Well lets see, i had front row seats for aarons concert in wildwood NJ, at the wildwood convention center. and i live in northern jersey. So it took me and my mom about 4 hours just to get there with the rain and everything, probz even longer! Well we got there at 7 on the dot and J-me was on stage when we walkd in! But sum1 wuz in our seats but they got kikd out but there was a problem, there was like 5 feet between my front row seats n the stage so0o every1 was standing up ther and i mean like every1 b/c the place was like 1/2 empty - ive neva been to an ac concert or ne concert that was that empty. But the security guards movd every1! well j-me did good wuteva i could care less about her! lol well i made friend wit mi front row girl, next to me Tasha n Ashley [hey guys!] b/c we were like the oldest 1nz in the front couple rows. So stevie brock came out he is so0 adourble but hey he's onli 12, lol we talked to him after the sho, tell u bout it lata lol. well us 3 and him were havin fun flirten wavin n lafin he'z so0 cute! haha i luvd his lil dance numba to justinas beat box! adorable haha! well next was jump 5! and agian us 3 playd round wit them n stuff b/c in the front cuple rows we were the onli wunz who new ne of their songs and who they are lol and wow was chris hot lolz! well he kept smilin at us wavin pointin the usual, nuttin im not used to conciderin ive seen aaron front row 3 times b4 and had meet n greet 3 times b4 and ive been 2 ova 20 concerts lolZ! but hey it was stil fun! well Greg wasnt there b/c he was stuck in denver or sumtin like that i cant remember! and then i became friend wit kim, i think her namewas who told me that b/c shes gregs friend n was suposd to meet him there lol well the openin acts were fun!

well then aaron comes on stage and every1 keeps rushin up but me n mi gurls got front neways b/c we complained how we had front row and we paid for those seats so they let us up front n thanx 2 the cute security guard who new we did have front row and werent lying. well every once and while they wuld start movin ppl bak aaron wuld wave n be like run up and he was the 1 causin all the problems lol! well front row as great i think las years RR&R tour was a lil bit betta tho and the seatin was alot betta! Well aaron sang his songs and wuteva and i brought silly string wit me b/c las year he stole mi silly sting fron me and got me n mi BF all wit silly string, b/c he new who we were from the MnG and backstage passes lol so i brought a can to get him bak. So aaron was on stage doin his thing and i got him wit the silly string he lookd so confusd and was like heyy and then saw me smilin and was like it was u haha i new it hahah nd lafd nd then he kept on singing n then like 5 minutes lata i did it again. and this time he lafd and was like nahuh mi turn so he came n got mi sillysting n then got me and then the rest of the ppl lolz and then after that he came down to touch every1nz and and all of a sudden he grabs mi hand and plants wun on mi lips and was like thnx and smiled i was like that came out of no where and then aaron went on stage and drank out of his gaturade and he was like who wants this and i didnt react and he was like hmm ima give it to u babe and threw it rite at me and i dropd it tho b/c i had mi camera n stuff in 1 hand and then he was like ahha thats y u gatta play baseball and i was like heyy and he was like jk jk sweetie lolz and then the security guard gave me mi gaterade, howeva u spell it! then aaron pickd a girl from the audience he went up to a couple ppl and i was the last 1 and his dancer was like ac this 1 and he was like hmmm yeaa! and then a little girl next to me wa cryin nd he was like hmm y not this 1 nd then sed sorri 2 me grrr! hahah but then lata aaron came down and kisd me on the cheek this time! lol nd he took mi glowstick form me lolZ! not fair well the concert went well after that aaron kissd me twice and once on the lips! after the show evned every1 came up 2 me and wa like aaron kissd u twice and on the lips u were the onli girl he did that 2 and blah blah blah haha well then i talkd to aarons friend craig who i'v met b4 and he rember me sorta lol he sed he did but i doubt it b/c last year i spent like 2 hours wit him chillen n chatten. then me and mi 2 friends went to the signing and we got 2 stevie and he was like heyyy ur the girls in the fronnt row lolz! and we lafd nd took pics got his autograph n then jump 5 sed the same thing they were like heyy lookd like u guys had fun out ther and then chris was like hahah u gurls wer makin me laff n was like hope u had fun i was showin off for u guys and he was like im hungry and we wer like were goin to Mcdonalds and he was like heyy i mite join ya but lol i didnt bother wit that! he calld us the front row girls! b/c we were lolz! well i was on mi way home a 3 hour drive wen all of a sudden a bus is drivin rite next to us wit a picture of jump 5 and stevie on it and the driver waved and pointed to the bak of the bus meanin they were on there it was so0o0o funny b/c they were goin to the next show the same way we were goin home! so i gatta pic of the buss i couldnt resist lolz! well i had a fun nite i probz 4got sum things but whatever i said enough! i typed like everything wrong but o0 well im in a ruch sorta haha! well over all it was a fun show!! nuttin can get better than aaron carter kissen you on the lips without even u askin and so0 outof the blue!

UPDATE: dont ever kiss aaron carter or drink his drink after he has been sick for a cuople of days, because now i have what he had, a realli bad soar throat and i can barely talk nd bad coughing! lolz just to let ppl no hahah lolz!