Freedom Hill, Amphiature, Sterling Heights, MI

(Review from meeting him is towards bottom)

Okay, well I got to the venue at around 4:30, and it looked much bigger then it did on the Rock, Rap, and Retro tour. I had 2 extra tickets, so I gave them to Kaitlin, who I met at a Stevie Brock/Greg Raposo concert and sat with. I met her there, and we talked for a minute, then I went to the Will Call and got my Meet and Greet passes. After that, we just walked around a little bit and talked to people. It's cool seeing a lot of the same people at concerts, and I talked to some people like Frank, who knows my cousin, and Kayla who I met last year, and people from other streetteams, and Amy, who came all the way from West Virginia! Wow, long drive! lol. Then me, Kaitlin and our Moms went to sit in the shade at a picnic table until like 5:55PM, cuz they opened the gates at 6. People were telling us how at about 3:30PM, Aaron came out and talked to people and signed autographs. I was pretty jealous lol even though I knew I would meet him after.

When they finally let us in the gates, I wanted to get this shirt and hat they had last year, cuz I heard that he had the same merch. he had last year. All they had though was the shirt with the dog, 2 pins and a keychain. I bought all those, cuz I figured what the heck. We had these passes to go in the VIP Lounge, so my mom and Kaitlin's Mom went in there and had something to drink. We just went to our seats. We had 6th row, and they were pretty close. We went and talked to Kayla and her friend Steph for a few minutes when my mom comes and says "Come over here" I'm like waving for Kaitlin to come, and Steph, and Kayla went somewhere a few minutes earlier. Steph and Kayla ran into each other so I guess they didnt come with us lol but it didnt matter cuz nothing happened. This guy and girl from the really popular Radio Station where in there talking about THEIR meet and greet with Aaron. They said "I don't know about the meet and greet after, all I know is about our meet and greet now". So we decided to stay in there cuz there were all these Radio winners in there and the Radio guys had a list that said "AARON CARTER MEET AND GREET", and a few names on it so we were like hmmm.... After a while, Amy, her friends and her Mom came in and we just talked with them for a bit and Aaron never came in so at like 7:15 we finally left there. There were seats in like 4th row open, behind someone I met the year before so Kaitlin and I just sat there and talked to them. Then, next to Kayla and Steph, there were 2 seats in the second row open, so we went there. In the complete first row, and part of the second row, there were about 20 little girls in Pink shirts that said "AARON OH AARON, MADISON'S 9TH BIRTHDAY PARTY" in the corner. Madison's dad was the owner of the venue, so yeah they had it good lol.

The first opening act was this attractive guy named Pat Robitaille. He played guitar and was really good!. his songs were kinda long lol and I wanted to see Aaron so I didnt pay much attention, but he was good. My mom got me his CD, and he autographed it; "TO MARILYNN, THANX, PAT ROBITAILLE". He's kinda like John Mayer. It was kinda funny, because this like girl who couldn't have been older then 7 years old yelled "YOUR REALLY HOTT".

Next, was some girl named Leanne. She had a really good voice. I think she performed 3 or 4 songs. The only song of her's I knew was "Dancing in the streets", cuz that was a classic. There was some girl taping her performance, and I think it was one of Jerry Reid's old dancers. His dancers were really good.

Durning Leanne's performance, I looked around and I see Bob and Ginger Carter walking up to an area where like no one was sitting. After a few minutes, I walked up there. I said to him; "Hi, thank you SO much for everything you do for Aaron and all" and he looked at me and said, "Thank you, I love hearing that, and you know what--it's fun. It's fun and I love meeting fans" , and I asked him if I could get a picture with him and he asked this guard by him to "please take it" and the guard was like "I'll probably be doing this all night". I laughed lol. Bob Carter was SO nice! I said "Hi", to Ginger, and she smiled and said "Hi". She looked really nice! On my way back to my seat, someone said to me "Who was that?", and I said "Bob Carter", and they asked me who? And I'm like Aaron's like right when I got back to my seat I looked back up there, there was probably like 40 people around Bob Carter. Like after a few minutes, Security had to escort Bob Carter away from the seating area. I felt really bad. I hope he doesn't hate me.

Next there was this rap group, and I wasn't really into them. They looked like cool people and all but....yeah lol. That's really it.

Then, this CUTE little kid named Casey came on! He was SO adorable lol! He looked like a mini version of Usher. He was wearing like an outfit exactly like his in the "Yeah", video. The cute big 'diamond' earings, baggy pants, and that blue and while long sleeved button up shirt. He looked like a little playa lol. He was really cute. He walked into where we all were sitting, and he had this song called "My Shorty", I think, and I thought that was weird cuz yeah that's an Aaron song, and he played a song that started off like "I want Candy". Anyways, when he was walking in the crowd during the shorty (?) song, he went around and had people say "shorty", in the mic, and I got to say it, but like you couldn't hear it, so I'm guessing the microphone wasn't on. He was adorable lol.

FINALLY, after a little intermission...AARON came on! He started it off with "Bounce", and when he came on, he did some flips! Dang, I love that boy lol. There seriously was only about 1,500 people there, but WOW it got crazy. Madison (birthday party girl), and her friends got to go to the front of the stage, and the guard said "Only people in the front row can go up to the stage", but hello, Madison's friends were also in the second row. So finally, everyone just went to the front, ignoring the guards, even though the kept insisting we all go back. Eventually, they kinda gave up. Kaitlin and I got in the total front, and I turned around to scratch my neck for a second, and someone got in front of me :\. She was really tall so it was kinda hard to see from then on. the kid did SO good! I think he played "Saturday Night", after that, and he 'introduced' us to that song. He talked about how he was in the process of going to record a new album, and how he's been to Michigan many times before and how it's always great and stuff. Then he played it! I've heard the chorus of it before, and I thought it sounded kinda rappish, but the whole song is AWESOME. It's a dance song. It's kind of a slow beat, with fast and danc-y lyrics. Great song, great song! Aaron wrote it too, which makes it all the better. People from everywhere started coming down and trying to get in front. All these little kids were like pushing through people and stuff. And this girl was like jumping on my back. Seriously, I'm surprised I didnt like break it or anything lol. She seriously was trying to jump on it to get like a piggy back ride or whatever and I was annoyed by it so I said to her "I'm not a horse...don't ride me". I don't think she was very happy with that, but whatever, lol. I think she ended up getting to the total front.

I think after that Aaron played "To all the girls". That's like my favorite song of his, so I was soo happy he played it, and of course he did a good job! He and the dancers picked 2 people to come onstage and sit on these chairs. One of them, was Tara, and on the Rock, Rap, and Retro tour M&G, I got Aaron's popsicle wrapper, and she got the stick, so that's how I "knew" her. Someone who I didnt know who they were also went onstage. He sang to them and stuff, which was really cool. Then when they got offstage, he just continued with the song. I love the part "So let me hit you with one more, baby I'll see you out on tour, and we can do it all again...until then". I was sad he was on the wayyy other side of the stage during that but it's okay.

When he came on, he was wearing these cool jeans, these awesome Nike shoes that were gray and green, and a yellow shirt, and this green jacket that he ditched early on lol. After "To all the girls", he changed into another shirt. I'm pretty sure he played "That's how I beat Shaq", after that. That is MY song lol. Someone who went to the concert told me that he said "I know one special girl knows this song", before he played it, and I guess she said he looked towards me (I guess she wasnt far away from me), and she thought for sure he was talking about me. I love the dancing in that song, and the 'plays' and stuff, so cute lol. Towards the end, he came like right up to where I was and held his hand out to me and makes his weird little Aaron faces while he's singing, which I love. Like you know... his facial expressions lol. I was so happy, I love that kid so much. There really is nobody like Aaron, which is definitely a good thing!

After that song, I think he played "I would". I can't remember if I've ever seen him perform that song, so it was really cool that he did, I really like that song. He did a really good job--of course. I think after that song he went and got his microphone stand, and talked about how he was dedicating this song out to all of us, and how he co-wrote it, and how it was on Most Requested Hits, ect. That was probably my favorite performace, because you could see the feeling in it. I can't wait to see Aaron perform more songs he wrote, because wow it's so different, it's equally as good, but there's just something about it. The "I'll show you something new to see...I'll be the one you can believe... I'll be one better", at the end, wow he showed ALOT of emotion!

I believe after that song he played "Not too young, not too old", but I'm not sure if he even played that song lol for some reason I'm pretty sure he did though. After that, he said "I really like this next song, and I don't get to play it alot, and It's from the Jimmy Neutron soundtrack so here it goes..." and he played "Go Jimmy Jimmy". Thats a good song, I think and I'm glad he played it. After that, he played "Leave it up to me", I think that was the song where he got the silly sting out, and started silly stringing us all. I got a lot of it on me, and I saved it but it like evaportated lol. After that, he played "Aaron's Party (come get it)", and I got my hand touched again, which was good. His hands feel cool lol. Security began to get rough and they were barking at us "MOVE BACK 3 STEPS!" They must have done that like 10 times. After "Aaron's Party (CGI)", Aaron said that was his last song and he had a lot of fun and stuff. There was only like 1,500, maybe 2,000 people there, and last year at DTE there was probably 10,000, and WOW it sounded like there was TONS of people there because after he left we were all chanting "AARON! AARON! AARON! AARON! AARON!"...

And YES he came back out and said "Ya'll want more?", and of course everyone was screaming. He started off again with "My first ride". Seriously, that song is SO MUCH BETTER live! It's so hype! I love it! I got my hand touched during that song again. After that he played "Another Earthquake", and as soon as the music for that song went on, I squeeled SO loud because I totally love that song, and that's another song that's just so much better live, because of the reaction from the fans. GO AAROOOON!

The last song he played was "America A O". Wow, that was amazing too. I was gonna be shocked if he didnt play that because the concert was called "Uncle Sam Jam". Durning that song, either that song or "Another Earthquake", Aaron had his water bottle, and was just throwing the water at fans, and I like weird suvineers, and he looked at me and I'm like "CAN I HAVE THAT..PLEASE?". I guess he heard me, or saw me pointing at the water and he smiled and nodded in a laughing nod and when he pointed at the bottle, then me, I kinda reached closer to get it, and when I got it, people started pulling it out of my hand. I was kinda like "what", but the girl who got it actually gave it to me which was cool. I looked at her like "Oh man...that was mine!" and she just smiled and said "Here ya go". Aaron has nice fans lol. After that song when I was screaming (CHEERING) some girl said to me "You've been screaming all night after and before....why?". I don't get how you CANNOT scream, cuz hello...AARON CARTER CONCERT! Nobody puts on a better show then Aaron...nobody..That concert was so incredible....Aaron did a great job and it was soooo good to see him again!

I had Meet and greet passes, so I did what I was suppose to do and WOAH it was wicked crowded. Where we were suppose to meet, we didnt, so I was confused, but I found out where they were. It was crazy. There were guards yelling "IF YOU DONT HAVE A PASS...LEAVE". Some girl asked me if I had a pass and I told her I did and she asked me if I could get her back (alot of people asked me that but no one really did anything when I said I couldnt) and I'm like "No I can't, sorry", well she did something REALLY dumb, and the same thing happened to someone else. It took awhile to get back to meet him, after that, I'm not going into details because I'd be here all day typing it, and it's just really dumb, and something I can't believe someone would actually do. Oh well, people are desperate, and I finally got to meet him and that was the whole point. There was 2 security guards who I.... Anyways, Okay, the meet and greet was so unorganized. Some drunk lady made a comment to someone and she got kicked out. Before some dumb girl did that terrible something, there was this really perverted security guy, making fun of us all in line saying "What's so great about Aaron Carter", and I almost said "He's everything your not", but I'm glad I didnt, I would have gotten kicked out. The guy was like "He's 16...WOW whats so great?" I was like "He's so talented, and incredible, and he loves his fans", and the guys like "Big whoop", and I'm like "Sorry, but it's the truth..nevermind, I'm NOT sorry, why should I be sorry for liking Aaron Carter, who is so amazing, and wow, I can't even describe him".

What they did was everyone at the gate had to line up, and there were SO MANY people there, and they only let 15 back at a time to meet him. He was in this little tent thing and one person went in there at a time. They should have just had everyone line up and if you had a pass, you can go behind the gate, and nobody leaves until everyone meets Aaron or whatever.

I was kinda mad they wouldnt let my MOM come back just to take pictures of me with Aaron. I mean, come on, what would that have really done? When I finally got to go back, I was soooo excited to see Aaron. I handed some guy my camera and asked him to take pictures, and I hope he took more then one. Aaron said to me something about how he didnt know if his fans would come, but he saw me and he realized he true fans stuck with him. They were like rushing me, but whatever. He signed a little picture for me, and I had a picture of me and him blown up for him to sign, but...I couldnt get that signed :\. I hated the venues security but thats okay I got to see Aaron. I asked Aaron if I could see his tattoo, and he said "A tattoo? I have a tattoo? I don't have a tattoo!" I felt dumb but that's okay lol. He asked me where I heard that and I told him online, and he said "Oh...I dont have a tattoo" and made a funny cute Aaron face. After that I asked if I could have a smooch (actually I said kiss lol) and he said sure and I got to give him one first though. I'm gonna be mad if the guy that took pics didnt take those! Before that, I got to pose for a pic. After like 3 minutes some guy tugged my Shaq jersey and told me I had to leave so I did slowly. I wrote him a letter and I handed it to him really quick and said "Hey Aaron, I wrote you a letter", and I didnt expect him to really look happy but he kinda looked thrilled lol.

After that, I stood outside and took pics of Aaron meeting people until they made me leave. I wanted to keep my M&G pass, but they made me give it back cuz people were giving theirs to people. I told them they could write anything they wanted on it, so no one could use it, but that didnt work.

After the concert, when I was leaving, Casey was walking by his mom or someones car, and I got a pic with him. It probably wont coem out cuz it was in the dead dark. He's SO cute lol.