Kayla's concert experience 9/21 Boston

heres what happend: (9/21) Fleet Boston Pavillion ... Boston, Mass.

We got to the Fleet Boston Pavillion at like 2 because Andy said to be there at 3 with a scapbook for the contest. so me, my twin sister bri, and 2 of my friends kenz and janelle all made scapbooks and were like the first people there. then alot of people started showing up. by 3 there was like 30 people there, but anyway... Andy fianally came and we all rushed to him and he only had 10 passes so to make a long story short. i ended up getting one and my friends didnt. (*tear*) Andy said to meet him back at 5 so I did and he gave me 3 more passes for my friends ... he is like the coolest guy ever. well there were soo many people doing meet and greet that we could only get an autograph and no picture... but hey whatever i was standing like 10 inches away from like the hottest guy in the world. (and his friend craig who is so hot too) so we waited a while and we finally got to meet him. He had a black hat on backwards from the hard rock cafe and a blue and white tank top kindda shirt on. HOTTNESS!! =

When we finished the meet and greet we went to but tee shirts and glow sticks and stuff (we spent like $100) Then finally the show started! Triple Image was first and they were ok. Then was Jump 5 and chris is so HOT. and like all of them can do a back flip. i love them.. and No secrets was last... they were really good too. Then there was a little fashion show that angel and some other girls did of steve madden clothes! Then Finally AARON came out. he sang baby its you and some other old songs like bounce and how I beat shaq. he also sang i'll all about you and keep believing on the piano and he did some other songs and on one of them he took his shirt off and wow he has a nice stomach LoL... but everyone already knows that! anyway that was like the best show ever and i still can't belive that i actually got to meet aaron carter LoL. Maybe pics to follow.