Jessica's concert at 8/25 Carowinds, Charlotte NC (this is a different Jessica than at the Tweeter concert 8/22):
Hey this is my review of the Aaron concert i went to on 8/25.

Ok i dunno when it all started, i guess the night before. I had Aarons site set to refresh every 10 minutes and i kept checking on it waiting for a contest to come up. Then finally about 7:30 it came up and it was a scrapbook contest. PERFECT, considering i've been making Aaron scrapbooks since 98. So i just put them in my bookbag, and got well rested unlike anyone else who entered who prolly stayed up all night making a scrapbook lol. So, the next mornin, i woke up at 5:30 and me and my mom left at 7:00, getting us at Carowinds about 10:00. We rode rides and junk untill about 12:00 (never knew how slow 2 hours could pass at an amusement park!!) So then at 12:00 we were walkin back from goin to the car to get my stuff (i was gonna shower, and go to the will call to meet andy at 2:00) and we saw there were already people waiting at the window. So my mom saved my spot as the third person there and i ran to the other side of the park to shower.

I got back about 1:00 and stood, not sat but stood in over 90 degree whether with 15 pounds in my hands, the sun shining on me, in line for almost 2 1/2 hours. When finally Andy came, and by then there were like 30 people there and he said since there weren't TOO MANY people everyone with a scrapbook could get a meet and greet pass. So, i got one, and it really didn't hit me at all that i was about to meet Aaron. So at about 4:00 Andy came back out and took us all out from under our shelter(guess what, it was not pouring rain!!) and stood us inside the gates, in the middle of the rain lol. So we stood in the rain for about 10 mins when the said we could go sit under the shelter and watch the sound check even thought VIPs are supposed to be the only ones in there. So we got to watch the soundcheck and people were like takin pics and yelling so they brought Angel up to sign autographs, so i got her autograph and a pic with her and then soon enough Aaron came up. And beleive it or not whenever Aaron was standing right there, like 20 feet away from me, it STILL didn't hit me that he was Aaron lol. So he started signing on the side nearest me, and it finally hit me that i was meeting Aaron Carter when he was signing an autograph for the girl in front of me. So then he comes to me and right before he looked up at me, i looked at my hand(I had written on there "Hey hottie" so i could say it to him, cause my friend dared me to) so he looked up and i go "Hey Hottie" in my flirtiest voice possible lol and he goes "Hey, Wassup"(omg his voice sounds so hott and he like dragged the hey out, ahhh) and then he signed my autograph and put his arm around me and his face against mine(my earing got pushed up and its like jabbing his face in the pic lol) and my mom took a pic. And then i go "here this is for you" and i handed him a hampster that dances and sings to "Kung Fu Fighting". And he goes "Oh thanx, these things are cool" and he tried to push him and he wouldn't work so i go "You push him right there" and pointed to his arm lol. And he looked like he was gonna say somthing, but then the security guard tapped him and pointed to a girl in a wheelchair and he went over to her(if it was any one else i woulda been like NO DON'T LEAVE lol)

So we left the place and went back out and i changed into my lips. See i had 99 lips on,(shirt belt stickers tattos ect.) and i had a sign that said "I have 99 lips on me, Gimme your and I'll have 100" and on the back, just incase he blew me a kiss, which he did last concert when i just had a lips shirt on, the sign said "A kiss blown is a kiss wasted, a real kiss is a kiss tasted" So me and my mom went to our seats.(I had front row and she had 3rd cause at 2:00 some front row were realeased so i bought one and my mom kept our 3rds) And i found that my seat was front row center, right infront of the catwalk(which was behind a barrier!!). So Triple image and Jump 5 and No Secrets all played and they were ok(they were good but all i wanted to see was Aaron). Finally Angel and the girls were modeling and Aaron was singing in the background and then they pulled the curtains apart and Aaron was there, and he sang Baby Its's You. So for like the first 15 mins of the show i was trying to get him to read my first sign, but i couldn't get his attention. Finally, i was just standing there dancing and singin and he come down the catwalk and reached his hand out toward me, and we weren't allowed to go up to the barrier, but i went anyway, and grabbed his hand(it was sweaty!!) and then the security guard grabbe my side and pushed me back(OUCH). So, then i looked back up at Aaron and he blew me a kiss and mouthed "don't worry about it" while shaking his head(AWWWW) so i was happy lol. So omg when he played the piano to I'm all about you and Keep Beleiving, i loved it. And he came out in a little car for my first ride. Ok so later, since he blew me a kiss i was holding up my second sign. I could see him trying to read it while he was dancing (he was like looking at it outta the corner of his eye) and then he blew me a kiss. I dunno if he misread the sign or just did that to do it lol. At the end he flew during 2 good 2 be true. And glitter fell (which was impossible to get off). So that was all. It was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Even though i forgot to ask Aaron for a kiss(i was gonna ask him cause i got braces the next day lol but i litteraly forgot!!). Beleive me, even if you don't get to meet Aaron, it is sooooo much fun. Honestly, the concert was more exiting to me than meeting him, cause when i met him, i was the same as every1 else in the meet and greet. But at the concert, he blew me 2 kisses(outta 3 the whole concert) and reached out for me, and only me. So it was like Aaron Carter was treating me specially. NEway, main point is go see Aaron, and meet him if you can cause he is the sweetest boy ever, and believe me, you won't regret it!! - Jessica