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u Here are some more fan pictures of Aaron at Musikfest and others! (thx Abbi)

u Here's more info on Aaron character "Harry" in 7th Heaven!

u Here are 18 more pictures of Aaron from Musikfest! (thx Jill)

u Here are 38 more fan pictures of Aaron and others at Musikfest 8/8! (thx Holly)

u Here are 57 pictures of Aaron at Musikfest 8/8/04! (thx frackattack)

u Here's an article about the "One Big Show" in Chilliwack BC Canada where Aaron is scheduled to perform Sept 4! (thx Philip)

u Here are some more fan pictures from Musikfest! (thx Alex, Jill, Vicky)

u Here's a fan experience and pictures (album type-in "mrscarter", then click on "August 7th 2004") from Aaron's concert at Dixie Landin in Baton Rouge on Sat 8/7/04! (thx Jaimie)

u Here's a fan experience and pictures from Musikfest in PA on Sunday 8/8/04! (thx Michelle)

In Sept, Aaron will debut on the WB's new season of "7th Heaven" as Ruthie Camden's (Mackenzie Rosman) new boyfriend "Harry" on the 3rd episode Mon Sept 27 (8pm), and also for episodes 4 & 5! (thx Kate, Katie, Carol)

Aaron will be performing in Addison, Texas on Sept 5th, at Addison Circle Park for the 12th Annual Pepsi KidAround Festival. Aaron will be performing to close the event on Sunday. Tickets can be purchased by calling 214-443-7760 - see the details at FamilyPlace-PKA2004. Tickets went on sale August 1st, there are different kinds of tickets, such as preferred viewing tickets, meet & greet tickets, and a limited number of Super tickets with prizes. (thx Kristen, Marilynn)

Here's a fan encounter with Aaron at Club Ivar Saturday! (thx Tammy)

On Saturday, Aaron, Nick & Jerry Reid were spotted hanging out at LA's Club Ivar, along with a large entourage. (thx Mandy)

Here are some pictures of Aaron & Paris at a sushi restaurant in the LA area! (thx Jen, Holly)

Aaron performed at the International Children's Olympic Games Friday (July 30) in Cleveland, Ohio. He performed songs My First Ride, I Would, Go Jimmy Jimmy, Leave It Up To Me, To All The Girls, and others. They also shot a concert scene for his movie "Popstar" that he is working on during one of the songs, so the crowd was asked to call him JD instead of Aaron as he danced. (thx Holly)

Aaron was on VH1 today on the episode of "Inside Out" titled "Hulk Hogan Stage Dad"! Aaron is the last 5 minutes. They were on a plane together and Aaron was going to be Brooke's date for a game - Aaron told Brooke that he could teach her hip hop .. And the Hulk told them to stand next to each other to see who was taller..Aaron was. Aaron and Brooke were sitting in the back of the plane and her dad said they needed a chaperone since she couldn't date. Aaron was invited by Lou Pearlman to ride in a private plane from Miami where Brooke did a radio show & back home in Tampa where Brooke was to sing the national anthem at the opening game of the Stanley Cup finals. She invited Aaron to go to the game but he said he couldn't but really he did end up going. Replay Thur 7/29 at 10pm, Fri 7/30 at 2pm,8p, Sun Aug 1 at 11:30a, 11p, Mon Aug 2 at 5pm. (thx Jamie, B)

It is reported that on Wednesday July 28th Aaron will be filming a concert scene for a movie titled "Pop Star," at the Madrid Theater in Canoga Park CA. Nick will be there too - he has a cameo in the movie. A RESERVATION is needed (recommended) to "guarantee" a seat in the audience provided you sign a release to be in the movie. TAG Entertainment has set up a reservation phone number 818-216-2416 - there are 400 seats (the old title of the movie was "Downtown").
The plot of the movie is that a pop-star (Aaron) goes to public school and ends up becoming friends with a regular girl who's one of the smartest in the school, and he's looking for someone to help him bring up his grades. The school's most popular girl (and her posse) try to break them up, including bringing his old pop-star girlfriend into the mix. The producers have put the word out that they'd like to cast a real pop-starlet to play Carter's old girlfriend in the film. (thx Sierra, Lauren, others)

The latest info is that Aaron & Brooke were not dating. Aaron was interested, but dad Hulk thinks she's too young to date. (thx Michelle, IWTB, Krista, Tiff)

According to Nick's interview with People magazine, Nick and Paris are no longer together. (thx popdirt)

Aaron's MD show on Sept 24th is now at the Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown MD! Contact them for tickets and there is a message about where to send the Frederick tickets. Nikki Cleary is reported to still be opening at this time and that there will be a meet-n-greet before the show. (thx Aisha, Ashley, BG825)

Here are a list of TV episodes this week that Aaron is in from Rock-On-TV!

Here are 35 pics from Aaron's July 3rd show in Sterling Heights, Michigan, plus many more pics from other appearances! (thx Marilynn)

Aaron's episode of "Real Access - Sibling Rivalry" will repeat on Tue July 20 at 5:30am on NOGGIN-TV (30 mins)!

A fan called the Frederick Fairgrounds at 301-663-5895 and they said that they made the official announcement today that the show for Saturday 7/10 will be postponed until September. Other fans are reporting that 9/24 is the likely date. (thx iktd, Josh, Ashley, Aisha, Emily)

Aaron is featured in August 04 issue of POPSTAR! magazine. It also shows some pictures of Bob and Ginger's wedding. It also says that next issue will have an exclusive photo shoot pictures with Aaron (thx Michelle, SmGrl, Cait)

Aaron was on the 7/7 (4:30pm) MTV "His Face or Mine" against Fabulous! Aaron won at 51%! This episode will replay tomorrow 7/8 at 1:30pm! (thx Holly)

Here's another good fan experience from Aaron's Michigan show 7/3! Pictures at Webshots coming later! (thx Marilynn)

There are reports that Aaron's July 10 Frederick MD show may have to be postponed again due to management changes, maybe not till Sept. Be sure to check with the venue. (Kim, Debbie, Ashley)

Leeann Akers is confirmed to do a back-to-school tour with Aaron this fall! (thx Ashley)

At Saturday's Michigan concert, Aaron first had a special meet with Holly, her friend & family and a boy and his family through the "Make a Wish Foundation".

Here's some fan experiences (1), (2) & (3) from Aaron's Michigan show 7/3! (thx Amanda, Tiffany, Lindy)

Aaron's episode of "MTV Cribs" is playing again Sunday July 4th at 4:30pmET!

The July 5th issue of Star (with Jessica Simpson on the cover) has 2 pages on Brooke Hogan that has a small picture of Aaron. She talks about how they met, her CD, etc. (thx Rachael)

Aaron is having a concert at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix AZ on Wed Oct 20! Tickets go onsale 8/28 at Ticketmaster! (thx Alyssa, Angela)

MTV NEWS at 10-minutes-to-the-hour is showing the clips of behind the scenes of Fat Albert with Aaron! Also TRL is replaying at 9-10 Thursday 7/1. (thx Shenai, Ash, Jen)

On TRL today 6/30, there was a segment on "Fat Albert", the movie Aaron is in (he plays "the Kid"). Aaron was talking about how he didn't know about Fat Albert because he wasn't born when the cartoon was on tv, but he's learning. Then at the end, Aaron, Kenan Thompson, & another guy were rapping & dancing. There are some pictures and video clips of him on the FA set at MTV.com! (thx Allie, ACZg, Maggie, Toi, Rachel)

Here's an email to a fan from the BC Family Festival about plans for a show 9/4 in Chilliwack, BC: "We have been unable to obtain any information about this event. As far as we can tell it doesn't look like this event is taking in place Chilliwack. Although, I have contacted the Blue Grass Festival and the Chilliwack Exhibition and they do say that Aaron Carter is not performing there either." (thx Jenny)

Here is a good fan experience with pictures of Aaron's show in Reno Saturday 6/26! (thx Angela)

Fans are reporting that Aaron now has a tattoo on his upper back - he got it back in April. It's sort of a sun design with a skull in the middle. (thx Anna, Debi, Angela-CF, Jenny, many more)
[warning: tattoos can be addictive - one can lead to others]

Here is a recent picture of Aaron & dad Bob with Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) & Terry's wife Linda & son Nick!

Aaron will perform at the opening ceremony for the International Children's Games in Cleveland OH on Friday July 30th! The evening will begin with a rock 'n' roll singalong show. Nearly 3,000 athletes and coaches from 58 countries will then parade to their seats to watch Aaron Carter and about 50 dancers. Fireworks will cap off the evening! Little Richard will be there Sat night! (thx Angela)

Brooke Hogan (with dad Hulk) will be opening for Kimberly Locke at West Palm Beach's "Fourth on Flagler" at Wild 95.5's "Wild Hour". It is not known whether Aaron will be there. (thx Kimberly, Anna)

There is finally a report about Aaron's appearance in Reno this Saturday 6/26! It's not exactly a concert - he's performing at the opening ceremony of the Volleyball Festival at Mackay Stadium in the University of Nevada, Reno campus (UNR)! Check with the venue for tickets & times. Festival phone is 281-207-1070 or email "info@volleyball-festival.com". Some fans have gotten meet & greet passes from Aaron's Fan Club! (thx Angela)

Here are 4 pictures of Aaron & Nick when they were spotted at Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Los Angeles last Tuesday 6/15! (thx Shanta, Sofia)

A fan reports of her meeting Aaron at the 6/12 concert! She says, "While Casey was singing I was buying my Aaron t-shirt and Aaron was buying Dots ice cream RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I was too shy to ask him to sign my t-shirt but thank God my mother did. He signed it and other people's stuff too. He even posed for pictures. Then some girls that were outside the stadium fence were screaming for him so he went over and talked to them. Then he came back with tickets for all of the girls and signed more autographs until he had to go get ready for the show! He was really nice to us, and the concert was great too!" (thx Katie)

According to the Radio Disney promoters, the plans couldn't be done for Aaron to do a show in Richmond, VA on July 9 as previously hoped. (thx Emily)

They mentioned Aaron and Brooke on this week's "Best Week Ever" on VH1! Next showing is Sat 6/19 at 7pm & 11:30pmET!

scratches! (thx Jenny, Ashley)

Aaron is in the new July 2004 issue of Popstar! (thx Alyssa)

At the Sat concert Aaron injured his ribs. It happened while jumping over a dugout railing at the end of the show. Anyone who was at the signing after the show maybe have noticed that he was coughing because he couldn't breath that well. Aaron's manager said that he was in a lot of pain. Despite the pain Aaron stayed and did 2 signing sessions! Bob Carter came by later and said that Aaron may have broken three ribs. (thx Erica, Steven)

Here are 21 more pictures of Aaron's Staten Island NY concert 6/12! Fan report: We were chosen to go up on stage with Aaron for "To All the Girls". He ended up not doing the song, but they let us go up on stage and take a few pics during the show and then chill backstage with everyone, including Brooke Hogan, who was really sweet. Hulk Hogan and Lou Pearlman were there also. (thx Jill, Vicky, Alex)

Here are 11 more pictures of Aaron's Staten Island NY concert 6/12! (thx Gina)

Here are 38 more pictures of Aaron's Staten Island NY concert 6/12! Here is a long review of the concert! (thx Kimberly)

Here are 33 more pictures of Aaron's Staten Island NY concert 6/12! (thx Holly)

Aaron is looking into doing a "Back to School Tour" hopefully by mid-August or later in the fall! He is talking with Nikki Cleary about doing the tour with him! (thx Ashley, Jen, Michelle)

Here are 80 large fan pictures of Aaron's concert 6/12 in Staten Island NY! (thx Michelle)

Here are some more fan pictures from Aaron's Cumberland MD show on the June 4th! (thx Jenny, JAE)

At Aaron's make-up show July 10th at the Frederick County Fairgrounds there may be a yet to be announced autograph session with Aaron for a few selected ticket holders the day of the show. Also, Radio Disney is looking to book Aaron July 9th in Richmond, Virginia! (thx Kim)

Here are some fan pictures taken at Aaron's 6/4 show! (thx Caitlin)

REMINDER: Aaron's show at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark in Staten Island NY on Saturday, June 12! It is reported that Play and Huckapoo will be opening! (thx Ashley)

Aaron was on TRL today 6/9! When they were talking about movies, he said that he didn't like Mona Lisa Smile but he still loves Julia Roberts! (thx Emily)

At the Hawaiian Tropic Pageant webpage there is a picture of Aaron with a microphone in hand ("Flash" is needed to see it) at the Pageant in Oahu, Hawaii last September 2003. below the pic is the link "2003 Miss HT International Finalists" which says "the pageant festivities were filmed for an upcoming one-hour televised special that will broadcast nationally in the spring/summer of 2004"! A judge said "Aaron put on an incredible show (9/5/03) at the Pageant...he rocked the stage and audience with an awesome show that included 20 of his amazing dancers and musicians.."! (thx Jessica)
There are several reports that Aaron is trying to negotiate a show at Kings Island (north of Cincinnati OH) in August. (thx Ashley, MaryJo)

Brooke has been the singer of the National Anthem for the Tampa Bay Lightning home Stanley Cup games, including tonight's game 7!

A fan reports that Aaron's show has 13 songs, and his dancers are past dancers Natasha Louis and Amanda Balen, and 2 new dancers Nick Baga and Chris Zuehlke! Nikki Cleary sang 7 songs, and Aaron came out to watch her last 3 songs. (thx Ashley, Emily)


The promotional website for Aaron's June 5, 2004 show in Frederick, MD reports that the concert has been postponed until July 10 for safety and technical reasons from the rain. (thx Connie, Emily)

A fan reports that Brooke was on 93.3 Tampa radio in an interview 6/4. The DJ said "Can you confirm that you and Aaron are dating?" and she said " yes, we are going out" then he said "last time we talked to you (a week ago) you said you two were just friends? But now you are saying you're going out?" "that's because we WERE just friends but just recently we started going out." (thx Melanie, Kristin)

A fan emailed Musikfest and here's the response she got (it was part of a newsletter that they send out to sponsors/members):
Radio Disney AM640 and Musikfest are proud to announce the Radio Disney Showcase Aug. 8 at Straub Chrysler Jeep RiverPlace, featuring Aaron Carter, FeFe Dobson, Play, Greg Raposo, Beu Sisters and other super acts to be announced soon. Tickets for the show, sponsored by Radio Disney and "AAA Travel:Authorized Disney Vacation Planner" go on sale -
To Club Musikfest Megastars beginning 10am Friday, June 4....
To Superstars, Stars, Sponsor Employees and Musikfest Volunteers will be able to purchase them beginning June 11, 10am....
To Public June 18, 10am
As part of this exciting day, Radio Disney is also presenting an AWESOME pre-show bash, feauturing music, games, contests, giveaways and prizes. Look for the Radio Disney AM640 Kids Zone on Sand Island from 1-3 p.m. (thx Cheryl)

A European fan reports that Aaron's episode of Cribs is going be on European MTV at 8pm on Tuesday 6/1! (thx Aaron Crazy)

A fan reports that on Tampa's 93.3 radio today (5/30), before they played Brooke's song, they quoted her as mentioning Aaron. (thx Melanie)

(Unconfirmed) Musikfest, Bethlehem PA, on August 8th includes Aaron, Play, Greg Raposo & the Beu Sisters! (thx Aisha)

At Tuesday's 5/25 opening game of the Stanley Cup finals between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Calgary Flames, Aaron was hanging out with 16yr-old singer Brooke Bollea, daughter of Hulk Hogan! (thx Mel-C, Bee)

On Monday 5/31 at 10pm, Aaron & Nick have a segment on E!-TV's "Relatively Famous" about sibling success! Repeats on 6/2 at 8pm, 6/5 at 11am&7pm, 6/6 at 12pm! (thx Craig)

Members of Aaron's "Fan Club" run by Gerri are reporting these concert plans:
6/4 Cumberland, MD -
6/5 Frederick, MD - Frederick Fairgrounds
6/12 Staten Island, NY - Richmond County Bank Pk.
6/26 Reno, NV - Sparks Convention Center
7/3 Sterling Heights, MI - Freedom Hill Amp.
7/30 Cleveland, OH - Cleveland Browns Stadium
8/7 Baton Rouge,LA - Dixie Landin
8/14 Beaumont, TX - Ford Park
9/4 Chilliwack, BC - Canada One Big Show (BC Family Day Festival)
Also they report that "Aaron's management is working on his brand new web site." (thx Connie, Sarah, Leilani)

Here's another article about the 20/20 show! (thx popdirt)

Here's an article about tonight's (5/21) 20/20 episode "Sibling Secrets" that includes a segment with Aaron & Nick! (thx Angela)

REMINDER: Nick & Aaron are on 20/20 ABC-TV Friday 5/21 starting at 9pmET! (thx Craig, Kaitlin, Aisha, Rachel, Eamon, Michelle, Holly)

Aaron's episode of "Real Access" will repeat on Mon May 24 at 6pm on NOGGIN-TV!

Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" will be replaying on Noggin-TV on Thursday 5/20 early morning at 4am (set VCR 30min)!

Here's more info on Aaron's Maryland Radio Disney Concerts!

The Superboat Grand Prix races will be held in Aaron's hometown Marathon FL on June 11-13 (to be shown on NBC-TV Sports Aug 7th).

There is another Radio Disney Concert with Aaron and Nikki that is being reported for Cumberland MD for Friday June 4th! Contact WDZN radio for details.

u Aaron Carter and Nikki Cleary are performing at the Radio Disney Concert at the Frederick County Fairgrounds Grandstand in Frederick MD on June 5th! (thx Jen, Ashley, Nikki's Street Team)

Aaron is scheduled to star at Kid Fest Kidd Jam on Aug 14 in Beaumont TX at Ford Park Arena! Justin Guarini is the special guest! Tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster! (thx Abbi, Carter Compound, Angela, Aisha, Chelsea)

Here's a picture of Aaron with 19-yr-old Tami Farrell, Miss Teen USA 2003 winner! There's a small picture in US Weekly page 47. (thx Stephanie, Tiffani, Shannon, Brie, Kimberly, Emily, Liz, Holly, Rachel, Erin, Dara, Danielle)

On Friday May 21, Aaron & Nick are among the celebrity siblings featured on the 20/20 show on ABC at 9pmET! (thx Rachel, Eamon, Michelle, Holly)

On E! TV on Sunday 5/9 at noon and 11pm, "Who's Your Momma?" catches up with young stars and their moms to talk about their special relationships. (thx Angela)

Aaron is scheduled to perform at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark in Staten Island NY on Saturday, June 12! Tickets go on sale Saturday May 1. (thx Olivia)

Aaron will be performing at the Jerome-Duncan Ford Theatre at Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights, Michigan on July 3rd, 2004. Tickets will be available from ticketmaster.com and freedomhill.net (thx Carter Compound, Angela, Michelle, Anna, Nikki).

Fans have been reporting lately about some Aaron concerts this summer in June! Keep watching for details! Nikki Cleary is also mentioned - (thx Olivia, Ash, Jen)

The Fat Albert movie is scheduled to be released at Christmas time 2004! (thx SarahBeth)

Aaron will play the Kid in the Fat Albert movie!

Here's more about the "Fat Albert" movie! (thx Rachel)

Aaron joins the cast of the movie "Fat Albert" filming in LA! (thx Carter Compound)

Here are 3 pictures of Aaron and his date (Heather?) leaving the Gate Club in LA last Friday 4/16! (thx Little, Shanta)

Here are some interviews with Aaron's Jukebox Tour dancers Misha, Tony, Lauren & Randi! (thx Brittany)

Here are six pictures of Aaron and Nick shopping in LA! (thx JEN, Nick'sRox) - (In pics 3&5, the restaurant in the background is "Louise's Trattoria")

Update: Aaron's new sibling is Ginger Elrod's 5-year-old daughter, Taylin. (thx Jamie, Dana, a-carter.tk)

Here are 37 small pictures of Aaron at the "Simple Life 2" Welcome-Home Party with Nick and Paris Hilton in Hollywood on Wednesday 4/14! (thx Stephanie, Katie, Holly) - Here's a larger picture (thx Sarah) - The also showed Aaron on 3/15 Entertainment Tonight! (thx Lori&FTFMag)

The April 19th issue of the National Enquirer has an article on the recent wedding situation. (thx Jen)

It is reported that Misha Hamilton won't be on the Stevie Brock tour as previously expected. (thx Jen)

"Play" on MSN Chat mentioned about working with Aaron: "When we did 'Every Little Step' we were in Sweden and he was here [USA] so we didn't work together. I'm positive that we'll get to work with him some day. He's such a good person, he's a blast." (orig 3/30)

Aaron is invited as a guest at the premiere of the new movie "13 Going On 30" at Mann Village in Westwood CA on Wed 4/14!

Aaron also gained a new sibling - Ginger's seven-year-old child. (thx Racheal, Kim)

This last Thursday April 1, Aaron's dad Bob Carter married Ginger Elrod in Key West FL! (thx Ted, Jessica, Craig, Stephanie, IWTB)

Aaron won the VH1 "Celebrity Sibling Showdown" vs Nick with more street-wise and better dates!

UPDATE: Aaron & Nick on "VH1 All Access: Celebrity Sibling Showdown" are scheduled for Mon 3/29 @ 11:30pm, Tue 3/30 @ 12pm, Wed 3/31 @ 1pm, Thur 4/1 @ 12pm, Fri 4/2 @ 2pm, Sat 4/3 @ 12:30am & 12pm, Sun 4/4 @ 1am & 8pm, Mon 4/5 @ 1am & 4pm. (thx Celeste)

A fan called Jive-UK and they said that AaronCarter.com will be back up with a new layout around the time of the release of Aaron's new album - they also said aaroncarter.co.uk will not be back up. (thx IrishACfanclub)

A fan reports that Aaron performed several songs at the "Marathon Seafood Festival" at the Marathon Airport this last weekend! (thx Jessica)

A fan reports that in mid-February, Aaron entertained at the Hawaiian Tropic Pageant. He and his band performed 4 songs - The show should air on ABC this spring. It is also reported that in mid-February Aaron was filming a movie in Anaheim CA entitled "Supercross the Movie" - He was dressed in racing gear and shot scenes for the movie in the pits and on the track. The movie is scheduled for release sometime in the fall. (thx Emily)

Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" will be replaying on Noggin-TV on Thursday 4/8 early morning at 4am (set VCR 30min)!

A fan reports the she saw Paris Hilton and Nick Carter at the beach today 3/21 on St Pete Beach behind the Tradewinds Beach Resort. They rented a cabana, there were security personnel all around it though so you couldn't get close, but you could see them when they walked around. (thx Melanie)

A fan reports that on Fri 3/19 Aaron was on a local FL radio station by phone - he said that he's been spending time in the recording studio getting ready for his upcoming album planned for this summer, and he has a chance for some possible movie roles, including two motorcross films, and that last Wednesday he was in Key West FL at the spring break Hawaiian Tropic contest! (thx Jessica)

Aaron's tour dancer Misha Hamilton is joining Stevie Brock's show starting in April! (thx Tawny, Jen)

Aaron's episode of "Real Access" will repeat on Nickelodeon TV on Sun Mar 14 at 6:30p & Sun Mar 21 at 6:30p, and on NOGGIN-TV on Thu Mar 18 at 6:30p & 11p, and later that night at 3:30a ET!

Nick Carter was on EXTRA Wed 3/10 - when he was asked about the Carter Clan reality show, he said he couldn't comment on it, he doesn't know what's going on, but didn't want to be a part of it right now - Here's the video clip!

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH to Aaron's mom JANE CARTER Tuesday March 9th!

The rumor is that Aaron will be doing a tour later this summer of outdoor venues in the US and maybe Canada! Keep watching for confirmation.

REMINDER: Friday March 5 is the 3rd Annual International Aaron Carter Day! Although the founding website ACCrazy is no longer active, here is another sponsoring website! (thx Marilynn)

UPDATE: About Aaron's dancers (not Aaron), it is reported that Pro-Dance for Chicago has been rescheduled for August 22nd and 23rd! (thx Lauren) - Also San Francisco and DC dates have been changed, and new cities include Chicago, Hartford, Grand Rapids, & Tampa. Washington DC has been changed to May 22 and 23 (thx Emily, Stephanie).

Aaron in "Hot Pop!" on WAM-TV is re-airing on Tues 3/2 at 7:30pm & Mon 3/8 at 2pm & 7:30pm, and in "Bubblegum Babylon" on VH1 is on Thur 3/4 at 11am! (thx Nicki)

Sad news - Aaron's grandmother, Bob's mother, Barbara Carter passed away on Tuesday 2/24 in NY at age 68 after an extended illness.

Here is a box of Aaron's Valentines! (thx CarterCompound)

Here are some recent pictures of Aaron from "In-Touch" and "Popstar"! (thx Nicki)

Aaron's episode of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" will be replaying on Nickelodeon on Sunday 2/29 at 8:30pm!

Aaron's episode of "A Walk In Your Shoes" will be replaying on Noggin-TV on Thursday 2/26 early morning at 4am (set VCR 30min)!

Aaron ex-dancers Matt Carroll, Lisa Jennings, Chris Robinson and Amanda Balen are in the new movie "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" which starts 2/20/04! Matt is the 3rd one that does a back-flip off the wall, and he is dancing in the big dance scene on stage when everyone is in blue (Lindsay in pink) (thanks Amanda) - Also, Misha Hamilton is studying in New York at the Broadway Dance Center and Steps. On 2/21-22 Tony Testa and Randi Kemper will be joining Misha to participate in a workshop called The Pulse featuring choreographers Wade Robson, Brian Friedman, & Jermaine Browne.

Lindsay Lohan will be making a visit to "Live with Regis and Kelly" Wednesday 2/18. Monday she was on TRL and she referred positively to Hilary. Lindsay & Hilary both dated Aaron. (thx T2)

Aaron is on a birthday card that says "Your Wish ..." on the front with Aaron's picture, and the inside says "... Is My Command"! The card is by American Greetings and it's at Toys-R-Us! (thx Katie, Jennifer) - Also there are several more Aaron birthday cards available - try Eckerd's and Target. These cards were out last year 2003. (thx Suzanne, Krista)

Aaron (also the Olsens) is on the cover of the Feb23 issue of "In Touch" magazine! The articles are on p18 and p79. (thx Dena)

Aaron's brother Nick is on ESPN right now 2/13 7-9pm playing basketball in the "NBA All-Star Celebrity Game" in LA! Paris and Tinkerbell (chihuahua) are there too!

Aaron will be at the "Miami Boat Show" Thursday 2/12 and Friday 2/13!

Aaron & Nick's episode on Sesame Street with the new baby bear is being shown again in some areas this Friday - check your local tv schedule! Other areas may be next week! (thx Stephanie)

There have been some schedule changes for the Pro Dance conventions - new cities include NYC, Toronto, and Vancouver! (thx Emily)

Aaron is in the March 04 issue of Popstar on pages 9, 13, 16, 32, 83, 84, 86, and 98! (thx Lauren, Mary Jo)

Here's a recent interview with Misha! (thx Kimberly)

Aaron's CD is listed in Canada as coming out July 13, 2004! (thx Faina, Shanta)

A-Carter.org has a large AC picture gallery! (thx Kay)

According to the 2/9 issue of "US Weekly" magazine p39, the Carter reality show tentatively titled "The Carter Clan" begins filming in March!

A fan reports seeing Aaron's valentine cards in a Jewel store! (thx Minnie)

Aaron was at the premiere of TAG Entertainment's "Moto X Kids" at the Universal City Walk in Universal City, CA on Thursday 1/29! Here are some pics! Also WireImage, Getty (3pages) & Getty2 pics! (thx Debra, Nicki, Sarah)

On Friday 1/30 "Entertainment Tonight" plans to show a segment about Nick's birthday at the studio! - (Aaron is not there).

A VERY HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY WISH to NICK CARTER today Wednesday Jan 28!

A 1-min dance video of Aaron performing a RHCP song has been added in the media/video section of the website about Tony and Misha!

Radio Disney is now playing Aaron's duet with Play named "Every Little Step" - here are the lyrics and the audio clip! (thx Megan, April, Lindsay, Hannah, Abbie, Arishma, Debra)

Aaron is interviewed in the current (Feb04) issue of PEOPLE magazine! Here are the pictures!
Here's the article! (thx AC_Xtina, CarterFactorYG)

A VERY HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY WISH to NICK CARTER on next Wednesday Jan 28!

Here are 2 scans of Aaron in a recent issue of Teen Vogue magazine! (thx Tenille)

Aaron is upbeat amid the discord! (thx Eric, Tommy)

Although the financial differences have been worked out, there are still some issues to solve - article. (thx Sara, MelC, Rag, Patty)

Here's a recent story about Aaron's reconciliation with his mom this last weekend! (thx Sabrina, Debi)

Here are 8 pictures of Aaron in current issues of Popstar, Cosmo Girl and "M!" magazines!

Here are some of the pictures of Aaron from the Feb04 issue of Popstar! (thx Richard)

According to ET, Aaron is reconciling with his mother! (thx Debi, MelC, Shanta)

Aaron's episode of "MTV Cribs" is playing again on Saturday early morning 1/17 at 4:30am (set VCR 30min)!

UPDATE on Pro-Dance: Los Angeles is being considered for a Pro-Dance conference if enough people contact them (form) to let them know they're interested!

There are about 20 video clips of Aaron & the Jukebox dancers in the media/video section of the website about Tony and Misha!

If you missed Aaron & Nick on "Real Access", www.nickss.com has the video in the media section!

In the Feb04 issue of Popstar magazine (Adam on the cover), there is an interview and pics of Aaron and Nick from the Twister Moves concert on p30&31 - There's a 16X22 poster of Aaron - A small pic of Nick and Aaron on p5 - a small article about his MRH cd and a pic on p22 - and a pic of Aaron and Nick on p90! (thx Crystal, Katie)


Here's a transcript of Aaron & Nick's "Real Access" interview!

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Some More Good Fan Sites:

AaronCarter.com - Official Website (may be back up this summer)
Aaron-Carter.com - Jive Website
Aaron Carter Live Daily Forum
Aaron Fan

AC Lyrics
Ashley's Aaron Carter Page - Carter family info
Carter Fan 4 Life
Carter Factor


AC Tour 2003 Guest Opening Acts =
Greg Raposo
Stevie Brock
Jerry Reid

Aaron's Dancers:
Shake It
AC Avenue
Outrageous - Tony & Misha

Superboat Racing


Announcements to watch for:

Aaron will be the voice of soldier/writer Joseph Plumb Martin in the PBS TV animated series, "Liberty Kids"! - airs 5 days a week for 2 years - starting in the fall of 2002. AC also does the theme song. Other celeb voices will be Dustin Hoffman, Whoopie Goldberg, Ben Stiller, Billy Crystal, Annette Benning, Liam Neeson and Walter Cronkite.

8/7 - Baton Rouge,LA - Dixie Landin

8/14 - Aaron is scheduled to star at Kid Fest Kidd Jam on Aug 14 in Beaumont TX at Ford Park Arena! Justin Guarini is the special guest! Tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster!

9/5 - Aaron will be performing in Addison, Texas on Sept 5th, at Addison Circle Park for the 12th Annual Pepsi KidAround Festival. Aaron will be performing to close the event on Sunday. Tickets can be purchased by calling 214-443-7760 - see the details at FamilyPlace-PKA2004

9/27 - Aaron's 3 episodes of "7th Heaven" begin.

Spring/Summer 04 - Aaron's performance at the Hawaiian Tropic Pageant should air on ABC.

Fall 04 - Aaron's appearance in "Supercross the Movie".

Christmas 04 - Aaron plays the Kid in the "Fat Albert" movie!
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