Aaron Carter ~ House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC 8/9/03 ~ G/A (General Admission)


First of all i would like to say that I am from Virginia. It was a 8 hour drive to Myrtle Beach. Woosh lol.

Anyway, okay well we left our hotel around noon and got to the House of Blues around 12:30 (yes long ride). I asked my dad to pull around to the back where the buses would be. When we got back there i saw a few girls (they had Jump5 signs) and stuff. So I told my dad to let me and my cousin Ashley out. My parents went inside the HOB and got some food. Anyway I waited and chilled with the girls back there, it was fun! But I didn't see Aaron's bus come in! They said he would be there between 5 and 6 but I had to leave at 5 because I had this special thing called Crash the Barricade (or Jump the Barricade I cant remember lol). Well even tho i didn't get to see Aaron back there I did meet Chris and Britney from Jump5 and Brandon waved at me lol. I met Sam The Man (Aaron's keyboard player) He is so0o0o Nice!! lol and i got a picture of Greg waving at me talking on his cell.

Well it was now 5pm i've been waiting for Aaron for almost 5 hours!! I had to leave for my Jump the Barricade party. There we ate and I met a few girls and then everyone started to line up at this gate. Well one of my friends were up front so we jumped in with her 'shh' lol. Then the gate opened. EVERYONE ran as fast as they could to the back of the venue (that's how we got in through the back and everyone that did not have the party entered through the front). Well we had to wait a few minutes cause Aaron was still inside doing his sound check (man i wish they would have let me in then lol) but then we FINALLY got in. I thought we were going to be the first people in there like we PAID for. But no, there were people in there from the meet and greet they had with Greg. Ugh that got me really mad. But i did get a good place to stand. Right side FRONT ROW. My first front row at a concert *yay* LoL.

Well then we had to wait for a hour for the concert to start. God it was so0o hot in there it felt like a oven. And what really sucks is that i got sunburned really bad for waiting for Aaron for almost 5 hours so i knew when Aaron would come over to my side i would get bumped in the arm and i knew it was going to be painful lol. so i braced myself for that to happen lol.

FINALLY it started!!! weeee!!! lol That Jaime girl was the first one to sing. She touched my hand like 5 times. I actually liked her!! shes awesome! Well then Greg came out. I knew the 2 girls by me where mostly there for Greg so i let them in more. Greg touched my hand like 5 times and he lift his shirt up right front of me and my friends (wow can we say nice bod?) hehe. When Greg was singing i saw Aaron looking out of a window that was on the left side on the stage upstairs. I think a lot of people finally noticed him up there so he left. lol i saw him walking back to the window and he like tripped or something and then he started to peek out the window with his white hat on backwards it was so cute! haha! Then Jump5 or should I say Jump4 came out. They are awesome!! You guys rock! lol. Chris touched my hand like 3 times but Brandon, wow, he touched my hand like 10-15 times!!! I was using my friends sign that said 'Blow us a kiss' and brandon winked and pointed at me cause he was getting ready to do a flip LoL Brandon your awesome ;o)
Well last but NOT least Aaron came out!!!! im not going to go threw all the outfits he was wearing because you should know by now from all the pictures and other reviews from people. Aaron touched my hand like 5 times. The last time everyone was like pushing me down so he came back and held my hand for a sec. and Aaron actually looked at the sign and blew me a kiss *yay* lol! Aaron did a pretty good job overall.....he looked REALLY tired and kind of sick... he was like 'fake happy' but Aaron was still awesome! and can he play those drums wow. and i didnt even know he could beat box! hehe u go Aaron!
Well after the concert me and my cousin ashley RAN to the back where the buses were 'again'. I guess people caught on because it was getting so crowded back there 'ugh' Well I saw Aaron come out of the building and he got on his bus. I was a little upset cause i was thinking he wasnt going to come out and it would be another year not meeting Aaron :o\ BUT he came back out!! and wow walked RITE up to me! I was like ...he's heading right towards me' lmao!! 7 years and i finally met Aaron wow. He told me 'Sorry I didn't come out sooner, I was feeling sick". and I was like 'aww' its ok!' Aaron, if your reading this I hope you are feeling better! I told you he didnt look so good during the concert. Well anyway I gave him a note (it was a picture of me and my friend Elizabeth, she couldnt come with me, and it had our numbers and email on it) LoL so Aaron if You are reading this, Im still waiting for my call dude! I've got the worst Sunburn ever waiting for you! ;oP lol anyway i went to give him the picture. At first he thought I wanted it signed and i was like 'No0o! its for you!' lol and he had this surprized look on his face and said 'Ooo thanks Sweetheart!' wow Aaron called me a sweetheart lol. Then I got him to sign a picture and he kept on walking down the side *REALLY FAST* The dudes were really rushing him. I couldnt even get a picture with him! grrr I dont think I ever will lol. Then he ran to his bus cause they were pulling off lol. And Aaron got on the bus, sat down and left lol.
I know this was a little long but hey! its my concert review! LoL and I told you EVERYTHING I went threw. Next time Aaron is around me I shall be there! Man he really needs to come back to Virginia! I dont want to travel 8 hours in a van again lmao! And all the people I met there!! You guys are awesome!!! We never did get each others numbers and everything :o\ so hey if your reading - If you went to the concert!! and hung out with a girl with long wavy/curly strawberryblone hair haha, Peace!