Aaron's Jukebox Tour
Live at the TLA in Philly
Opening Acts: Stevie Brock, J-Me, Greg Raposo, and Jump5
Reviewed By: Pratik

It was 5:15pm when I arrived at the TLA. It was a few minutes later that we went to check about the Greg Raposo Private Meet and Greet. On the way to the box office we saw Stevie Brock walking down the South Street and Greg Raposo work his way into the venue. Then at about 6:00 we waited in line to go in and meet Greg where we saw Jump5 coming out of a store and walking down the street. Well when we were finally in we met Greg as well as Libby, Brittany, Chris, and Brandon. They signed autographs and posed for pictures. We also saw Aaron walk by us during the Greg Raposo Meet and Greet. Around 6:30 we worked our way towards the stage. After an hour of waiting the show finally began at 7:30 and Stevie Brock lit up the room! He had learned all new choreography for the tour and it was amazing. He performed Shut Me Down, If U Be My Baby, and his first single All For Love. He wore a white hooded vest and white pants with gems on them. He made this hilarious comment in between his set "A lot of people think I look like Aaron Carter, but I'm not Aaron Carter, I'm Stevie Brock". There was a funny fight skit sort of thing at the end of All For Love. Next up was a new performer named J-Me. She was really good, she performed 3 songs as well and mentioned that her debut album comes out later this year. Then Greg Raposo took off. He performed 4 of his songs which included Take Me Back Home and Every Summer. He didn't have his band with him so he sang to pre-recorded tracks. The crowd really got into his performance and he was amazing. Next up was Jump5 or tonight they were going by Jump4 because of the absence of Lesley Moore. They came on stage full of energy while singing their first song Throw Your Hands Up. Then they did 2 new songs from their upcoming album Accelerate called Pressure and Do Ya. They did their dance/gymnastics break during Pressure. They tried to get the audience to sing along with Do Ya by teaching them the chorus. After that song everyone was singing along with a Medley of hits that included All I Can Do, Beauty & the Beast, and Spinnin Around. Next on their list was a song that means a lot to everyone, they asked everyone to wave their hands in the air during God Bless The USA. Finally it was their last song of the night, they actually remade for the Radio Disney Family Pledge and it will be on Accelerate, We Are Family. After they left there was a 15 minute or so intermission, so they could get ready for Aaron Carter's Jukebox set. Aaron went on at about 8:50 dressed as none other than The King of Rock & Roll, Elvis. He came onstage with his 6 new dancers Misha, Tony, Krista, Laura, Kylie, and Randi. He had so many costume changes during the show and all of the clothes that him and his dancers wore were awesome! He sang songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s that included Elvis, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Earth Wind and Fire, and more. He even had special tributes to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Aaron even had a drum solo during the show! Many girls in the front sprayed him twice with silly string, which was pretty funny. He threw out many things to the audience including water bottles and towels. Finally towards the end he got to some of his own songs. Outstanding, where he brought a girl up with him on stage. An awesome Medley of I Want Candy, That's How I Beat Shaq, and Aarons Party (Come Get It). A special extended version of Do You Remember, the audience really got into it. He let some people in the sudience sing into the microphone. He then came back out for one last song, Baby It's You. He and his dancers put a lot of energy into this song, I think it was the highlight of the evening. During the song him and his dancers got a bunch of water bottles and soaked the audience! Then at the end of the song he made a quick exit. It was about 10:30 when it ended. Overall it was an awesome concert and I hope there many just like it or even better! This was definately the must-see tour of the summer! Thanks to Aaron Carter, his dancers, and his band for an incredible concert, we know a lot of hardwork was put into it! Also special thanks to J-Me, Jump5, Greg Raposo, Stevie Brock, and Stevie's dancers, you guys were awesome! - Pratik