Jamie's experience at Aaron's concert at Dixe Landin 8/7/04

My mom and I arrived at Blue Bayou/Dixie Landin' at around 11:30am.. we were dropped off near a gas station so we made our way up to the entrance.. but see you have to walk threw the parking lot and everything.. Soo we were making our way up then this security guard came up to us and told us we couldn't walk through.. we needed to be driven inside... my mom just started to complain and ask if we could ask the lady person.. The lady person drove us inside and told us the lockers were sold out so we'd have to carry around our bag.. We asked about our meet and greet passes and nobody really had a clue about them so we shrugged it off and went to Guest Relations. This really nice girl named Vivian tried and tried to find out more about them but couldn't really at the time.. sooo she said if we'd like her to hold our bag she would sooo she held our bag behind the counter and my mom and I then went around the park. Mom bought an ice cream then got maddish at me because I didn't want one.. ( See we have 500 dollars worth of coupons and there was a buy one get one free one... ahha ) Then this lady made her an ice cream that was like the size of both of my fists put together ahaha it was great.. I got a frozen coca-cola (ew) drink and we went to sit in the shade, infront of the shop.. .. we went back over to see Vivian again but she still didn't know anything about it... she just told us to go to the stage and see if anyone knew about it... So while she told my mom what to do I rolled around in a wheelchair... After around 10 minutes she shrugged and pretty much said just go wait by the stage so we did.. Only around ten people were around when we got there.. We asked this security guy but he didnt know about it so we went back to the guest relations and grabbed our bag than went back to the stage part.. I took out my towel and sat down on it then this chick named Jackie and I started to talk....

BLAH BLAH BLAH we waited there (in the blazing sun) for 5 hours.. (not WE WAITED.. my mom went and sat in the shade.. I remember her saying "It's okay sweetie, you can go on rides and I'll sit there and wait.." she wouldn't of lasted two minutes.. LMAO ) for 3 of those hours I had Jackie's NIKE hat on.. if you look at the hat Aaron's wearing in the show, I had been wearing it before! Than at 5pm the lady who was selling the reserved tickets came.. so we went and bought them.. then sat in the reserved section... At around 6ish he came out but I didnt notice my mom screamed at me and went "LOOK THERE'S AARON!" I ran up near the stage and stood with Jackie and Caroline (Caroline also had a backstage pass thingy.) right in the front.. Aaron kept smiling at everyone and goofing off.. He actually was suppose to be at sound check at 4pm but didn't come.. so he was all like "You guys arn't suppose to be here... but this can be an exception.." then smiled at us all... He looked down at the front ( where I was ) and I waved and was like "Hey Aaron!" he laughed, waved and smiled saying "Hey!!" back.. I squealed like a little kid and felt like I was going to faint.. He did sound check for My First Ride and Another Earthquake... For a part in My First Ride they practised a dance and wow it showed Aaron was all grown up ahahahah... At one point these two girls were over in Blue Bayou [The waterpark] and I spotted them... they screamed and were pointing at Aaron so when they started to run out of the waterpark I laughed pretty loud.. some girls looked at me and I had to explain.. Aaron laughed as well.. Once he was done with sound check he said he'd sign some autographs so we rushed up to the stage.. I asked him if he was doing the Meet And Greet still but I guess he didnt hear me.. then Caroline asked and he said "Yeah of course.." OH! And the hat I had been wearing for 3 hours which belonged to Jackie.. well she gave it to Aaron and he was all thankful then he said he had to go so.. we went and sat down!

We sat in the sun for awhile.. (the sun was still blazing and it was on the seats that my mom and I sat at.. so she changed her clothes at least four times.. i didnt haha) than at 8ish when it was dark and the sun had pretty much gone down this guy came out and introduced Aaron.. He came out and performed a couple of songs.. My First Ride, Another Earthquake, One Better, Saturday Night ( Which is a new one. ), Go Jimmy Jimmy ( Which apparently he doesnt usually perform.. ), Leave It Up To Me, Not Too Young Not Too Old, Aaron's Party, That's How I Beat Shaq, To All The Girls... During To All The Girls he said he had to sing it to someone.. so he asked who would like to come up.. and pretty much all the girls and their mothers put their hands up.. but of course he spots a pretty, tall, long legged blonde and says "How about you.." anyways he used her up on stage.. sat on her lap and then dismissed her sooo OH yeah in one of his songs his mic pretty much just cracked out.. so he had to put on his other mic.. but then when the song was done he was all like ".. Sorry about that, but at least you know I'm not lipsyncing.." haha.. During Another Earthquake he got up on the side of the stage first then reached up to the rafters and started to swing on them.. his manager was looking up in horror it was great.. he obviously hadn't cleared it with him.. he jumped down but it didn't look like it hurt.. he just continued dancing.. Speaking of his dancing.. he's a DARN GOOD DANCER! Blew me away seriously... He finished at around 9ish.. after the fans wanting an encore of course... Then all the fans started to walk over to the side of the stage.. knowing there would be an autograph signing.. Caroline and I knew we didn't really need to line up.. so I casually walked up then Jackie stopped me and screamed and gave me a sweaty towel!!! She was all like "My mom knew you wanted one so you know after One Better when he wiped it all over his face and hair... yeah this is the towel.. she did a whole Matrix thing and got it!" I laughed and hugged them both!! Caroline and I ended up at the front of the line with our mothers. Then these random girls went backstage.. and our mothers started to get angry saying "Why this and why that.. We won they didn't.." hahaha.. Then he came over for a moment and then walked back... so this security guard was like "Look you've made him mad, now he isn't doing autographs.." yeaaah that did it.. I started to cry.. Of course my first thought was.. Once again something bad happened and I missed out on meeting Aaron.. But then this guy came up to me and yelled.. "Anyone with an email please line up behind this girl and her mother.." So yep they let us out of the baracade thingy... I stood there with Caroline then these four chicks and their mothers ran in front of us.. I placed a hand on my hip and went "Get behind us.. We were here first." Hahahahha they didn't move so I evil eyed their mother.

He posed with that family and signed some autographs.. then he looked over at me and walked over.. saying "Hey" as he approached. He smiled and I handed him the note from Riley.. I mentioned about her nickname and her real name.. and how she 'knew him'.. and he shrugged and said "Why do I know that name?" He shrugged again and signed my picture from his fanclub.. and then my mom mentioned about how we used to speak to him thru email.. She started talking about her Elvis moments and how she had written to them when they were in Spain.. and his mother answered back.. he seemed to remember it and then we mentioned we were from Vancouver, BC Canada and he looked impressed and kept smiling saying "Cool.." then I spoke up and said "Your old email.. remember.. *******@******.net" (I'm not posting the real email.) Then he smiled and lite up and went "Yeah thats right!!" Then we both went "Yeah..." So then he hugged me and put an arm around me.. and my mom fiddled with the camera.. he kept his arm around me while my mom got all "AHH IS IT GUNNA WORK OR NOT" kinda ways.... uhmm he kept his arm around me still then my mom went "I dont know if its gunna work out... it's pitch black.." I think she was scaring herself.. then I took the camera and told her it was working fine.. just point and shoot... Sooo I went back to Aaron and put my arm around him and he put his back around mine... Then my mom took two pictures... Aaron didn't rush us at all, he's such a sweetie.. We thanked him and then he went on to the others who were in the fanclub.. The girls who had rushed in front of us before asked him for a kiss when he was done signing autographs.. I got me some inspiration.. When he was done kissing all of the girls I smiled and said "Uhmm Aaron.. Can I have a kiss too?" He smiled at me and nodded then said "Hold on.. I have to go over here.." Of course I just though eh he only wanted to kiss the others but then he went to talk to his manager guy then turned around and pointed to me and said "Okay! This girl wants a kiss!" I laughed and he did too he came back over and put his arm around my neck, I looked at him and went "K gimmie a kiss.." and told my mom.. ( because our camera has a delayed flash.. ) "Okay you press the button and then I'll give her a kiss.." and then he did!! :-[ It was great.. I look like a ****** monkey in the picture but I'm proud of it and I like making the fans jealous maybe :D. My mom then said to him.. "Aaron you really look like you're doing what you love.. Your show was great!" and he said "Thanks... I appreciate you saying that!" We were very satisfied and we weren't being rushed out at all by anyone but we decided to leave the area.. and they let us and the other fans out while Aaron went on to sign other autographs.. The show was fabulous, Aaron himself was like a dream.. ( Tall, handsome, talented and just great.. ) I was overall really, really happy with the show and just everyone.. My mom too... Speaking of moms the mothers in the audience were swaying and dancing to his music - it was great.. - Jamie