Date: 8/19/03 (Tuesday)
Place: Detroit MI--DTE Energy Center

!!!! Okay!!!! I got to the venue EARLY! At 1PM or so, and the concert didnt start till 7...big mistake. So we walked around...talked to the security people about passes and stuff, no luck. Like an hour later, I saw these people who looked fromilier but I couldn't pinpoint where I saw them. Then they come up to me and asked if I knew anything about the meet and greet, which I didn't. They said they called a radio station and they said he wasn't having one....what a mean radio station, lol. But okay, then one of them said "Hey you look fromilier"..and im like "So do you", and the one thought for a minute and said "We're you at the meet and greet last year?" and im like "yeah, i'm guessing you were too?" and their like "yeah!" It hit me! Remember how I got Aaron's popsicle wrapper last year? Well after I asked him, some girls asked him for the stick...that was them! Small world, eh? So that was quite odd.

I walked around with them for a few hours, and we were on the other site of the venue when we saw a bus come in. We RAN like the wind to the other side of the venue, but we were too late. We think it was Jump 5 (4)'s bus. But we knew it wasn't Aaron's. I had a poster for the Jump 5 (okay Jump 4 lol), meet and greet contest, and then these other two people who love Brandon Hargest the way I love Aaron were there. They joined us and we just walked around basically. Then......around 4:30ish another bus pulled in! This time we KNEW it was Aaron's! But once again, we were too late. I was seriously ready to callopse, cuz I hadn't had water in a while and it was almost 90 degrees. It was like 87. But I went back to the gate thing, and the Jump "4" poster contest was in judging and they let everyone who entered meet them, and let them bring someone. They gave us the time and place to go to meet them. It wasn't for 2 more hours, so I went by the VIP entrance since they were gonna open the gate in like half and hour, and I had vip tickets.

There, I reconized this girl Amanda who goes to my Craig site. So I talked to her for a few, and what do yanno? Craig was walking down! And I went crazy I'm like "oh my god thats CRAIIIIIIIIG!!!!" and he came over! I snapped alot of pictures, and he had to go somewhere, but he said he'd be back...a little while later he came back, but went right back in the gate. I like flew and touched his was stange but hey I touched his shirt! Haha i'm such a teenybopper.

Then they started letting people on a list was kind of confusing, I was like huh? They read off names, and then they said "If you have a VIP ticket, get it out, and open your bags..." I was deeply confused but I did as they said. When I got out of the gate, this girl who I also talked to earlier, who I thought was Leslie Carter last year (she remembered haha) came up to me and said "I'm SOOOO happy for you!" and im like huh? Then I realized it was the meet and greet group for AARON!!!! - talk about crying! I tried to contain myself, but that worked for like a minute. I covered my hand over my face and started to cry, of course I was so happy. I didn't wanna cry in front of Aaron, so....I did it there haha. Finally they took us right by this place near backstage, it was a little picnic area. I sat down with 2 other people I saw earlier, and then Ashley from the Stevie Brock street team came in. I reconized her, and I talked to her for awhile...... FINALLY...Aaron came in!!!! He was wearing a Iverson jersey, and matching shorts, and these shoes that looked like DC ones I saw the other day! He was wearing a blue scarf on his head...ah so beauitful=). I was sitting there like "once again this is real and it's happening AGAIN." Aaron doesn't like it when people scream when he walks in so I just smiled (was I ever) and waved. Haha. That was hard, but anything for Aaron. He went to a few tables, and then FINALLY came to the one I was at..... After he got the other people he came to me! I (duh) immediatly stood up. I was wearing my shaq Jersey, but I got the back signed last year, so earlier I flipped it over so the front of the jersey was on the back, and the back of the jersey was on the front. Basically backwords. He came up to me smiling (ooh!) and said "Hey haven't I met you before?" of course that made my day! I started talking to him, and he signed my jersey....then, remember I am not shy I asked him if I could kiss his cheak...he smiled and said "sure!". I was floating on the clouds at that moment! Then AARON CARTER kissed my cheek! I was SO happy! It was so awesome cuz like everyone in that meet and greet went awwww! I think I got to talk to him the longest out of everyone, and we had a true conversation, not all that "Oh I LOVE YOU". He gets so sick of hearing that, so I didn't say that to him first thing. He asked me where my seats were, and I told him. Then someguy came up to him and said "We have to keep this moving, keep going"...and Aaron frowned, it was so cute and he hugged me goodbye=) and he whispered to me, "I can count on people like you to watch my show and scream but pay very close attention towards the end...I got a surprise for you....". Of course I was wondering what...!!!!

I was still in SHOCK then, and I didn't feel like leaving, and so many people did, so I just stood there and talked to Ashley. She said she was staying for the Greg Raposo meet and greet, and she wasn't suppose to meet Aaron, just Greg, so I'm like "can I meet him with you?" and she's like "Yeah sure, just tell them your going to meet Greg if they ask you to go...." and I'm like "Ahh thanks so much!". Aaron was at the other end of the meet and greet area, so Greg wouldn't be coming in yet. But Craig came back! And this girl got a picture with him, and I talked to him! I said "Hey Craig!" and he smiled and said "Hey, whats up?" and I'm like "Just SO happy I just met Aaron again", and he smiled and said "Cool!". He didn't go anywhere, and he started talking to me, lol it was funny. He asked if I was excited about the show, and I'm like "Of course!" I get alot of emails from my Craig site from people telling me to close it cuz he hates it...I do know two people who know him, and have told me he's okay with it and thinks its cool. He asked me then what my name was and I said "I'm Marilynn...I have a site on you,, are you really okay with it? Or do you want me to close it down?" and he gave me this incredibly big smile and said "You run it? I'm okay with it, I think It's really cool! Thanks!" He said it with enthusiam, so that was so cool. I got a picture with him, and his autograph, and then someone else started talking to him. He waved to me and said "Bye, enjoy the show!" Then like 3 minutes later he came up to me asking if he could borrow my sharpee, to sign someone else's autograph. Like I would say no to him, lol. His haircut is so cute!!!!

Then a few minutes later, we found out Greg Raposo would be coming in any minute. So we sat down, again, not at the same table though. The table before us, or before before us, there was this little girl, like 4 years old who was sooo thrilled to see him! It was so cute he picked her up and stuff. And when he was leaving their table, he said to her, "Hey Can I get a hug goodbye? SO CUTE! When Greg came to me I stood up and he hugged me, it was sooo awesome! I told him "Hey, I'm really excited about seeing you perform! I cannot wait for your album!" and he looked at me, and gave me this awesome smile and said "Wow!", and he looked kind of shocked. I got a picture with him, and told him I love his song "Every Summer" and I was especially looking foward to that one. He looked happy and said "Do you know the words?" and I said "Of course!" and he said "Don't forget to sing along, I'll be watching!". It was cool, lol.

Then after all that, after 5 and a half hours in boiling heat, I was dead thirsty, and it was about 6:30 and the Jump"4" meet and greet was at 6:45. So my mom got me a water while I waited in line. 2 of the people I talked to earlier were in line, and they let me cut them..there were almost at the front, and the line was like a mile long. I bought a red Aaron shirt, with one of the pictures from Popstar magazine from the valentines day issue. I was gonna get the one with him and the dog, but decided I didn't have a red Aaron shirt, so better go with that. They didn't have glowsticks when I was up there so I bought this stupid light up thing. It broke the second I opened it, grr. I wanted to buy the Aaron hat, but I didn't have all my money with me, my mom just handed me some cash, and I was like 5 bucks short at that moment, and I didn't wanna get in that long line, so I just decided to go to the Jump"4" meet and greet. I got to where I was suppose to be like 5 minutes early, and they said I couldn't go cuz it already started...but It wasn't even 6:45 yet! Grr. It didn't really bother me though cuz Aaron was who I REALLY wanted to meet the most.

By that time my water was long gone and I needed something to drink, so I bought lemonade. It was really good too, lol. Then I ran into Allie! I was like , I was just going to look for you, haha weird. I got a picture with her, and then we went to find our seats. We never got rid of our row PP venue seats, so we just gave them to these 2 girls sitting on the lawn. They went nuts! They were really happy, despite the fact that PP was wayy back there. I finally got to my seats. They were suppose to be 5th row, but it was more like 8th row. The first row people were standing, same with second and third and then like there was one person in the row in front of me but more to the left. Of course there was me jumping and getting into the music the entire time - my hands hurt, lol. There were little kids behind me, and they were sitting. Then there was this guy and a girl who were standing a few rows back and more to the left, but thats like it. So of course Aaron could see me cuz there was like no one around me standing! It was awesome. Great seats, great seats.

Jerry Reid was the first to come on. Dang his dancers are goooooood! I liked his songs, too. He sung 2 songs and thats it. During the mid of the second one, the girl who I thought was Leslie Carter was in the front passing out fliers. So I needed a way to get to the front. Total front. I told security I was going to get a flier, but I stayed up front.

Jerry was done by all that..and STEVIE BROCK came on! Ah I love Stevie! He played "Shut me down" first! And thats my fave song of his! It was cool for him probably, cuz I think more people were standing for him, then they were for Aaron! But like I saw NO ONE that knew the words. In my area that is. People were just standing. But I was screaming along, and I was putting my hands out and stuff hoping to get it shaken. Stevie's white outfit was SO cute! After "Shut me down", he got a water...and he looked at me, (this was between songs) and I screamed "I LOVE YOU STEVIE!" and he did a little wave and said "I love you too!". I was screaming, and these girls next to me looked at me and said "awww!". Then he did "If u be my baby". I love that song. One of his dancers slapped my hand!!!! Wooh!!!! And when he came over near me I YELLED "Stevie can I have your water bottle top?" I didn't think he heard it, but after that song when he drank some water, I looked at him again, and said it and he nodded. Then he did a dance to Justin Timberlake's song "Rock your body". It was cool. Then Stevie walked over to me, smiled and threw me his water bottle top!!!! Ahhh!!!! Then he sung "All for love". So cute!!!! Michigan LOVES him!!!! I swear, he got more standing from anyone. Atleast he did when I looked back, which I think was once. He said somethings, and left =*( I wish he could have played more songs, but I'm glad he did Shut me down.

Then Greg came on! Like the second he got on, a different security person was checking tickets to make sure you were really suppose to be up front. Ugh. I went back to my seat, but stood up of course, which I was the only one really standing in my little area. It was mostly little kids. But during "Every Summer" I screamed the words sooooo loud to make Greg happy, since his album isn't out yet and nobody really knows the words. He did a really good job, and I can't wait for his album!!!

Then Jump"4" came on! They started off with "Throw your hands up". I love that song! I also loved Brittany's outfit lol. They dance wicked good. I think it would have been more "full" with Lesley, but it was still realllly good! Other then Throw your hands up, they played All I can do, God bless the USA, Beauty and the beast (they either played that or Libby just said that, It was really short", and other songs. I really like the ones from their new album! I can't wait for it!

Finallllyy....after like 10 minutes or so...AARON CAME ON!!!! He and his dancers are SO good! Aaron is the BEST, my goodness! He played alot of old songs (duh lol), and I especially liked it for "Stayin' Alive", "You dropped the bomb", and "Beat it". I knew the words to more then half of the songs, (xoxo all for Aaron), and it was really an AWESOME, AMAZING show! The people on my right left about an hour into the show, so I had alot of room to jump and throw my hands up, so it's all good=) Alot of people in the front kept giving him roses, and he would take them, of course and once with them instead of setting them somewhere. He shook alot of people who I presume were peoples fathers hands. It was really cute. All the songs were sooooo awesome and stuff, Aaron really knows how to work the stage.

Then much later, he started playing his own songs. He played "I want Candy", "Aarons party (come get it)", "That's how I beat Shaq", "Do you remember", and then "Baby its you" SOOO good! The best I've seen of any and all of those songs! He also introduced his band, and they all agreed that this was probably the funnest show playing at on the tour! How cool! I got my "surprise" from Aaron during "That's how I beat Shaq". I of course, wore my Shaq jersey to the show! I think I mentioned that earlier, but its all good. Okay, during "That's how I beat Shaq", Aaron pointed at me two times! The first one, I don't know for sure, but the second one I KNOW FOR SURE! It was the "How'd I get a jersey with the name O'Neill?" Aaron and I had direct eye contact, and he pointed AT ME and moved his finger up and down,then smiled at me. I was obviously in heaven. I know the second one was for sure, because you can just know. Also, people in front of me, behind me, and to the left and right of me where saying "Wow she's so lucky!" and stuff! Plus after the show, Ashley said to me "I SAW AARON POINTING AT YOU DURING THATS HOW I BEAT SHAQ!". And Allie just told me a few minutes ago she saw it!!!! She was in row DD, I believe, and she saw it!!!! Alot of people in line after words said that to me too! I swear, at least 30 people said that to me, so I really know! There's always something they do that makes people think it's going out to them, but when 30 people or more tell you, you know its true! The girls I gave my PP pavilion seats, I saw them on the way out and even THEY could tell! I thought that was SO strange! SOOO cool though!!!! "Do you remember" was cool cuz he had us sing along and stuff, and "Baby its you" was the last song, and its amazing how the last song is. How geered up everyone is, and how much interaction is going on. It's a AWESOME moment! It was also sad when he was done :\ Oh yes, I forgot to mention he played the piano, and the drums! He is SOOOO good at the drums!!!! Is he ever!!!!

Unfortunaly the show was over...and Jump"4" and Greg Raposo were having an autograph signing/greeting thing. I already met Greg but I wanted to meet Jump"4" since I didn't earlier. Grr. Long line, but it's all good! I bought a Jump 5 poster for Jump"4" to sign. It's HUGE! It's like 7 feet tall! Well maybe not that tall, but its big. I hope it fits on my door lol. Then like half an hour later, Lydia, Stevie's stepmom was walking around selling Stevie pictures and CDs. I already have the CD, but I bought a picture for him to sign! I got a picture with her and talked to her, and she told me Stevie is HEADLINING his own tour soon!!!! WOOH!!!! The line wasnt like going north, it was like a left thing, if that explains right. One person got to talk to each of them at a time, sort of. The security didn't allow pictures, and you could only bring ONE item to get signed! I couldnt take my Jump 5 poster, my Stevie picture, and my Jerry Reid picture (for free lol) to be signed. So I just took the poster of J5 since it was the biggest. And I didn't know Stevie was gonna be there!!!! WOOOH!!!! Stevie, Greg, Jump"4", and Jerry Reid were there. In line, right after I met Lydia, I met Jerry Reid's dancers. I got a picture with 2 of them while the other one was signing an autograph. It was just the guy dancers, I didnt know where the girl with pink streaks was. They are SOOO good at dancing, my goodness!!!! Then I finally got to meet them! I met Stevie first, and he said "Hey you got my water top!" and im like "YES I DID! Thank you SOOOOO much!" he smiled and laughed and said no problem. He signed the poster and I said "I love your album Stevie, I can't wait to see you again!" and he said "Thanks, I cant wait to see you either!". I was happy lol. Then I met Greg again since it was in a little left to right thing. He said "Hey I looked for you but I didnt see you!" I was like "wow, you remembered?" and he said "Oh yeah! Did you like the show?" And I said "Of course, you did a REALLLLLY good job, I know I already told you but I SO cannot wait for your album!" He laughed and said "Glad to hear it!". He also signed the poster, and it looks totally different from my jersey lol. Then onto Jump"4". I met Brandon first, he's so sweet! He signed the poster too, and said "hope you enjoyed the show!" Then I met Brittany, and I told her I liked her outfit, and that Jump4 did a really good job, and wished her a happy bealated birthday. She smiled and said in a perky way "Thanks!". Then I met Lesley, who I told her they did a really good job, and she smiled and asked what my fave song was. I told her I really like "Pressure", and I'm so excited about their new album! She said "Yay" and laughed. Then I met Chris, who smiled, signed my poster and said "Hope to see ya on the road again!". Then I met Jerry Reid. He just smiled and signed the poster and said "See ya soon"
AHHHH SUCH a great show!!!! THE BEST ONE YET!!!!