Here is a review by Elizabeth of Aaron's 8/12/03 Hampton Beach NH Concert:

Ok, so we got to Hampton Beach at about 6:15pm, and the concert didn't start until 8:00, so we decided we would eat a quick dinner, then go in to get a good spot. It was general admission, so most of the people are standing all around the stage, behind some barricades, and then parents or people who got tired could sit around the perimeter of the room. There were a bunch of young kids, some even as young as 4 or 5. I'm 15, in case you're wondering, and I went with my friend, also 15, and then my mom sat in the back. The first opening act to come on was Stevie Brock. He did a REALLY good job. His outfit was kinda like Justin Timberlake's, u know, a white hoodie vest and white pants. He only sang 3 songs, All For Love, Shut Me Down, and If U Be My Baby, and then he did a dance routine to Justin Timberlake's beat box from his song Rock Your Body, which was great. After that, some girl named Jamie came on, she sang 2 or 3 songs. After her Greg Raposo came on, he did a good job. He sang 3 or 4 songs, and the crowd liked him, it was good. Jump 5 was the last act to come on before aaron, but there were only 4 of them there cuz one of the girls was sick. The 2 boys were doin flips and cartwheels and jumpin all around the stage the whole time, that was really cool. U could tell they were lip-synching a lot of the time, but i don't blame them with all the dancing and gymnastics they were doing, they were totally out of breath. The only bad thing about Jump 5 was that they did way too many songs, their set was twice as long as it should have been i think.

The opening acts started around 8:00, and ended at 8:45, then Aaron came on at 8:50 or so. He came out at first with an Elvis white suit on, there are pictures of him wearing it at other concerts on fan sites. I was talking pictures, but after his 3rd costume change, i ran out of film and forgot my extra film : ( so his second costume was in a suit, then after a couple songs he took the jacket off, so he just had the white shirt on, and two of his dancers came and ripped it off him, it was velcro or something, and he had a beach shirt under it. I will leave a copy of his playlist from a different concert at the end, I'm not sure, but I think he did most of those songs. His friend Craig was there, I don't know if any of u know who he is, but there are pictures of him on fansites too if u look for them. After the beach shirt, he came out in a white 80's t-shirt that said "We're Back KICK ASS" on it, black jeans i think, and red converses. There was also an outfit with a scarf, but i don't remember the rest of it. There was an outfit with a tan shirt with big sleeves and red pants i think, and one that was a leather jacket and black pants, and his last outfit was a black sequin body suit type thing with a red hat on. When he had this outfit on, he came down from the stage and in between the stage and the barricades and traded this girl his hat for her black head band. He came down from the stage a lot, and ran down the side of one of the barricads so he would get closer to people who were farther back in the audience. I was in between about the 4 and 6th row of people for the whole thing, which was awesome. When he had the tan baggy-sleeved shirt on, he brought a girl up on stage and his two guy dancers "fought" over her. You can see basically the same thing in a clip [of Emily] that you can watch thro a link at . He and his two guy dancers were looking for the girl to bring up, so everybody is going crazy, and they come to the side I'm on, and I'm about 5'8", so u can see me in a crowd of young kids, and i'm the only one jumping up and down, so one of his dancers pointed to me, but Aaron didn't look. Some other girl ended up going up, and they did their little skit. It would have been really cool if it was me up there, but o well, maybe next time, : ) Aaron introduced his band, and got on his guitar player's back, and then the guitar player started playing with his teeth, it was cool. So then they all bowed and acted like it was over, but aaron kept mouthing "It's not Over, We're not done yet!" cuz some people were leaving. He came back out and sang 3 or 4 of his own songs, and did a really good drum solo. At first he was just playin around like he didn't know how to play, then the guitar player started to play, and aaron went crazy, he played really fast and it was amazing, better than I've seen him play before. Then he acted like he was done with the drums, but he started again, saying "I'm just gonna try a little something now" and he played even faster and better, without the band. I don't know if it was planned, but they didn't act like it was cuz the band looked surprised when he did it. He stuck the drum sticks in between his lips and teeth, like tusks, and the little kids thought that was hilarious, then he said "How u like that! u want some more" and played again. When he finished, he threw the sticks behind him and stood up with his hands in the air. Another thing he did at one point was jump off of the biggest drum they had, the one u hit with the foot petal during one of his songs. He did some flips during it, and he almost fell of the stage, then put his pointer finger and thumb together mouthing to his dancer "I was THAT close!!!!" and laughing. He had the dancers sing the words to some of his songs, but they didn't know some of the words, so he laughed. When he finished the drums, he walked to the middle of the stage and stood on one foot, swinging the other one back like he was gonna kick a soccer ball, and kicked his own foot he was standing on and fell over, on purpose, like he was really tired. At the very end, he ran off stage with his dancers, then came back one more time. He still had his black sequin suit on, but he had pulled the top part down to his waist, and ran across the stage shirtless, then left for good. One more thing he did was when he sang "I want candy", he said, "Now, this is my friend craig, not justin" and did the little phone part with craig standing rite there. Craig was just on off to the side next to the stage, so i had a good view of him. I think he looked a little mad that aaron drew the spot lite to him, I don't think he likes the idea of being famous, but I could be wrong.

So after the concert, people went to the "merchandise table" cuz Jump 5, Greg Raposo and Stevie Brock were all signing stuff. I would have gotten stevie's autograph, cuz i'm one of his fans, even before this, i have his cd, but my friend was sick, like, she got this throw up bug, so we left soon, and didn't have time to wait in line. That's ok tho, cuz i got the two guy dancer's autographs, and Craig's too. I would have taken pictures, but like i said, i ran out of film. I heard the dancers say they were 16, from colorado, and they got the job cuz they were at a dance performance or something, and i guess someone in connection with aaron saw them, so they got a call, and got the job. The whole concert was great, and I wish i had more tickets to other ones so i could see it again. It was my 4th aaron concert, and i think it was the best. O, one more thing he did, lol, sorry, i'm really bad at writing things in order, so in the beginning, like, his second outfit change, he was drinking some water, and he pointed to the side of the stage, where craig was standing, cept craig wasn't there yet (aaron waved to craig and looked surprised when craig got there). So there was this manager guy, i don't know, someone who knows aaron well, and aaron's motioning for him to "come here" with his hands, so the guy goes half was up the stairs, and aaron throws some water at him, and he got wet, lol. Aaron's still a prank guy at heart. I have more to say, but i have to go eat, i'm starving, and this is probably too long anyway. If you read all the way down to here, thanks for reading, i appreciate it!!

Always, Elizabeth