Here is my review of the 8/15 Hershey show. (from Jill-Reading, PA)

Well, my day started out by going into the park, hoping to see Aaron, Stevie, or Jump 5 (aka Jump 4). Well, that didn't happen. So then my mom and I went inside Chocolate World to eat and next thing I see is Stevie's bus go past (you can tell my the big pic of him on the side) and I automatically got up and ran and started screaming STEVIE! And of course everyone looked at me as if I was stupid or something. Then I went to the box office around 5:00-5:30 to pick up my meet-n-greet pass for Aaron. The guy at the Will Call window said Aaron was in yet but that the meet-n-greet was suppose to be around 6:15, give or take a few minutes. After they let us in we waited a few minutes, seemed like hourse to me, and next thing I know the girl in front of me askes, is that Stevie? So I screamed and called him over to give him the presents I had for him (2 spongebob things and a bag of peachy-rings). He said thank you and asked for a hug. Yes he asked, not me! So of course I said yes and asked my mom to take a pic, which I think she cut off our heads. Then Aaron came out. He was so nice. He yelled at my mom, but that's ok. I got a hug from him, we weren't allowed to take picswith him because he was behind schedule due to the blackout in NY. So after I met him everyone went to their seats. Mine weren't all that great, but they didn't suck either.
The concert: First Jamie came on. I thought she was OK, but she is so sweet. I met her when she came over to the fence to give autographs. Then Stevie came on!!! Then Jump 4 came on, he he, and they were awesome! Then around 9 or so Aaron came on! This show was awesome! At one point he came over to our side of the stage where the scafolding is while his band was playing. I guess it was during a clothes change or something. He was trying to reach this girls bear and rose, but couldn't get it. That was so sweet of him. I left his show a little early, about when he started to sing his songs, to go get in line to meet Stevie and Jump 4. They are so nice. I wanted to take a pic, but we weren't allowed.
All in all the concert rocked! I can't wait til he tours again and for his new album to come out!