Ally's Fan Experience for 9/14 at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia MD:


\\part 1// Ok soo well. i went to bed on September 13 or 14 whatever at about 2 in the morning because i was very excited to meet aaron again! lol. Well soo i got maybe 5 or 6 hours of sleep and got up at about 8:30 lol. Um sooo then i watched some cartoons and took a shower n then i like blow dryied my hair. well i had a couple hours to kill so i got online. lol. all my friends were being spazS! lol. Then i finished getting ready, got my camera, and we left for merriwaether post pavillion. We got there at like 3:30 and there weren't to many people there. so by 5 wen andy came there were kinda a lot but not really. So well he didnt exactly have my pass but i explianed to him about the 22nd and he handed me a pass! whoo//

\\part 2// so finally... my friend lauren that i met we got to go backsatge (she was another fan club winner like me :) so we're waiting for aaron listening to sound check wehn all of a sudden... I SEE MATT PLAYING BASKETBALL LIKE 50 FEET AWAY! For all of ya who dont know who matt is, he's aarons dancer. I AM LIKE IN LOVE WITH HIM! lol. sooo... i'm watching him playn n snappin picz n he kept wavin but was taunting me n wouldnt come over... lol. So i said to andy... "Do you think maybe you could have matt come over?" and figuring he'd say no lol. All of a sudden he screamed "MATT COME HERE" and i was like OMG! lol. n we talked for a few minutes lol b/c i'm like his fan club ... lol he knew who i was! lol. So then he had to go but i was happy cause i met him LOL!

\\part 3// Finally aaron came out for the meet and greet and stuff... n i was kinda at the end of the line and so he got to me and he signed my pic n stuff n i said can i have a hug... n his security was like no... BUT HE WAS LIKE I'M SORRY BABY! lol. he kinda knows me b/c i've met him b4 lol. He knows my sn too! lol. sooo... then we're getting our pic n stuff n he hugged me after n i kissed him n he was like theres your hug hun... but now i g2g! later babe! lol WHOO! HE CALLED ME BABE! lol

\\part 4// soo then was the concert... IT ROCKED!my seats were sixth row dead center n rocked hardcorely!!! lol. aaron winked at me 2wice and waVED lol. he tried to throw me his cell thing from i want candy but this woman in front of me stole it! GRR! lol. um then matt was liek smilin of course cause he knew who i was lol. OO it was funn! lol well of course this story wouldnt be complete without tellin you about my last encounter with jump 5 for the summer!! lol. :(. Well it was pouring down rain but i waited jus soo i could meet brandon! lol. well since i've already met them like 5 times this summer... theyd signed like everythin i had for the to sign lol. so um i had pics of me n them from the past tuesday when i met them in PA. They k new who i was lol. They were like eww u like brandon? lol. n they thought i was 16. the ppl behind looked angry cause they loved brandon too (HES MINE) lol. n he gave me a hug n kissed me n i got glitter all over him n he called me baby. lol. he wrote "hey ali" on my arm to anger my english teacher again lol b/c last time he did it she made me wash it off!! AHH! lol!! Lesley thought i was 16 hehe. i wish! lol. then chris was a sweetie too!! in all honesty they all are. THEYRE THE NICEST BAND EVER! lol..n soo brandon was all like bye baby see you soon? so theres an open area for me n him maybe??? lol hehe. - Ally

soo um yea lol. It rocked though!! lol... heres da picz enjoys ;)!