On Tuesday the 19th, It was the best day that I ever had. It started off really early in the morning. I remember when i woke up I was so excited. I got everything ready that i needed. It was about 11:15 am and I headed off to my friend, Stephanie's house. I got there about noon. We were so excited. We were getting ready to look perfect for Aaron. After all we were gonna meet him and we wanted everything to go smoothly and perfectly. After about an hour and a half, we looked good and left for DTE.

Once we got to DTE it was about 3:00pm. We parked in VIP parking and the VIP gates were open. So we decided to walk in and act like we owned the place. So my friend Stephanie, her mom and I walked in. We walked about 20 feet and a security guard caught us. The made us go back out. We walked about to the other gates to see how we could sneak in. There was no other way to get in. So we walked over to see if we could advance our tickets. We walked up to the lady and she said that we couldnt b/c we didnt have lawn. Stephanie and I begged the lady to advance the tickets and she did. We were so excited. She advanced them to 2nd row! We were so excited. That made our day but that wasnt the only thing. After waiting around for a couple hours before our meet n greet. It was about 5:00pm and they started to get ppl in for the meet n greet. At 5:30pm is when we had our meet n greet.

We walked backstage, and we were seated in the back. We were glad we were the last ones to meet aaron. Before he came to our table, we were nervous but slowly calmed down. Once Aaron reached our table, and he singed my poster. He loved it. It said, "I'm The Future Mrs. Carter!" He hugged me and then we posed for pictures. I gave him my fan book. He loved it and said he couldnt wait to read it. I was glad that he liked it. I put a lot of work into it. Then him and Stephanie talked. She asked for a kiss and he gave her one! Then He asked if I wanted one too and I said of course! Like I'm gonna pass up a kiss from him! I mean come on. Let me tell you He's got the most softest lips in the world. After the meet n greet, me and Stephanie, talked about the meet n greet until the opening acts came on. Stephanie insisted that he liked me but theres no way. So stephanie if you read this, NO he doesnt like me. We went down to our seats but moved up to first row. We were so excited. They were the best seats in the house. It started off great. Jerry Reid came on and he performed good. He constantly came to us and touched our hands. We were excited. After Jerry, came Stevie Brock. Now that kid can perform! Okay let me tell you, this boy was checking my girl out. Steph dont deny it! You know its true. He kept pointing and staring. I could sooo tell something was going on. Then Greg took the stage. He did a great show. He also touched our hands. It was so kool. Jump 5 came on the stage next. Steph and I are like in love with Chris (okay not as much as aaron but we still like chris). There was also something going on between Steph and Chris. I'm telling you. You will know later on. He would always touch me and steph's hands. He was so sweet.

Then it was Aarons turn! He is such an awesome performer!!!! I cant believe how awesome he is. Every year i think how could he top off his last tour but he always seems to do it. I dont know how that boy does it. He was always moving. The stage was off the hook. It was the best stage I've seen. How cool. He put a lot of energy into the performance. You could so tell. His costumes were so kool. He had the costumes match the years perfectly. Its was incredible. Now his singing was another story. I dont know where to start. He has such an amazing voice. I get blown away from his voice, and thats exactly what happened when we came on with his opening song. He blew me away. I cant believe what a great singer he is.

After the concert we went to the autograph signing for all the opening acts. They all remembered us. It was so kool. When steph told Chris that we would be down at the ohio concert, he was like "This is gonna be fun, I can tell." So we cant wait to go to Ohio to see the whole gang again! We're coming so everyone be ready! We love you All!!! Aaron you're the best! I love you.
Luv Always, Kayla