August 17th Aaron's Juke Box Review!

Sry that its so long guys. I just didn't want to leave anything out. Bear with me, it gets good at the end.

Well, we got to Poughkeepsie the day before around 4. We drove around and picked the Grand Hotel. It was a cool hotel. Really rich and it was like right next to the Civic Center (where aaron was playing). It was so close it looks connected to it. My dad found out Aaron was going to be staying there. Soooo guys....i can say that i stayed in the same hotel as my baby aaron!! ahhh! lol That night i set my alarm for 3 in the morning b/c i wanted to wake up and see when his tour buses come. I just did the math and guessed he'd be getting in around 3 or 3:30. I wake up, and i stand near my window for 10 minutes and down the street there comes aaron's bus! I was so excited! I wanted to just go run downstairs into the lobby and see them, but I didn't want to look like an idiot stalker, so i didn't. I watched a little more and i didn't see aaron get out b/c they backed up under the hood where you get dropped off. But then when they finished doing that, I saw them park the bus across the street in some parking lot. I got to see Mark [Aaron's tour manager] run across the street to tell some other guy something. So i was sure Aaron had arrived!!

Next morning: I went to breakfast with my dad and bro hoping to see Aaron or someone from his crew there. Nope, no Aaron. My dad took us to the top floor and we found out what room Aaron was staying in. We didn't disturb them or anything b/c those hotel people were really snotty and they always looked like they would kill you. We didn't want to get in trouble or anything. So we just looked around up there and let me tell you, that floor was VIP. The suites were gigantic. You could tell by the huge doors! Anyways, we went back downstairs and walked around/ waited for Aaron or anyone to come down. The hotel staff was soooo strict. They would look at us like they were gonna kill us b/c they knew that we knew Aaron was staying there. Finally Aaron's friend Craig came down and was on his cell phone. WHOA he was HOT.

Later we checked out of our hotel . As we were waiting in the car for my dad we saw this old guy get out of a white lincoln. He looked like a business man and since its a busniess hotel, we figured thats what he was. 2 mintues later Greg Raposo gets out! He was unloading his luggage and we put down the window and I yelled "HI GREG" and waved. He turns around and looks at me like how does she know my name. B/c i said it all calm and stuff like I knew him and it wasn't a big deal. lol So he waves and says hi. Then the man escorts him to the arena and he says bye to us. He has a killer smile. My mom even thinks he's hot! No ones better than Aaron though! lol Anyways we went and did some things around the area to kill time. When we got back to the arena around 4 there were a few fans there now.

We sat there and waited till the doors open. While we were waiting more tour buses arrived. Jump 5, Stevie Brock, and Aaron's dancers, keyboard player, guitar player, and drummer all came out. They just walked so freely into the building. I guess b/c there weren't that many fans around. I waited and Greg comes walking out of the building and passes me. No one is over where i was waiting and so me and my mom say hi Greg remember us and he goes YUP. Then he tells us he'll be back. He goes to where the tour buses are. We wait and wait and then he comes back. He says hey to us and gives us and gives us that killer smile. Then he runs into the building. He comes out AGAIN and comes past me and i don't do anything I just look at him and he waves to me and smiles. So i wave back. YAY he remembered me. Once again he says that he'll be back but a while later i see him go around the block with a person in charge b/c more fans gathered around the place.

I tell my mom and bro to go up to Aaron's floor of the hotel cuz maybe you'll see him coming out or somthing. So they go and Im on the cell phone with them and when they get to the floor they said Craig and some woman were getting on to the elevator as my mom and bro were getting off! It was funny b/c they had a big load so my mom had to sit on the chair there and put her feet up b/c there was no room. I should of went with them. O well. But this is where i got kind of mad. They come back and my bro tells me to go up there with him cuz Aaron might be coming now. I said no cuz i was scared lol Then sure enough, 2 minutes later Aaron comes out and is escorted to the arena. Only a few girls ran to him and the door was locked so he couldn't get in the place. Haha so i ran over there and he gave a girl a hug. I got close to him lol STILL MAD HOT. He had his basketball with him and said that he just whipped his drummer in bball. He was adorable. He kind of looked shorter than usual. They unlocked the door and brought him in to get ready for the meet and greets. PPL were saying that he was a look alike or a double of Aaron or something. I'm just like WHY WOULD THEY HAVE A DOUBLE OF AARON?! lol But ya anyways Craig was across the street near the tour buses and he was talking to a police guy who was guarding the fenced in area of the buses. He was cute. He had a white hat on just like Aaron. AWWW! hehe A radio station stand was set up and you could win prizes and stuff. Then they had a raffle to win meet and greet passes. I missed it by one! I had the number 7. Me and Aaron's bday. : ) These two girls won and I think that was set up b/c they were talking to the guy there the whole time. This other woman won it for her daughter. I was happy for them. The little girl was crying and hugging her mom she was so happy. Mark came out and my dad was talking to him b/c he remembered us from last summer when we talked to Aaron at a hotel.

The concert starts: AHHHHH THE CONCERT! SO AWESOME! We had 4th row and it was soooooo close! Stevie Brock was pretty good. I thought he was cute. Well, let me say that Greg did a great job. THAT BOY IS GONNA GO PLACES!!!!!! Im not really a fan of Jump 5 but they were pretty good. Aaron, well you know our boy Aaron!!!! AMAZING AMAZING JOB! Im not going to describe it like all the other fans do b/c you know the routine by now and i dont want to make this any longer than it is already! Wow, didn't know i could write so much!! I just have to say Aaron was so so so so so soooo hot and he was awesome with the whole show. They couldn't dance as much b/c the stage was small. So they had to always dance in a single file row across the stage. They were still rockin! Miesha and Tony were great. They can movvvvvvve. Oh and when all the girls were running up to grab aaron's arm, I managed to run and get right in front. So i was stuck there a while but it was fun. Aaron is such a ham. lol what a cutie. He did so much more than he had to. He really made the concert longer than it was supposed to be cuz he kept stopping and interacting with the audience. I though it was so cute when he conducted our screams. It was funny. From the songs to the Aaron's drum solo, it was overall the best concert he's put on!

After I ran on line to get autographs b/c i knew it was impossible to try and see Aaron. As we were waiting i spotted Aaron's dancers in the rows so I made my bro hold my spot while me and my mom went to ask for a picture. The dancers were calling Misha over b/c they had to go so he got done signing an autograph for someone and was about to go and i asked him if i could take a picture. He said "sorry i really have to go" but i begged him and he said yes! WHAT A SWEETHEART HE IS AND HE IS HOT TOO! I love his hair lol We got back on line and waited. My bro got Stevie's autograph lol I wanted to see GREG. I got to Greg and he remembered me. He was like "heyyy" I was like "hi can you sign my shirt" and he's like "suuurre" My mom asked if he remembered us and he was like "yeaaaa" He asked us if we liked the show and we told him he was great B/C HE WAS....then my mom was joking around with him and sayin we were his stalkers lol. He laughed. He was really nice and took his time with us. Then i asked if i could take a picture with him and he was like "sure come around the table" so i did and bent down next to him and my mom was ready to take the picture and Greg was like "no wait, how about you hug me" so of course i did and he was like "theeeeeere we go" and i was a smitten kitten LOL his muscled arms felt so good around me! Then we said Thanks and stuff and i gave him a smile and he smiled back all flirtish and he asked "im going to see you again right?" and im like "of course" and he's like "awesome" and im like "bye thanks" and he said bye and waved and smiled that flirty smile. HE IS HOT AND SOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET! Ok no ones better than Aaron though! Aaron's my boy! lol I was going to my car and stevies dancers came out. One is really hot and i was the only person around at this point cuz it was late. I stared at him and he smiled and he's like hey. Im like hi. We both smiled. Then my mom called me into the car. My dad was talking to Mark in the meantime out there.

Mark told my dad that Aaron was long gone and heading to Michigan. He was telling my dad about the movie Aaron was working on and stuff. He said that Aaron won't be back on the East Coast until next year. Sowwy everybody but Mark knows best. haha. They finished up their talking and we were leaving and as we were driving away Greg came out and was walking across the street. I wanted to scream out BYE GREG I LOVE YOU but i din't want to seem too crazy.

Well, that was my weekend away and my awesome time at the show. I know I know, i didn't exactly meet aaron but it's all good to me b/c i already met him twice privately with out meet and greets. So im so satisfied. AARON WAS AWESOME AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE AWESOME. I LOVE AARON SO.......BEWARE lol!!!!

~much love~