Ok heres my story of the toledo concert. i could make this story 6 pages long but iíll try to shorten it for u all. we left home around 8 on tuesday night and got to our hotel in toledo at about 1:30am. we got to the concert place at 9am the next morning. there were already 5 girls there in line. i had been makin aarons mom a quilt that said the carter family and had their names on it and all i had left to do was put the words on it and we were gonna do that while we were sittin line. people started gettin there around 1-2 and then the buses came around 3-4. first was jump 5ís. someone saw a bus across the street at a gas station so we ran over there and someone asked if it was aarons bus and they said no, that they were fishermen. then as we were walkin away, they turned into the concert place and then they were like, we never said it wasnt jump 5 lol. ok then was stevies (his bus has his picture on it so we knew it was his). then aarons. we were over doin the quilt most of the time. but there was no point in doin it unless we could meet aaron or his mom to give it to them so my mom found his tour manager and told him about it so he gave us passes! we were soooo extremely happy!!! BUT that meant we only had one more hour instead of 3 to finish it so we were goin really fast and kinda messin up.

ok skip all this stuff and now its time for the meet and greet. they took us in and then jump5, greg raposo and his dancers walked by with some food (it looked like lasagna). and aaron walked by with a hot dog but nobody said anything to him. after he ate, aaron and craig came over to the table. 2 girls were first but then aaron decided he wanted to go down the line of fans so he could be closer to them and take pics with them (hes so sweet!!). we showed him the quilt and he said, wow thats awesome, shes not here so iíll sleep with it til she gets it. ahhh:) i wonder if he really slept with it?! he signed our shirts and gave us hugs then went to the next people. then i walked over to craig and i said r u craig, he said yeah then i asked him for a pic and he said sure.

then the concert started and we were in front row center. stevie was first and hes the cutest 12 yr old ive ever saw!! he waved at me 2!! he was great and then there was greg. he was really good. and he has a nice body! he winked at me!! then was jump 5- chris is soooo hot!! then finally....AARON!!! as always, his voice is perfect, his dancing is perfect, and he looks perfect. i think i touched his hand like 4 or 5 times. now the best part- when he was singin do u remember, he came down and was touchin pplís hands and he came to ME and put the microphone in front of me and i froze for a second and forgot the words but then i remembered. i sung the part that goes, but maybe i can make it my way. ahhh i couldnt believe that just happened! this was my 5th concert of his and i think it was the best one so far!

ok after it was over, we ran to get in line for the meet and greet with stevie, jump 5, and greg. when greg was singing he said somethin about girls givin him their numbers, so of course we wrote our numbers down on a piece of paper and gave them to him when we got up there. but he said he lost his cell phone.....surrrre lol. stevie and chris said that they saw us a lot and asked if we were in the first row. gosh they both look sooo good!! and chris said kara had a really nice smile! we got all of their autographs and then we had to leave and drive 5 hours home and then go to school the next day.

that day was definitely the highlight of my year. now i have met aaron 2 times and im goin to the cincinatti concert...maybe iíll meet him there too! if anybody wants to know who am....look at the pics of the "toledo crowd" and look at the 4th, 6th, or 14th picture and im the one in the blue shirt with the curly blonde hair. the girl with the brown curly hair is my best friend kara.!! - Emily