This is Debra's concert Review From August 25th at Charlotte NC (and below is the review at BiLo on Aug 30):

This Is My Experience From When I Met Aaron For the 5th time + Seeing him for the 5th Time In Concert. Enjoy=)

WHERE: Charlotte, NC
WHEN: August 25, 2002

On Saturday the 24th the night before the concert, I know Andy was suppose to have a contest for Aaron for Carowinds, so I went online and they finally had something up about a contest to meet Aaron. We Had to make a Scrapbook For Aaron so I started about 8:15 Saturday and I Finished the book at 12:30. The day of the concert we left to go up there around 10:00 but we got up alittle after 2:00 because Andy was gonna meet us at the will call window to pick the winners. It was around 3:15 or so and finally Andy came out and told all of us who had a scrapbook to hold them up, and we did and he said that all of you were going to meet Aaron! I was freaking out. -l- So we had to meet back with the crowd at 4:00 b/c that was when they were taking us back to meet Aaron. First I lost my Meet N Greet Pass, But after 15 Mins we finally found it.. (Thank God) -lol-

So at 4:00 they took us back and we sat down in the seats, and we got to watch Aaron and his dancers rehearse. It was so cool. So while Aaron was still on stage Andy came up to us and asked us if we wanted to meet Angel, and we all said yes. So Angel came back to us and she walked to me and my mom first because she recognized us from When we met them in Savannah Ga at the Boat Race and she Signed my Picture of me and her. Then about 10 mins later Aaron came walking up to where we were and he ran in front of me and I said "Hey Aaron" He looked at me and Said "Hey Baby" I was like OMG, and all of them people said omg he just called you baby..-lol- Before He Stared signing autographs he didn't have a Pen so Andy asked Does anyone have a Permanent Marker? I Said I Do and I gave it to him and he Said I'll Be Sure to give this back to you.Aaron Signed All The Autographs with My Pen..-l- so Aaron was signing autographs and taking pictures and finally it was our time to meet him. He was in front of me and My mama said Aaron do you remember us From Savannah? Aaron said I Sure Do, Yall were the ones with the videocamera. Mama said yeah that was us. Aaron looked at me and said "How Have You Been" I said "Fine" He Said "That's Great" and he Signed my Picture of me and him together from Savannah. and Then We got our picture taken together, he put his arm around me and I put my arm around him and his face was touching my face. After we took the picture I said Aaron can I just tell you one thing? Aaron said What and he leaned down and I said "I Think Your An Amazing Performer, and I Love You So Much" He Said "Aww Thank You So Much". And then he was asking us about our seats and stuff and we told him we would be seeing him again on August 30th from 2nd Row. and He said Great I'll See You There. Well after we met him Andy gave us our maker back because Aaron was through Meeting Everyone.

Now on to the concert: We had 5th row seats. The concert started about 6:10 or so and Triple Image came out and They were Pretty good, I Loved how they danced and their outfits were just Cute. After they performed Jump5 Came out and they were GREAT, they sang about 4 or 5 songs, then it was time for No Secrets and I love them. They were Awesome. They sang about 6 songs or so and after that it was Aaron's Turn. So it was around 7:00 and Finally Angel and them came out and started modeling and stuff and you could hear Aaron singing in the background. After they were through modeling they pulled back the black curtain and There was Aaron. Everybody went Crazy. I was jumping up and down and singing along. He started out with "Baby It's You" And he did an amazing Job. He sang Alot of His New Songs and Some old songs, and I loved it when he started singing "Do You Remember" He raised up on this platform thing and he was singing his heart out. And then He Played the Piano to "I'm All About You" and Then he started singing "Keep Believing" I loved his performance to that song. At the end He was Flying. It was so cool. And his last song was "Another Earthquake" His dance moves and Everything was Awesome. This concert was better than last years. He just keeps getting better and better everytime I see him. So after the concert ended I went down to the stage and That man Had a Drumstick that Aaron Used while he was Playing the drums and That man looked at me and said "Do You want This?" I said Yes and he threw it to me. So I Got Aaron's Drumstick. That was the best day of my life. That was my 5th time meeting Aaron and my 5th time Seeing him In Concert. But I do want to say if Anyone has the chance to go see Aaron Please GO, you won't regret it. It's the best concert you could ever watch. He did an amazing job. All I Have to Say Is WOW!

- Debra (KTACPA 4-LIFE!)

This is Debra's Fan Experience from meeting Aaron and seeing him in concert for the 6th time. Enjoy=)

When: August 30th,2002
Where: Greenville SC BI-LO Center

I was so excited that I was going to See Aaron for the 6th time. I Just met Aaron 5 days before this concert in Charlotte. So on the 30th Andy finally posted the contest for meet n greet passes to meet Aaron. We had to make something creative or any kind of artwork. So me and my cousin drew some pictures of Aaron. They actually turned out pretty nice. We got up at the Bi-Lo center around 3:00 and they said that Andy has already came and gave out passes. So we were kind of bummed out. Well my mama goes and talks to a woman working there and that woman tells her she'll see if she can track down 2 meet n greet passes. So we walked around to where the tourbuses were and Angel was walking and we yelled at her and she remembered us and everything. Then about 20 mins Aaron's tourbus came rolling up we was screaming like crazy. Aaron got off of the bus and was walking up a little ramp and we all start screaming We Love You Aaron, and Aaron looks up at us and waves and stuff.

Then my mama came around to where we was holding up 2 Meet N Greet Passes. Me and My Cousin were screaming and jumping up and down. Well it was a little after 4 and we was all standing around. Andy came up to us and me and my cousin got a picture with him. Then it was time to go back and meet Aaron. I had a bear I made Aaron at the Build-A-Bear Workshop and it was so cute everyone was talking about it. It had one a Tarhills shirt,grey vest,Sketcher shoes, and Black Pants, and Plus It talked too. So me and Chelsea (my cousin) Wanted to be the last people to meet Aaron. It took about 10 mins and finally here comes Aaron. He was signing my cousins picture and he looked up at me and looked back down and looked up again really fast and walked over to me and gave me a big hug and said "Hey girl, how are you doing?" I hugged him back and said I'm doing fine. He Knew Who I was and everything.and then my mama said Aaron Debra has something she wants to give you and I said here Aaron I made this for you. He was holding it and playing around with it for like 5 mins. and I said Aaron it talks too, and me and Aaron was trying to push the hand to get it to talk and finally it did and Aaron held it up to his ear and the bear said "I Love you" he turned around to his bodyguard and Andy and said "Look it talks,awww" he was so sweet. So He handed the bear to his bodyguard so he could take a picture with us. He put his arm around me and cousin and I looked at him and Said Aaron can I get a picture with you by myself? He said "I"m sorry they're making me do it in groups of 2" So I said Ok Cool. and my mama took the picture. Then We Gave him our artwork and on the back we wrote long letters and it had our phone #s and everything on it. So maybe he'll give us a call oneday.=) After that we was getting ready to walk back out and he grabbed my arm and put his arm around me and told my mama to take the picture anyways. I was so happy. Then I gave him my picture for him to sign. And after that we talked to him for a few mins since we were the last people and he was asking us where we was sitting and everything. We told him on the 2nd row. He said ok cool I'll look for yall then. Then it was time to say goodbye. and he waved at us and everything. That was my 6th time meeting Aaron and it just keeps getting better and better everytime. There is one thing for sure (Aaron does REMEMBER HIS FANS) That's a fact!

Now onto the concert. the Show started at 7:00 first was Triple Image,they were pretty good. Then next was Jump 5. Me and Chelsea LOVES Brandon from Jump5 we kept waving at him and he would wave back and smile. Jump5 was Awesome. Then came No Secrets They Waved at us so many times. They're Just One of the best Girl Groups. Ok After that It was time for Aaron. The lights went out and First Angel and the models walked out. We was Sitting Right beside the Walkway. So we had like the best seats in the house. Then after they got through they pulled up the curtain and There was Aaron. He Was so Incredible. He started out with "Baby It's You" I love that song. He sang Mostly New songs and some old songs too. Everytime he walked down the walkway me and chelsea would run over there and touch his hand,pants,shoes,etc...-lol- Finally he looked at me and chelsea and waved at us and everything. When he sang "I Want Candy" He had some silly string and it got all over us. It was funny. After he played on the Piano and he does an amazing job. He played the guitar and the drums too. So after he played on the drums he got 2 drumsticks and held them up and said "Do you want these?" Of course everyone went crazy. Well he threw one to one side and some girl caught it. Then he looked at our side and looked right at me and nodded his head and Threw it to me. I was Jumping up and down and screaming. Aaron seen me when I caught it, he was smiling the whole time. So he did look for us in the audience. He sang "My First Ride" I loved his performance during that song. He had a BIG American Flag and walked down the walkway with it and started spinning it around really fast it almost hit us. -lol- Then he sang "Another Earthquake" and after that his last song was "2 Good 2 B True" and he started flying and everything. And he waved at us again. and that was the end of the show. Overall It was the BEST Concert EVER! Aaron amazes me everytime I see Him. He just gets Better and Better. I can't Wait to Meet Him Again because He is the Sweetest Person you could ever meet. If You have the chance to go to his concert PLEASE GO. - Debra (KTACPA 4-LIFE!)