Concert: Cypress Gardens' "Radio Disney Jingle Jam 2004" on 12-18-04

I woke up that morning and me and my mom drove about an hour to Winter Haven, FL, where Cypress Gardens is. The show didn't start until 7 pm that night, but we got there around 1..since the seats were first come first serve we wanted to get close. I thought for sure that when we got there at 1 that we would have horrible seats, but to my lucky surprize there weren't that many girls there yet. And also, when we were walking in, I saw some people up on stage dancing around- I couldn't see exactly who it was from far away but when I got closer, I could see perfectly clear--it was AARON doing his soundcheck with his dancers!!!! I ran up to the stage, since there was only like a total of 10 girls there when I got there, and I just sang along and danced in the front and I know he saw me there was only like 9 other girls there. He might have looked at me a few times too-what a great start to the day!!

So I looked over and I saw Pat from Radio Disney, he was just hanging around by the Radio Disney van..I had my mom ask "if there was any meet and greets going on today?"..and Pat was like "do you listen to radio disney?"..i said "of course!" and he was like "well if you listen to radio disney, you'll be able to answer this question..and if you get the correct answer, I will let you meet aaron carter". I was sooooo excited, i couldn't believe it--my entire lifelong dream is right in front of me-- i just had to answer ONE question. Of course I didn't know the answer to the question. So I pleaded with the lady sitting next to Pat, I was like "can you give me a hint?"..and she leaned over to me, and whispered the answer in my ear! So I answered it, and it was right!!! And then Pat said, okay don't tell anyone we are doing this, and just come back at 4, get in line by this gate (that he pointed to) and you can meet aaron!!! I was sooo excited i couldn't believe it- I never get chances like this- I've never been in a meet and greet before. I didn't know what I was going to say to him. I called all my friends and asked them what I could say to them, and after that I had alot of good ideas!

So when 4 o'clock rolled around, the meet and greet people got in a line, they checked off our names on the list, and they let us go in. I was so nervous. My hands were all sweaty, my stomach had knots in it, I felt so sick to my stomach I didn't know if I could even go in there. But I knew I had to, because this is something I have looked forward to forEVER! So my mom went in first, and there he was sitting at the table with Fan 3. All I know is that he looked so hot! He was wearing a red t-shirt with a white button-down collared shirt over it, and jeans with sneakers-and his hair was spiked up- so HOT! And so then I walked over to the table, so nervous, and he stuck out his hand and gave me a huge grin, he said, "Hey! I'm Aaron"...and I was in shock, and I tried desperately to remember my name, and I did..after a few seconds..haha and we shook hands. ::sigh:: lol. Then as he was signing a photo for me, I tried to think of ANYTHING that my friends told me to say, but of course I couldn't think of anything. I think I managed to stutter out one sentence- 'I am a big fan of yours'..but I stuttered horribly, I was so embarrased lol. But then I repeated myself clearly and he smiled and said well thank you! He was so sweet about it. Then I got myself together and asked if I could take a picture with him, he was like of course! SO CUTE. He put his arm around me, and my mom told me that my face turned like ghost white. that must have been hilarious for her to see. It was only pretty much a 2 minute thing, because they had us move along pretty quickly, however, it was quite possibly the best 2 minutes of my life so far.

Then, as we were leaving the trailer, Pat from Radio Disney was drawing tickets out to see who could go back and meet aaron--they drew my ticket!! I couldn't go back there again, but it looked like I could have met aaron either way which was SO awesome. So then the rest of the day I could relax and know that I met aaron, and just be super excited for the show at 7.

My mom and I went around and went on rides and just had a good time till 7 when the show started! It was such a good show, Aaron did awesome of course, he sang a lot of his older songs like "Bounce", "Aaron's Party", "I want Candy", and also "Another Earthquake", "Leave it up to me", "One better", and a christmas song, "Run Run Rudolph" off the Jingle Jam Radio Disney CD. I am sure there were a few more songs but I can't think of them right now. It was such a good show, I was bummed at how short it was-only about 45 mins to an hour. Its okay, I had the best day of my life, and I am so glad that I went!!

SORRY SO LONG! I wanted to include everything in here ..thanks!
~Erica from Tampa, FL~