Amanda's Story
I was there at the place since 8 am and i was out in the sun all day and I got burnt really bad. And this guy goes if your here for Aaron he wont be here until 3 I didn't care i just sat there .Finally he came in a blue van and Ginger,Bob and Aaron got out and waved at me. Aaron did sound check then came back out. I yelled hey Aaron i got shirts for you and he pointed at himself and went for me and i went yeah and he came over and stuff i talked to him for a little while i gave him 3 pictures one of Aaron Craig and Angel and he signed his and then he looked at the other pic behind it which was Craig and he goes haha that's craig he's going to be here in a little while. And I gave him the bags and told him the other 2 bags went to Craig and Angel. I asked him to say hey Amanda in my cell and it didn't work so i asked him again and he wasl ike Hey Amanda what's up Amanda can you hear me about now?....good but Aaron took to long and if the message is over a minute it shuts off nad it was over a minute. During the concert I looked over and was like there's bob carter and my friend was like no it's not and i was like yeah so i didn't want to go up to him by myself so i just fergot about it then some other girls got their pics with him and so finally i just went up to him with my friend and got my pic with him and ginger and bob's autogragh My mom talked about how it was my 8th time seeing him in concert in stuff and iwas seeing aaron in concert since i was 12 and he went oh wow thanks for supporting aaron and keep coming to see aaron then we went back to our seats and i looked over and like the whole audience was running up to them in stuff and then the police came out and walked bob and ginger back the the backstage area. then during the concert i had 12 row but just ran up to the front row and i looked at the side of the stage i saw ginger and bob watching aaron. The show was really good~Amanda~