Saturday,September 6th,2003-
South Street Seaport, NYC
Twister Moves Promotional concert.

Yippe, so this is how it went down. I left my house @ to nyc @ 12:00..met up with Kate..than found Rachel & Anna. Hung with them and so on. The rest of the time Kate and I went and talked to security because i might have been able to get backstage. They were very copperative, but there was nothing they could do because it was a PROMOTIONAL concert only and Aarons managment like had nothing to do with it. I would have gotten backstage if this person was there. Oh well. They told me all they could do for me was when Aaron walked by this pathway where we were standing, she would ask him to stop and talk with us! We waited..but decided to let it go..because we wanted to go get our spots back in line for the concert. Rachel was nice enough to let my in line with her. I explained the situation to her about Aaron..but we decided to stay put in line. Soon after they announced for Radio Disney and Contest winners to go to the front and get there wristbands or passes to be a VIP Twister Moves dancer (The people with wristbands got to try out the Twister Moves game in front of anyone. Like everyone else was behind barricades and fences and those who had wristbands got in and did the game) Than i heard some girl say "There just handing out wristbands"..but i didn't believe her Kate was nice enough to go check..she came back and she had gotten a wristband. SoOo I run out of my spot..alllll the way around up and over...cut in front of 3 people in line and i got the LAST wristband lol to be a Twister Moves Dancer. Rachel unfortunatly didn't get in. But she wanted to! So we I came up with this stupid story lol. And we tried to get her in first it wasn't working but she went around and they let her in w/o a wristband anyways. So we were all in there. It was so funny..cuz i was SO lost with this Twister Moves thing..haha! AH everyone was watching haha. After the Twister Moves dancing thing..they announced Aaron & Nick were gonna be comming out, so all the people in the VIP area got to run up to the stage first before the people in line behind the barricades.. :-D hehe. So I ran to the front and Rachel was right behind me. So we got Front row. fun stuff. The stage was very small and the backsatge area was just a *tent* lol..well i saw this girl jump on aaron..and I was thinking it was a fan haha but it was Angel giving Aaron a huge hug! how cute. And than I saw Jane..and Nick was bouncin a ball..and Aaron and his dancers were doing this pre-show thing lol. It was SO cute to see the family together.

Well Aaron came out. He looked happy. And he performed Great! He sang a few song from his old albums and new. haha he changed a few things like durring the Shaq song: "How'd i get a jersey with the name....Shady hahah!" - Cuz he was wearing a Shady shirt...than for Aarons party he said "I sure put my new white Jordans to the test" haha awe. He was very energetic..and so cute..haha he did the cutest things and faces. He hopped down at one point off the stage..and EVERYONE went crazy that they had to yell at Aaron to get back on the stage. Durring one of Aarons song..he picked up a waterbottle..drank out of it. Set it back down on the stage lol.*Keep that in mind*. Aaron than took a lil break cuz him and Nick were gonna come onstage next. Durring the lil break haha Aaron and Nick were havin this convo on there mic..i didn't understand what the heck Aaron was saying. But i could see him and Nick talking. After that..Nick & Aaron came onstage and performed "She wants me" was awesome. Aaron made sure he got the point across that "She wants me" lol...than Aaron and Nick seperated the see who cheered for whom m0re...I was on Aarons side :-D not sure who won? But it was funny..cuz the side i was on.. we were cheering at the wrong time and aaron gave us a funny face haha! After that they thanked us for comming out..blah blah. And haha ah this cracks me up.. Aaron says "I learned how to dance from Twister Moves!"..i was like "HAH you wish!" lol! JK. Overall there performance was great..pretty good for not having any back-up singers or band. And they didn't lipsync either...Well you remember that waterbottle i told you about? The one Aaron drank out of and set down? I asked the Camera guy in front of me to hand me the he did lol. I drank out of it. hehehe. ah i dont know why. I guess i couldnt resist? Than passed it onto rachel and kate. So yay i got Aarons water bottle.

After the concert, they were having a small meet and greet for contest winners Thanks to kate she overheard it was going to be up in the Champs store. So we went up there. Aaron and Nick were inside the store doing an was only a few feet away so i was watching and took a pic through the window..nick looked over a few times lol. Jane was also in there... well than I had like a letter in my hand..and before i could even talk the security guy says.."You won from the fan club? Just stand in the line and you will get in." ..I was like but..welll..okay! lol. So i didnt argue with the man lol. Argh so than this man comes out and says "ONLY people with VIP After show passes can go to the meet and greet"..but the guy who told me about the fan club..said "Don't worry about it. you'll get in" that was good. I was worried that Rachel, Kate and the rest of the people wouldnt get in :-(..But they announce all the meet and greet people to go down the steps and wait in line and than they will send 5 or so up at a time to meet them. This lady was so nice lol she's like "get in the back of the line girls and you will get in!" SOoO we got in line..and to make a story short: we all got in. Me, my dad, Rachel, her dad, Kate, her mom, her cuz, Anna and im not sure if there was another person lol. But when we all got up there the guy at the door was like "no pics with them, but you can take pics of them" lol..i sorda finished his sentence HAHA. and then he says "BUT Hey if you lean in..i didn't see anything" LOL so he was cool. He let us in. I was ahead of everyone haha...i dunno why. But before my turn Aaron remembered Anna and called her out of line for a hug. it was so cute hehe. Than she got back in line and he signed my pic..passed it onto Nick and nobody was really saying anything..and Aaron was just sitting i said:

ME : "Good Show Aaron!"
Aaron : "Thanks! I really appreciate it!"
ME: smiles. than moves to Nick.
Nick: "::Hand me my autograph::"
ME: "Thanks!"
Nick: "::nods:: Yup!"
Jessie: "Good show Nick!"
Nick: "Thanks! It was a lot of fun!"
Nick: "::Hands my dad autograph and acknowledges that my dad was there and gave him a nod:: lol"
ME: ":::laughs::: cuz my dad got an autograph"
Nick: "::laughs:: and smiles for my dads camera"

my dads camera wasnt working. so nick was laughing cuz my dads like "huh, guess it doesn't want to work"..but my dad tried and i think it might have worked the seconed time around.

After that..I was just standing there...Aaron was just sitting it was a free moment and i asked

ME: "OhH aArOn, can i have a hug too?" LOL
Aaron: "yeah, sure! ::put out arms::"
ME: ":::extends over table::: Aaron and Me hug! :-D" lol

After that it was goodbye..we walked out. and we all decided to take the subway to the Toys R US signing in Times Square. We all had a ticket for the signing. SO we take the subway ..go to times square...we get to toys r us..and the line is SOO long..all the way around the was stupid. My dad suggested i'd leave because i had met them like and hour ago lol and i had more time with them there than i would have had with them at this signing . Cuz Aaron & Nick would be going super fast and it wouldnt be all worth it, ya know? Soo i kept my Twister Moves game and ticket for the signing as a souviner lol..and said goobye to all my friends and left.

I took the subway back to the South Street Seaport. My dad and I walked over to where the *world trade centers used to was sooo weird. the buldings around it were still not repaired...ah it was to sad :-( ...we took pics..and than walked around..went back to the seaport..and had dinner..than we went to the water front..and it was soo could see the Brooklyn (spelling may be off on that) bridge and across the way Brooklyn itself..and all the boats going by!

Well overall it was so much fun..i love nyc! And it was a fun day with my friends! That was my 5th time meeting Aaron and my first time meeting Nick. I hope theres many more to come with Aaron. :-D

Picture wise for the concert: I got pics of Angel, Aaron, Nick, Angel, Dancers all backstage...Aaron and Nick performing durring the concert...after the concert..aaron and nick doing the interview...aaron and nick at the m&g. I will hopefully post some pics up on my website: as soon as they are developed and scanned. Also check there soon for my 8/13 pics!