Toledo OH concert 8/20!

Hi everyone! I'm going to start with the beginning. Bear with me now. We pulled into the Centennial Terrace parking lot at 2:00pm. We began looking for Aaron. We found Jump 5, Greg (from DS) and Aaron's dancers buses, but no Aaron. So we got pix of the other buses while we waited. My mom held our place in line. There were only about 20-40 people in front of us. So then, Kiss FM had a contest for meet n greets. There were only like 6-8 people allowed to play in it. I wasn't in the contest. So I didn't get the meet n greet passes. Anyway, at 5:00, Aaron's bus pulled into the parking lot. We all ran for the bus. Aaron came out to do the sound check, avoiding the fans. We still got pix though! Aaron came out and we all ran for the bus again. Then Stevie Brock opened a window on his tour bus. He started talking to all us. But then he was like "I've got to go eat now, see you later," or something along those lines. I got like three pix of him hanging out of the window to his tour bus. Then it was 5:30, and we all went into the arena. Aaron ran by me and into the quarry. I followed! Soon there was someone yelling for Aaron, so I went to see what was going on. Aaron was swimming in the quarry!!! With like two friends I guess. As we were taking pix and yelling at Aaron, Jump 5 walked by! Finally, it was time for Aaron to go get ready. I ran over to the other side and grabbed his hand as he walked by me. He smiled at me, though it seemed a little distant. I wasn't aware of grabbing his hand or letting go. He's so tall and he's got big hands! So he ran to his dressing room, avoiding all the fans. I was the only one who got to touch him at that point. The concert started. Stevie Brock was the first to perform, and of course I now want his cd! His dancers threw shirts out into the crowd. It was an awesome performance. Second was Greg Raposo. He threw a rose out into the crowd. Then Jump 5. Leslie was sick, so she wasn't there. All the supporting acts we great! Finally...AARON TIME!!! It was fantastic! He threw towels he wiped his sweat off with into the crowd (3 of them) I nearly got one. He jumped off stage a few times. I guess he remembered me cuz he waved and winked! The concert was fantastic. Aaron was rushed out of the arena. (he sprained his ankle??). apparently, there was a black limo outside the arena, im not sure if aaron was taken away in it or what. Sarah.