Report from Abbi from the Aaron Carter concert in Va Beach:

We (my mom and I) arrived at the amphitheater around 9:30 and waited in our car until around 10, then got in line to get in around 10:10, and waited until 11:20! that was some serious waitage..anyway, when we got in, we learned that we had to wait till 3 to even get to our seats/section! (I was in the dance section which was the orchestra pit w/o seats) so I did all the activities and other misc. stuffs.

Finally after waiting for ever! Around 2:30, my mom and I got in line and what do we hear? Aaron singing! He was doing a soundcheck! So of course everyone started freaking out (kinda) and we all listened. Around 2:45 he was done and was standing behind some trees, but with the right angle, you could see him. After a while, he started doing backflips and such...showoff. haha. Finally at exactly 3 they let us in and, of course, I ran to the barricade! I was in the front! the very front! I was soo excited... unfortunately, we then had to wait another hour and 20 minutes till Monica came on. When she did, she did an excellent job. She sang some oldies and was off the stage within 45 minutes. After that, a band from Richmond, VA came on called The Gizmos (after the show I talked to one of their promoters and he was saying how Aaron hit him with a door..poor guy).

ANYWAY, time for the MAIN EVENT! Aaron came on and did his show from his recent tour. It was awesome and he had so much energy! During the tribute to Michael Jackson, he ran across the barricade and I touched his hand twice! It was nice haha. after that, there was about 30 minutes to an hour of singing (he was up there for about 2 hours!!!) and then he did 3 of his songs for the last 3, (How I beat Shaq, I Want Candy, and Aaron's Party). after Aaron's Party, he ran offstage, and took off his upper part of his costume (it was all one piece) and he didn't have a shirt on!! SO he ran and did a backflip thing, and it ended. It was such an awesome concert, definitely worth the wait... Bye! Abbi