Amber's AC concert experience at the CA State Fair Monday 9/1/03 in Sacramento CA:

So we left for Sacramento at about 9:30 am. We got to Sacramento at about 11:30 or so, we went in and we were trying to find the place where we get our wristband bracelets so we found it about a half-hour later! Haha! So my mom gave me some money and me and my sister went in to find some seats! Most of the good seats, like the first 6 or so rows were reserved by people who had gotten there earlier, so we sat in the front row on the right of the stage. They weren’t the best seats, but they were a lot better than standin out a mile! We were just chillin and talkin to people that were sitting around us. Then I looked up on the stage and Tony and Misha were standin there, so I was like - its Misha! So me and my sister just walked up near the stage and he was like towards side farthest from me, so I just yelled hi Misha! And he turned around with a big cheesy grin and waved! He looked surprised and I took a pic when he waved! So I smiled and waved and went back to my seat.

Later, we went to this bridge thing we were on earlier to see if we could see em, and they were right there! I yelled, Misha, Aaron! And they looked up and smiled and waved and went and sat down. They are so hott! So we went back to our seats and hung out for like another! Then I looked on stage and I saw this guy with a black hat pulled over his eyes and blond hair sticking out the back, and no one even noticed it was it was Aaron! So me and my sister went up near the stage and got some pix of him and people started to notice and all these girls came running up…lol! He did his soundcheck and hammed it up for all the girls lol! Then he went back to his dressing room area. Some lady told me that Aaron was having a meet and greet around the stage so we went over there, and I asked this girl if she would give Aaron my book, since she was gonna meet him! (thanx a lot, I didn’t get your name, but that meant a lot to me!)

Right before the show, we got two seats in front row because these people left, so yay!! Well, the show FINALLY started at 5pm, first it was Jerry Reid, who by the way is verrry hott…lol! After Jerry was j-me, she’s cute and she did an awesome job! Then, what we were all waiting for, it was time for Aaron!!!!!!!!!! He was really good, and Misha and Tony did an awesome job as his dancers! It was kewl cuz the security guard liked me I guess cuz he kept taking me up the center right in front of the stage to get good pix! One time, while Misha was doing his ”Billie Jean” dance, I got to go next to the stage and he saw me and came right in front of me so I can take his pic, he is so sexy lol! Ya, and while Aaron was singing do you remember, he saw my sign (it said Aaron is a hottie on one side, and on the other, it said can I have a kiss?) and he smiled at me and then winked!!!!!!!!!(oh and I touched his!)

So right before the show was gonna end, me, my sister, and these two girls we met, Anna and Brittany (you guys are awesome, I had a great time!) went running to that bridge thing that was right next to their little area with their dressing rooms and stuff, where they were gonna have the little meet and greet thing! Then Misha and Tony came back there and were talkin to this guy. I yelled, Hi Misha! I love you! And he turned around and yelled I love you too! So we were just standing there watching him for a while and we didn’t have passes so I yelled, Misha, can you get us back there, pleez! And he turned andlooked at me and was like, I can’t, I don’t have any passes, I’m sorry, but I love you! And then blew a kiss to me….*sigh* I thought I was gonna melt, Misha just told me he loves me…yay! So I wrote my number on this little piece of paper and was gonna throw it to him, but then the security guards found us and were like I’m sorry but you have to keep moving, you can't stop up here, it is fire hazard! …a fire! But they were getting mad so we had to walk down to the parking lot, where we were then told to stay back by another security person becuz they were escorting Aaron out in this van…lol!

So after he left my mom and her boyfriend came up to us and I was like oh there's Jerry! So I yelled hi Jerry! And he turned and smiled and waved! Then we saw his hott dancer Jonathan and we went over to talk to him and got his autograph! Then I looked to my left, and yay, there was Tony standing right next to! So I was like hi Tony! And he goes hey, and I asked if I could get a picture with him and I he was like sure, so he wrapped his arm around me and we took our picture. Then we were gonna leave, but I remembered that I wanted to give Misha my number, so I pulled it back out of my purse, and I was gonna ask Tony to give it to Misha, but I turned around and there was Misha!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy! I walked over to him, and some girls wanted me to take their picture for them, so I did, and then I was like Misha, can I get a picture with you, and he like ya sure!! So he also wrapped his arm around me and while we were standing there waiting for my sister to turn on the camera, I was like oh here ya go, and handed him my number! He looked me straight in the eye, smiling, and said thanx! And he put it in his pocket, so we took our pic, and then my mom was like here have him sign this (she handed me this like paper fan that they were handing out at the fair), so I was like Misha can you sign this, and he's like yep, and I was like sorry I’m like bugging you, and he was like no, it’s kewl! So while he was signing it I was like thanx Misha, I love you! And he stood back up to hand me my autograph, and he was looking me right in my face and was like, aw thanx, I love you too! That was like one of the best moments of my life..yay! So it was time to go, so I turned around and was like bye Misha and he smiled and waved bye!

So that was my “fan experience”! haha! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanx Aaron, Misha, Tony, Jonathan, nice security guard, Anna, Brittany, and the girl who gave Aaron my book, my night wouldn’t have been the same without you..haha! - Amber