Lauren's fan experience meeting Aaron at Chicago's Meet-n-Greet at Marshall Field's 8/5:

Ok so my day started out at waking up at like 7:00am i went to my math tutor and then came home and got home getting ready to leave for Aaron Carter so my friend came over and we were off... in the car we were writing letter's to Aaron and I made him a Bracelet i was so excited so as we got there i saw people walking down the street with autographed pics me my mom and my friend were running down the side walk racing to get there so we finally got into Marshall Field's and i was so freaking out so we ask where he is and this lady point us to the back so we start running there and we ask the security where the line is and she says its too late that they had closed the line an hour ago my heart sank cause I have been an Aaron Carter fan for 3 years and i soooo wanted to meet him I though to myself i will do anything to meet him sooo we started walking down the line seeing if there was anywhere we could sneak in - we saw this girl with a sign that said will work for Aaron Carter tickets so we were talking to her for a while and then we asked her that if we paid her twenty bucks would she let us sneak in so she let us and I was so happy finally I was going to meet Aaron Carter!!!! thanx to That girl also known as Teres who we are now good friends with so she tried to call ticket master but had no reception. so we all decided to scream we love Aaron Carter !!!!!! so we did then we were there!!!!!!!!!!!!... i was soooooooooo happy but the security said no Hugging, Questions , or Holding up the line uh I was so ticked but then at least I still got to meet him so right after he got done signing the persons in front of me's autograph he looked up at my friend and winked at her then at me and I was wearing an all sequined shirt and blue snakeskin pants so I was like a walking light show and he looked at me like "whoa, bright" then he was like was like "I'm sorry I have to stretch" so he slowly got up and stretched in front of me!!!! my jaw just dropped he is really tall and his muscles whew i could see his chest muscles through his shirt hotttttt.... so then he just plopped back down and he was like "I'm sorry about that" so i started to take a pic and he was looking down but then he looked back up and gave me a really big and cute smile for like ten seconds, so he started to sign my auto and then my friends and the oh-so-nice security guards were like oh move on come on so i started jumping up and down trying to get Aaron's attention and he looked up and gave me this flirty type of smile, so then we had to get out of the line cause we were holding the line up so right after we were ten feet away I started crying and Teres started hyperventilating and crying so we started going up and down the escalators watching him for the rest of the time - then it was time for the raffle drawing so my friend and Teres and I were looking at her raffle ticket ( I already had 4 tix) and she was the first one to win !!!!!!!!!! so as Aaron got up and was getting ready to leave we were walking up and escalator going down lol some of us fell and his security guard pointed up and he was like omg.... so then we went down to the hall he had to walk down to get to his car!!!! THIS IS WHERE THE GOOD STUFF HAPPENS~~~~~~ he started walking down toward us and there were body guards all around him except for between me and him so i reached out and grabbed his right shoulder with my right hand~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! and to all you Aaron Carter fans he has a very sexy muscular shoulder - so he grabbed my left wrist and gave me a big smile - I got lost in his big brown eyes ( his eyes are very big and brown in real life) so then the oh-so-wonderful security guards were pushing him on so we chased him to the garage and then were waiting out side the garage.. so he came out in a black Town Car and waved goodbye. so the three of us went back inside and we went and sat in the chair and rubbed all over the table then i stepped on some of the candy he dropped ( if I didn't mention he was eating Reese’s, Twix, Snickers, Lays, Coke and Water,,,) so I was looking under the table for any thing he might have dropped and I found lint from him!
A reporter came up to us and got a story from us - we were in an article. - Lauren