Toledo Ohio-8/20:

Aaron Carter seemed to be happy and ready to rock before his show on Wed at Centennial Terrace in Toledo Ohio. Around 7pm on Wednesday fans were allowed into the general admission floor of the Centennial Terrace, not having any idea of what they were about to see. After a private meet and greet with Aaron Carter that ended around 7:30 the pop star him self came running out one side of the floor to his dressing room area entrance on the other. With no security around him fans took off towards the 15 year old singer, but by the time they realized who it was he was gone.

Shortly after that young singer Stevie Brock took the stage performing three of his own songs along with a dance remix of Justin Timberlakes "Rock your Body." The fans seemed to enjoy his talent as much as they did Aaron's, but maybe that's because he looks like he could be yet another sibling in the carter family.

Jump 5 , a normally five member group came to the stage next with one member missing due to illness. With the absence of one of there own, they still put on an amazing show of dancing a singing.

The tickets said "Aaron Carter" but what we saw next was a little rock and roll from Elvis, The Rolling Stones and even The Beach Boys. Instead of performing the usual 90 minute set of songs from his three albums, Aaron brought the show to a level he could relate to. With many of the songs being personal favorites of his, he was able to give the show a little more excitement. All Shook Up (Elvis), Surfing USA (The Beach Boys,) Play That Funky Music (Wild Cherry)- Seemed to be some of the crowds favorites among the cover songs he did. The show seemed to be more about the music with Aaron choosing to use a very small stage set keeping it basic with his band and dancers. The show was an amazing display of talent that is sure to be one of the most exciting tours of the summer. Taking advantage of smaller venues is allowing Aaron to get up close and personal with his fans.

After several headling tours, three albums and a pay per view special Aaron Carter seems to keep the fans guessing with what he will do next. Look for Aaron Carters next album to drop sometime in the next year and for him to be starring in his first movie "Future Force" due out 2005.

Special Thanks to Lori Knight with Spectra Music and Managment