Melia's Concert Experience

August 8, 2003 – Birmingham, Alabama

Oak Mountain Ampitheater.

First of all, I am a member of Aaron Carter’s fan club. So 15 days prior to the concert I was attending, I faxed my Meet and greet request in to the club. A week before the concert I was notified by the fan club that my name had been drawn in the lottery to meet Aaron. OMG, I was dying. I am going to get to meet him.
Now on to the concert. We arrived at the venue at 3:30, not sure exactly when the meet and greet may take place. And I sure wasn’t going to miss it. In the line we met Holli from Mobile. (Actually, my mom was talking to her first). Her uncle does Aaron’s hair and make-up. Cool! When he came out to get her for the meet and greet, we followed them. We had to walk quite a ways from where we were around to the back of the venue. When we got there, the guard said no cameras. Even though my letter from the fan club said cameras would be permitted. I was bummed out about that, but still excited to meet Aaron. Me and my stepsister Desseria, were the first in line in our group. We walked around back and when we saw him, Desseria said, “Oh my god, he is so hot!” Aaron looked at me and said, “Come here pretty girl.” He asked my what my name was and when I told him he said it was a pretty name. (Oh my, I am talking to him instead of freezing up, so proud of myself). He signed my picture, and then I gave him a gift I had got for him. (I bought him an Alabama basketball jersey) I knew he liked basketball and I wanted to give him something from Alabama so he would remember us Bama fans. He looked in the gift bag and said thank you. Then he put it down and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek! I couldn’t believe it, Aaron Carter just kissed me! He said bye *cutie pie*. Desseria was so freaked out by it; she couldn't’t even speak to him then. She just stood there. Aaron signed her picture and then she walked away. Aaron being the cutie he is, said sadly “well bye”. He was so sweet. I was still in shock, thinking my Aaron experience just can’t get any better, boy was I wrong.
The concert begins, I have 3rd row seats (thanks mom for all you do for me). J-Me comes out first. She is cute, looks kinda like a little “Pink” to me. She did a good job; I enjoyed her performance even though I didn’t know any of her songs. Next, Greg Raposo. Lots of girls were going crazy over him, even though we had never heard of him before. He did good, I got close enough that he touched my hand one time. I liked his performance to. Next, Jump 5 minus one. They put on an energetic show. Jumping and flipping around a lot, guess that is why they are called Jump 5. I saw them last year with Aaron, and I still like their music.
Now for the main event. Aaron comes out first in his Elvis costume. Really cool. He sings some 50’s and 60’s music. I have only heard a few of the songs before, but we are still dancing and having a good time. Aaron has make up on! Looks ok, but I don’t think he needs it. He looks great any way! Mom said maybe because the lights wash him out so much, the people further back would be able to see him better. The dancers are awesome, sometimes I would be so mesmerized by them, I wouldn’t be watching Aaron. They compliment his show very well. Aaron changes into a black suit, then underneath it is a beach shirt that he does some Beach Boys songs.
Next, the disco set. My life will change forever. The costumes are really neat, and I enjoy the Bee Gees and other songs. At some point during this set, Aaron asks would any one like to come on stage with him. Well duh, only everyone there! Everyone is screaming to pick them. He, Tony and Mesha starting pointing and looking for someone in the audience. At first, he is on the opposite side of the stage from me. Then they come to our side. Aaron would point to someone, then Mesha to someone else and so on. They would shake their heads no and point to some one else. My mother was trying to get them to pick Desseria so she would feel better about freaking out when she met Aaron earlier. But, they point to me, and Aaron says yes. I couldn’t believe it! I ran to the stage and Aaron’s bodyguard picked me up and put me on the stage. There I was with Aaron and his dancers in front of thousands of people. I had no idea what to do. Aaron starts singing to me and the dancers are dancing with me, and pulling me from one to the other, then Aaron would get me. I was so scared I could barely move or breathe. I tried my best to dance. At one point I end up behind Aaron and he is reaching back for my hands. I just stood there for a minute (the whole time thinking to my self, I am standing here with Aaron!) Until finally I realize he wants my hands. (Now I am holding hands with Aaron, mental note to self, freak out later, be cool now!) I dance with Aaron while he sings and dances with me. Me! Aaron is singing to me! I see the cameraman; I am being projected on the big JumboTron. Wow! When the song is over, Aaron takes my hand and leads me back behind his stage set. He showed me where he changes clothes during the concert. He also said, “Aren’ t you the girl I met earlier?” (Aaron remembers me! yippee) I said YES. He kisses me on the cheek again! (Heart has stopped beating now, I am definitely dying). And I tell him thank you! He tells me to wait right here, he will be back. But some mean ole security man comes and gets me and leads me back to my seat. (But wait I am thinking, Aaron is coming back for me!) Back to the show, the concert rocks! Aaron is amazing, playing his piano, doing Stevie Wonder songs. He looks really cool in the Stevie Wonder looking shirt he has on. Aaron does some rock n roll songs, like the Stones, Queen and others.
Next set, Aaron comes out in a black sequined jumpsuit. Hot! He now plays some of his songs, yay finally! He gets center stage, unzips his jump suit, and OMG he has on the Alabama Jersey I gave him. The crowd goes wild over the shirt. I almost die! He is wearing the shirt that earlier in the day I wore and kissed in hopes that maybe just maybe he would wear it. (Mother told me he probably gets so much stuff he has to give it all to charity or something). Let me tell ya, he wore the gift I gave him! (Yay for me for thinking of it). Aaron does his drum solo in, mine and his now, jersey. He plays the drums like a pro! I really enjoyed this portion of the concert too. At some point he covers the shirt up again. (Boo hoo). But I got some pictures of him in it. I am still in shock. How cool is it! I have been on stage with him, he wore my gift, and best of all he kissed me twice!
I can’t believe all that has happened for me tonight! I love Aaron so much, and this is wonderful. The concert comes to an end way to soon for me. I wished he would sing for hours longer! The Jukebox tour is great. The songs are a lot different from what I am used the hearing Aaron sing. It was awesome. A nice change. The dancers and the band are fun to watch. Aaron has changed a lot over the past year. Only getting better and hotter! On the way out, lots of people come up to me to talk about me getting to go on stage. They say I am so lucky and all. I say yes I am! Aaron made this the best night ever, and I will never forget it! - Melia