/16 concert in Wildwood NJ! - pics later. (thx Shenai)

The Sarasota Superboat races from back on July 4th weekend is airing on Outdoor Life Network (OLN) on Sunday 8/17 at 5pmET & Tuesday 8/19 at 2pmET!

Here's an updated fan report with pics from the Las Vegas concert! - (sometimes the BW is exceeded) - here are the pics again! (thx CarterFactor)

Fans are reporting that stores like FYE, Walmart, Sam Goody, Blockbuster Music, & Best Buy are saying Aaron's new CD is due on Oct 21st! - but this is not official and it's too early to know for sure. (Marilynn, April, Faina) - NOTE: A while back Aaron said to a fan that he thinks it will be in Feb, so who knows!

Here are lots of pics from Aaron's Hampton Beach NH concert 8/12! (thx Emily)

Aaron (or an exact look-alike) is in the audience at last Tuesday's 8/12 "American Juniors" show when Danielle White won the last finalist slot! The show is taped in Hollywood CA - Aaron was in NH Tuesday! (thx Kate). - UPDATE from Megan: The guy who looks like Aaron is actually Katelyn Tarver's older brother, Drew. I went to a taping on July 30 and met him. Nigel the producer made a big deal about how everyone told him he looked like Aaron. Drew told us he was staying at the same hotel as AC the night before and Aaron actually came up to him and introduced himself and they hung out!

Aaron's new song "She Wants Me" (featuring Nick) is on Radio Disney's Music Mailbag! Listen to Mailbag on the radio on August 16 at 2pmET to "pick or kick" his new song! (thx Anna)

Here's a fan experience with pictures of Aaron's Las Vegas concert 7/27! (thx Ashley)

Here's a fan experience at Aaron's Myrtle Beach SC HOB concert! (thx Stephanie)

Here's another fan experience at Aaron's Philly TLA concert! (thx Pratik)

Aaron's episode of ALL THAT where he performs "To All The Girls" is repeated today Fri 8/15 at 5pm on Nickelodeon - Justin T. is a guest! Maybe there is still time to watch it on the West Coast! (thx Michelle, Faina)

Aaron's brother Nick has a recent interview in the Aug 26 National Enquirer (p20).

Here's a long fan report for Aaron's TLA concert in Philly 8/13! (thx Jessica)

Aaron's Jones Beach concert 8/14/03 had to be postponed to another day due to the New York power outage. According to Stevie Brock's Street Team, Aaron and the rest of the gang were stuck on Long Island because of the power outage and they were doing autograph signings for the people stuck there. Ticketmaster says that the makeup date is TBA and to check with them later for info. (thx Jen, Jill, Tara, Stephanie, Shen)

Here is another fan story with pictures from Aaron's concert at Hampton Beach NH 8/12! (thx Crystal)

Aaron was on the WB11 in New York today 8/14 at 8:50am for the last 10 minutes of the show. They talked to him quickly about his tour and his favorite Journey songs, and he said how much he loves his fans. He was wearing the black sparkly jumpsuit outfit from the new tour and he sang "Baby It's You" - he danced almost the whole time. The dancers and Aaron did a great job! - here's the link to the video (if it will work for you)! (thx Brooke, Carter Compound)

Here is a fan story and pics from the TLA concert 8/13 in Philly! (thx Holly)

On Sunday Sept 7, Aaron is expected to be among the celebrities at NY's Z100 "Stars, Stripes and Skates Icetravaganza" commemorating 9/11 at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale NY! - tickets at Ticketmaster! (thx Chris)

Here's another concert report from a 16yr-old fan/online-magazine-owner at Aaron's Hampton Beach NH concert! (thx Lori)

Here's another fan report from a Canadian at Aaron's Hampton Beach NH concert! (thx Emily)

Again on Noggin TV, Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" is on Fri 8/15 early morning at 4:30am (replay of 10/30/01)!

Aaron is expected to perform Thursday morning 8/14 on the WB Ch11 Morning News Show in New York City (not sure of the time - news starts at 5:30am - AC probably during morning news 7-9am)! (thx Shen)

Here is a fan experience for Aaron's Hampton Beach NH concert! (thx Elizabeth)

Here is a fan experience meeting Aaron at Marshall Field's on 8/5! (thx Lauren)

Here is a fan experience for Aaron's Birmingham concert! (thx Melia)

16yr-old singer Jerry Reid will be joining Aaron's Jukebox Tour from Aug 16th thru 23rd!

Here's a fan review of Aaron's 8/5 Chicago Marshall Fields Meet-n-Greet and The House of Blues concert! (thx Minnie)

Here are a few more Birmingham concert fan pics! (thx Darren)

Here are some great fan pics from Aaron's Birmingham concert! - more to come! (thx Holli)

Here are some more fan pics of Aaron in Las Vegas 7/27 and Paso Robles CA 7/31! (thx Angela)

Aaron was on NBC Ch13 in Birmingham today at 11:25am - He talked about his tour, his brother's movie, and how much he loves his fans! (thx Kara)

A fan wrote to South Street Seaport (SSS) about Aaron & Nick's "Twister Moves" concert in NYC on Sept 6. Here is their response: "Thanks for your interest in the SSS. Yes, the concert will be held on Sept. 6, 2003. The event will begin around 11am. And the fabulous Carter brothers will be performing! Check the SSS website next week for more details." - more info - (thx Melissa, Chris, BML)

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1/6 - Aaron's episode of "MTV Cribs" is replaying Tuesday at 7pmET!

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