Maggie's Fan Experience for 9/14 at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia MD:

It all started at like, 11. when we signed online to check about the contest, and it was dress up like a teenybopper (not worded like that though) so we tape pics to a sheet and make a toga. lol.
Then My aunt gets here and we leave around 12:30, go to tysons, Make aaron his build-a-bear (a camo bear with red white and blue shoes, and a flag), and then went to the pavillion by 3 (when Andy said to meet him)

So, when we get there, Andy had handed out all the passes he had left and said he would be back with more, in 2 and half hours, so we decide to wait. We start talkin to this girl Kayla, and her mom debbie, who were VERY nice! so we talked to them the whole time and exchanged *stories* lol. then, it was about time, so Andy comes out, but he can't give anymore away.
Rachel, Kayla, and I go out to talk to Andy, and we get a pic with him, and then a pic with him and the bear, and then ask him to give the bear to aaron, and then give him Rachel's camera to get him to get a pic of aaron with us (thx Jess.) and we told him Jess and Kate said hi, and he remembered you guys!

Then after a while, Kayla and her mom end up having passes, but we didn't, so they go back, and Andy keeps counting and stuff, and says wait incase he has extras and all this other stuff. So Kayla and her mom and their friends go back, and we wait by the gate with 20 other people that didn't have passes. About ten minutes later, when we had like, given up hope, Debbie comes out with 2 passes for us (which she got from a Jive guy lol). so we get to go in, and My aunt didnt :(, but we get back there, and we see Matt playing bball with some of the other dancers, and someone had Andy call him up, So Rachel and I got a pic with him. Rachel finds Andy, and asks him if he had given Aaron the bear yet, and he hadn't, so we get it back so we can give it to him. and then after a while, Aaron comes out (with craig! HOOTTTTTT) and starts signing, and we were up towards the front, so...
We give aaron the bear and we're like "We made this for you, its in camo like when you come out for my first ride," and hes all playing with and saying it was cool and showed his gaurd, and his gaurd was like "you did this for that?" and we're like "YES" and then i said "We made you other bears to, and gave you one at the kings dominion concert, i dunno if you remember, " and he kinda was like "yea i remember that" and then a couple seconds later hes like "did it have sketchers shoes?" and were like "YES" so he was cool ;), then Rachel asks for a hug, which i didnt think she'd do, so she gets a hug, and aaron moves on to the next person, and i was like "i want a hug!" but i didnt mean to say that outloud, so im like "aaron can i have a hug too?" and he gaveme one ;) lol

so we were waiting for aaron to come back for the picture (they did it afterwards) and we went and met Bob Carter, who was mucho nice, he said something like "two of ya! im the luckiest guy in the world" or sumthin.. it was odd, and then he kept like bringing us closer to him and he tickled me and was like "did i make ya laugh" or sumthin, and yea....
So aaron comes back for the picture, and the gaurd like points at rachel and i and are like "Them" and aarons like "them?" and coms over and puts his arm around us, and i said "HI!" like in a hyper voice.. cuz.. i did.. and he was like "hellllllo" hehe ;) you had to hear it... then we left, and went up.. and we went and met No Secrets, who were nice again, as long as you have their cd. lol.

Rachel did a hula hoop contest. and then we went to our seats, which were actually REALLY GOOD!! they were so much better than our 4th row ones at the KD concert! Kayla came over and sat with us too.
Triple image was.. well.. yea.
Jump 5 ROCKED!! they were so awesome! Brandon looked and waved SO many times i stopped counting. Everytime he'd come over to our area he'd look or wave or smile or point, and he even said something to us, but we didnt know what he said.. it was like "good" or sumthin. lmao. but he loves us. We made eye contact with him SO many times. and yea, we were up standing and jumping and screaming and singing, they seriously loved us. Chris came over a lot too and looked and waved and all ;) Brittany and Lesley looked at us too ;) they were seriosuly the best. I <3 them forever and ever. OH and i had my camera up tryingto take a picture of Chris and i think he releized i was doing that or sumthin cuz he like stopped and looked right at me and after the took the pic he like waved and went on. ;) NO secrets was ppretty good.. nothing to exciting with them.
Then Aaron!! woooo. lol. he was so awesome. he looked at us a lot ;) During do you remember, i was like, waving my arm, and he looked and waved, and i was trying to make sure it was to me so i start waving furiously, and he waved some more, like.. harder.. if you can wave harder.. lol. ;) and... he looked at us a lot ;) hehe.

After the concert we went and met Jump5. They were nice, Rachel and I got seperate pics with Brandon and Chris.. it was kinda funny-- When Rachel got the picture with Brandon, they were liike posed, and then Debbie, who was taking the picture, deff. wasn't there, so we were all like "opps sorry hold on" hehe. and then that happened when i took a pic with chris, so yea. but rachel is happy because she had their arm around her longer. lol
and then.. on our way out, we met triple image. Their bus is really cute, and they were really nice, and we got a pic with them. - Maggie