This is my fan expirence from the Salem concert on 8/30/03:

Ok, we got to the concert around 6:30..and it was already nearly full...We went to our seats, (which werent good at all, they were right behind the sound booth so you couldnt see very well) and got our posters and camera's all ready. We also had made T-Shirts the night before that said tons of stuff about aaron. Me and my friend Kelsee saw Aaron walk around backstage a few times, so we decided to hold up our signs..we were the only ones holding them up at that time. I saw one of the security guards point to my sign..which said MARRY ME AARON and he was evidently trying to show Aaron what it said cuz they were kind of laughing a little at it.

Anyways....once the show started, everyone was screaming (as usual) me and kelsee screamed and danced and waved our signs, but one of the security guards told us we had to put them down cuz ppl in back of us couldnt see. About half way into the show he told everyone not to be afraid to come up to the stage, so me and kelsee ran up there as quickly as we could. We then pulled our outside T-Shirts off, (we had other shirts on underneath lol) and threw them up onto the stage. They stayed on the stage for like 5 minutes, then one of his dancers took them backstage. Kelsee took paper and wrote our phone numbers on it and wrote "You inspired us to sing" she then climbed up onto the railing and held it out. Aaron walked right over to her and smiled, and took the paper right out of her hand. She stood there stunned, so I climbed up onto the railing and screamed. I started crying because he was so close we could smell him (he smells VERY good might I add) He stopped dancing, pointed at me, smiled and tilted his head to the side with a little sigh. My heart melted....he stood there for maybe 5 seconds, and then started dancing again. I wanted to die. We screamed throught the whole concert and had the time of our lives....and I'll always remember that adorable look he gave me that night. Not to mention that he's got my phone number.

Sincerely, Cami