Aaron at Club Ivar
Well, Me and my friends decided to go check out Brian Friedmans new dance group at Club Ivar in LA. When we got there we were all dancing and just having a good time. The DJ came on over the PA in the balcony of the club and mentioned that Nick Carter was there and that he was "single" :) :) :) We really couldn't see what was going on in the balcony because it was on a really weird angle. Me and my girls tried to go up there but they wouldn't let us in the vip room :( We kinda gave up after a while of trying to look up there. When we left the club that night we waited outside just to see if we could spot Nick. Then the doors opened up and Nick along with Aaron and Jerry Reid and Leeann Akers (the girl that's going on the tour with Aaron) all came out together. There were a crowd of people trying to get to them, so they all rushed into a car and drove away.There were a bunch of people, tryin to throw things at the car (scary scary scary),,When the car was leaving my friend Mariana ran up to the window of the car and knocked, Aaron looked at her and gave her the biggest smile in the whole world, it was so cute. Then he waved good bye and they left. It was a great night!
- Tammy