Aaron Carter Pictures & Review From Musikfest 8/8/04

We got there at about 12 and walked around. We ate and figured out where everything is. Then we went to the Radio Disney tent. Chel and me were waiting for Stef to come so she could pick up our VIP passes and so we could finish the poster for Greg. After Stef came she went over and got us the passes. We were hoping that they were gonna be something we could save and they were lol. They were like laminates so that was cool. Then we went over to get in line. While we were waiting to get into the concert area we saw Ethan and Tony. I was so happy that Ethan was there lol. I’ve always wanted to meet him. And Tony was hott too lol. Linds and I went over to Kristin and got some Stevie stuff. Then we got back in line. We waited forever and then security finally let us in at like a quarter to five. We figured that there wasn’t gonna be a public signing anymore since the signing was supposed to be at 4 to 5 and the concert started at 5. Then we had to wait forever again to give our tickets in. It was after 5 so when we finally got in and walked around we found out that the concert was starting an hour late. When the concert finally started Sky Sweetnam came out first. I didn’t like her very much. Then Stevie Brock came out. I loved seeing him because I hadn’t seen him in concert in the longest time. He did a few songs and a dance break. Then after him were the Beu Sisters. I didn’t like them either. During the Beu Sisters Stef let me come al the way up front with her so I was like 2nd row against the stage so that was cool. Then Greg came on. As always he was awesome lol. He told us that they were filming his DVD now and everything. He did his usual set. I forget when but Awesome A (those Radio Disney people were annoying me) came out and her cell phone started ringing. And it was Jesse he was like “Hi this is Jesse McCartney and I’m at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards” but you could tell that he had recorded that. And then later when it rang again it was Jojo and she basically said the same thing as Jesse. That you could tell was a recording too. Then the Baha Men came out. I didn’t like them until they did “Move It Like This, Shake It Like That,” when they did that song Greg, Stevie’s dancers, and The Beu Sisters all came out onstage and started dancing. Greg was funny lol. Then after the Baha Men was Fefe Dobson. I did not like her at all. And her mic didn’t work on one of her songs. During her Stef called Chel and me and said that we needed to go find out what time the VIP party was now since the concert started late so we left our spots and went to go find Stef and Linds. We found out that the party was after Aaron so we went back and watched Aaron for a little bit (he did awesome as usual lol) and then left to go get in line for the VIP party.

We were one of the first few people in line so we got in quickly. Only Greg was there at first and the Beu Sisters. Then as we got closer to the tables Stevie sat down and then Aaron sat on the other side of him. I got up to Stevie and gave him the present I made him. On the present there was a lollipop attached to it and he was like, “Wooo suckers!!” lol. Then we took a picture together. His new manager is really nice. Then I got up to Aaron. He’s so sweet. We took a picture together but I didn’t like how it came out lol. After Aaron signed my heart then I gave it to Greg to sign. Aaron looked at it and goes, “Sorry I didn’t leave you enough space man!” lol. And Greg was like, “That’s okay!!” lol. Then Greg and I took a picture together. Then the Beu Sisters signed my Disney Mania 2 poster and Stef and I went over to Sky Sweetnam cause we felt bad that no one at all was going over to her table. She was really nice. Then Linds and I got back in line for Aaron. When we got back in line Greg was leaving to go do the public signing and he was signing autographs for everyone in line. So I gave him my VIP pass to sign. When we got up to Aaron again I gave him the present I made for him cause I had forgotten to give it to him before. There was a note on it and he started reading it and I was like, “Awe don’t read it,” lol. And he laughed and put it in his pocket. I asked him for a hug and he signed an autograph then he hugged me and was like, “Hug!” lol. I went over to Ethan and got a picture with him. I love Ethan lol he’s so sweet and really hott. He didn’t know which camera was going and who was taking a picture with him so he was like, ”AHHHH I’m confuzzled!” lol Ethan was looking at a Baha Men t-shirt and I think it was signed on the back and he held it up and he was like, “WOAH THAT IS PIMPIN!” lol. Tony and Ethan were both standing by a table and I went over to them and asked for a picture with them both. And Ethan was like, “Yeahhh! Sit right up here!!” and he patted the spot on the table in between him and Tony lol. We took a picture and then got all our stuff together. Aaron was leaving and they said that we had to be out of there in 2 minutes so we found Stef and Chel and left. I loved the concert and I loved the party afterwards I had so much fun and I’m so glad that I got to meet Aaron again and that I finally got to meet Ethan! Lol. And I finally got a picture with Stevie. I had an awesome day.

There's my review. ~Michelle

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