Date: 8/19/03 (Tuesday) - Mackenzie
Place: Detroit MI--DTE Energy Center
Seats 14th and 10th rows

OK..So I start out leaving the house about 11:30 and it is about a 2-1/2 hour drive to the DTE Energy Center where Aaron is playing - the reason we left so early is cuz i am like a big Stevie Brock fan and he was doing a meet and greet @ Borders Book i went there and got in line - it was so awesome cuz there were only about 50 or so girls there so i got 3 pics with him and two autographs. After that its off to the concert after stopping to eat @ McDonalds. So we get there about 5:10 and the gates are supposed to open @ 5:00 but they weren't yet so we waited in line. At around 5:30 they opened the gates..we head to our seats - they weren't that good, 14th row (last time i had 2nd), and my mom was in 10th row off to the side to take the pics for me - but yeah we see my friends Sam and Jess there so i talk to them for a few and head to get things like a t-shirt - well the line didn't look too bad and it wasn't - after they opened it, a 1/2 hour after we were in line so when we finally get our stuff and go to our seats about 6:50 the concert started @ 7:00 so it was good timing! But Yeah first on was Jerry Reid, he was pretty good - he did like one song - then up was Stevie Brock who was Awesome!!! he did 3 songs and a dance to the Rock Your Body Beat Box thing lol...then was Greg Raposo, he was good!! then after about a 5 minute intermission came Jump 5 or Jump 4 cuz Leslie i think it was, was sick...they were good, a lil long but good. Then comes the waiting again about a 10-15 minute intermission to get Aaron's set all ready! So Aaron comes on wearing a Elvis outfit he wears for like one song i'm not going to go thro all the outfits cuz i am sure you have read them in another review, seen them or are gonna see them lol...but anyways Aaron did pretty good going thro like 3 songs for each decade - there was the 50's 60's 70's and 80's...He did a Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder tribute. The one thing i have to say was i think the concert should have been rated PG-13 for the dancing and things - i was a little surprised that he danced they way he did but i don't care I STILL LOVE HIM!! lol After that you think he is done cuz he tells you the names of his dancers and band but he lips with a cute face "i will be back", and sure enough he came back!! And did his own songs - i'm not sure i cant remember what they were and the order - i'm trying to remember - they were I Want Candy, Aaron's Party (Come Get It), Do You Remember where he has you sing along with him - i think there might have been 1 or 2 that i can't remember and ended with Baby Its You (i love when he does that song!!!!!) Then he runs off the stage and once again like me you think its over but about 10 seconds later he comes back WITHOUT his shirt on and runs around the stage one last time! After the concert Jump 5, Greg Raposo, Jerry Reid, And Stevie Brock signed autograps - well by the time i got there i would have had to waited like @ least a hour so i said foget it cuz it was a long drive home and the next day was my 1st day of school! So i walked out and saw my friends again and we all talked for about 5 minutes as my dad was waiting in the parking lot for me and my mom then we saw AC's bus drive by - i chased it for about 10 feet lol and then said ok w/e and we head to our car - well...come to find out Aaron was standing in the door waving and my dad saw him ERRR! NOT FAIR!!! lol If You can't tell i haven't met Aaron before and REALL REALLY REALLY want to!!! But yeah Over all it was GREAT - i wish he would have done more of his own songs but it was still great! if i had the chance i would go agin for sure!! Thanks Alot For Reading!!!!!!