Julietta and Erin's fan experience from the San Francisco CA concert on Friday 12/11/04:

So he was playing at the san jose convention center and the tickets were first come first serve so i knew i had to be there early so i could get front row so i was like lets stay the night before in a hotel so the Hilton hotel is attached to the convention center so my friend erin and I drove there and we got there at like 10 30 at night we went ot our rooms and then we went down to the lobby were sitting in some chairs and these young hot guys keep walking in (which i later find out were dancers for the show) and then erin turns to me and is all "um I think thats aaron carter" i was all shut up then i looked and i saw this blonde hair and i was liek, its him! so we walk over and erin's like "can she have a hug" and he put out his hand and he's like"hi im Aaron" i was like uhhhhh, "hi im Julietta" then hes liek u girls are so "beautiful!" Then we talked and i took a picture i over heard him say 2 room numbers so later erin and I slipped a note under each door that said my cell # and "hit us up" 5 minutes later my phone rings (mind u its ring tone is aaron carter's song "come get it") i pick it up and it's aaron carter!!! and we talked for like 3 minutes and then he put his dancer on the phone and then we met his dancer back in the lobby and hung out for like 2 hrs and liek I was asking him all these questions bout aaron so aaron's cell is still in my phone, he didnt block his number but wait my stories not over.... so the next morning we see aaron again in the lobby and i waved and he waved back and during his show i was at the front of the stage and he was singing and his music stopped cuz thye were having techical difficulties so he didnt know what to do so he started signing autographs and he knelt down right in front of me, cuz he was reaching over signing for some fans and he looked down and he's all "hi Julietta" he remebered my name! (when we hung out with his dancer the night before, i got a lot of inside info bout AC)