Date: 8/19/03 (Tuesday) - Anna
Place: Detroit MI--DTE Energy Center

Hey Everyone yesterday was one of the best days of my life!!! It all started like this:

We woke up in the morning arond 8 am. We got ready because we were going to go and meet Stevie Brock. We got at Borders around 12pm and were 5th in line to meet him!! I got so excited and really nervous. The signing started at 3 pm. We made friends with the girls in front of us and all of us went outside and waited for Stevie!! Finally at around 2:45 he came in!!! He was driving in a white Surburban or Taho i dont know how to spell that sry. We ran Back to our spots and got in line. It started to get a big line in front of us!! They kept Stevie in the back room for like 10 minutes. Finally he came out. He was sooooo cute i absolutely loved him. When it was my turn to meet him He signed for me and started talking to me! Then Radio Disney called him to do a quick interview. So I got like a whole extra 10 minutes in front of him. during the call he kept on making these really cute funny faces. I was like awww LOL. So anyways all of a suddun he yelled out “Yeah!!!” and he looked up at me and said oh sorry LOL In like a sarcastic voice. It was hilarious. Than Radio Disney asked him to sing for them and he was like ok. and he started to sing All For Love right in front of me. I almost Freaked lol and had a teeny Bopper Moment. So than i got a picture with him and he put his arm around my waist. He was like can you come to the concert tonight?? and i was like no we couldnt get tickets. And he was like "oh." Tiger Beat was there and they were handing out free magizines. So me and the girl i met got back in line we got it signed and i took another picture with him. So Then he decides he was going to take a 10 minute break and goes to the back. Than Radio Disney said they have extra tickets and were having a Stevie Trivia. They said ok lets pick a person and they picked my little sis!!!!!! My sister got the question right!!! They were lawn tickets but who cares at least i got to see him perform. so than The girl Abbey and I saw a whole rack of sponge Bob stuff so we picked one out and split the cost. We got in line again. We got up there and we gave it to him and i also gave him a note i wrote to him. He was like Oh Thank you!! So than we got another pic with him and Abbey was in it to. He was holding his Sponge Bob. Then he had to go :-( He is so down to Earth. when a little 5 year old girl came late and missed him she was really sad stevie saw her and Went up to her and gave her his Autograph and took a pic or something. That was sooo sweet. When he left we went to the back and waited for him. He saw us smiled at us then got in the car. He told us Bye and left for Sound Check.

We went home and got Ready and went to the concert. The place was packed Full!!!!!!!!!! There was not a place that wasnt solidly covered by people. it was packed full i think it might have been sold out. I have never been to a concert that Full. The opening acts went in this order - Jerry Reid, Stevie Brock, Greg Raposo and Than Jump 5. They were all really good. Than Aaron came out lol. You had to cover your ears it was so loud. Aaron came on and he looked a little surprised of all the people and they said that this was probably there biggest concert so far. He did really good. Even the parents all loved it because of the song choices. It was a grrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaatttttt concert!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way stevie had the best dancing ever. Heres a fact his step mom Lydia told Abbey - stevie just got Usher's Choreagrapher. It was soooooooooooooo cool i didnt want it to end. Love you alll!
Anna B. - Ive been Brocked