Interviewed by Mike Bristol of Syracuse.Com on 8/23/01

(Portions of the conversation in this transcript have been shortened or portions omitted due to audio distortion)

How big an influence has your brother been on your career? He’s a very big influence. He’s been very helpful with my career. Definitely.

What was it like opening up for Britney Spears? It was fun, she was very nice - she’s a very nice person - very kind-hearted.

Your hot fantasy with Pamela Anderson? Oh, man, I love Pamela Anderson. Have you ever met her before? I actually did meet her once. That must have been nice? Yeah. Could you talk to her? She’s real nice, actually. Your too good of a kid, you know that?

Your unusual talent – talk like Donald Duck? (duck talk) Say something else for me? (shut-up in duck talk)

Best moment - meeting Elton John – what was that like? It was very , very, very surprising. I haven’t talked about that in a while. He’s very nice. He’s a really cool guy. He did a song with Backstreet Boys over in England. So, that was pretty cool to see.

I’m a huge Beach Boys fan and Brian Wilson fan. And I saw that single Surfin’ USA, can you sing a little of that for me? Oh no, that’s way too high for me, dude. That is wayyy too high! Sing something else for me for a couple of minutes. Sing something else? Sing anything for me. …… I want Candy? Absolutely. I want Candy ……. I want Candy

Alright. Aaron Carter. Alright. Let go into the chat room. We’ve only got about 5 minutes. Here we go, buddy. Alright.


Aaron, do you enjoy performing with Nick? Oh I love it. I always have a good time with him. He’s very nice and he’s a very cool brother to have supporting me.

Do you have a girl friend, Aaron - what’s up - got a lady? I doooooo not. Oh he’s up for sale, kids.

Where will you be next? I will be in .. you know, that’s a good question. Your going to be at the NY State Fair soon, right? Yeah. I’ve been doing a lot of things lately so, it depends on where we are.

Are you a motorcross fan? Yes I am – big. You ride? Yes I do. Pretty good? I have nine bikes. How about you throw a couple my way, pal? Throw what – like some chicks? No, a couple bikes. …. I’ll send you a couple.

What does jump on the fizzy mean? Jumping to the party. Get into the mix...

How do you like Syracuse? Have you been to Syracuse yet? Yeah I’ve been there a couple of times. Jake, have we been here to Syracuse on our tour? – tomorrow….

Nick Kid’s Choice Award, 4 on billboard charts, 52 on the Rolling Stones top 100 artists, that is awesome. How’s your career been so far? It’s been really good. ……. going on for me – a lot of nice people in my life helping me – supporting me – it’s really been a lot of fun.

It’s been fun so far - Is this something you want to stay with? You want to keep being a singer or is there something else you want to do? Marine biology. That’s what I’ve always loved and I wouldn’t mind doing that. It’d be pretty fun.

Aaron, do you still have a house in Santa Inez? We, do - Right next door to Michael Jackson’s house.

Do a Michael Jackson impersonation for me. (high voice). Actually, I’m very good friends with Michael Jackson. ……

What’s he like? He’s a very nice person. He’s very down to earth and that’s the thing he wants people to expect out of him is just being normal cause that’s what he is.

Do you ever sing together? We are singing together. Actually …. Thriller, Billy Jean? I sang …….

Are you happy with your new CD, Oh Aaron? Yeah, I very excited about how it turned out. ….. my song … but it’s okay with what we’ve got on now.

Are you going to college? Do you want to go to college? Oh, of course.

Is there a meaning behind My Internet Girl? Oh noooo. Do I have an internet girl? The meaning behind it is basically this girl I don’t even know that I talk to on the internet. Does she know who you are? No, she just thinks I’m just a regular person.

What the best ride in the amusement park you’ve been on? Probably one called the Superman. That’s pretty sweet. Phenominal. That’s where you in with your chest and your feet are hanging out? No, no, no, this a different one - it goes up 300 stories and drops and it inverts.

What’s your favorite song on your new CD? – Break My Stride

Are you are a Christian? I am. I’m a Christian. Actually I'm a Baptist. I really believe in all the religions. I believe that if there’s a God out there we should all believe in Him. I believe in God. There’s not a specific thing….? Well I’m a Christian, I believe in God. You believe in Jesus Christ , you believe in God. – Definitely.

Who are some other artists that you’ve done some stuff with that you’re really excited about? Michael Jackson. I’ve worked with him. He was really fun.

That must have been just an awesome learning experience hanging out with Michael Jackson? Yeah, definitely.

Favorite book – Goosebumps? – talk about that. Well I actually like all the Goosebump books …. really cool.

Aaron, do you have a crush on Hilary from Lizzie McQuire? Noooo I don’t. No. I used to, but….

Where does your family go on vacation? The Mojave Desert

Are you going to do a world tour sometime? I don’t know. We should probably be doing one pretty soon.

Let’s talk about all your fame for a couple of minutes. How old are you right now? I am 13 years old. I’m gonna be 14 soon. I was reading this article. This kid is a down to earth guy. Fame has not gotten to his head. Talk about that for a minute. Are you pretty much a level guy? Yeah , I mean, I’m just like having fun. That’s what I want to do. …... respecting all the people around me.

Do you like doing interviews? Oh yeah, definitely.

My name’s Mike. Yeah okay.

You dig Frazier? Yeah. Sylvester Stallone, Swarzenegger? You like Arnold, huh? Yeah, definitely, I love Arnold. Do you lift weights like Swarzenegger? No

Do you have advice for kids who sing like myself? Have a good time and enjoy it while you can.

How do you get a record contract? You get it by practicing and being there and supporting your career.

What’s your favorite sport to play? – My favorite sport to play would be – would probably be - ? What do you like to do - Basketball? Yeah, yeah, basketball is actually a very good sport. Yeah.

What kind of NBA guys have you met - anybody? Hung out with Shaquille O’Neil before? Yeah. Shaquille actually gave me a couple of lessons.

What do you look for in a girl? I look for personality. That’s the really big thing.

Whats your favorite animal? Tigers – Siberian tigers – white ones.

Would you ever date a fan? Yeah probably, definitely.

Are you going back on Lizzie McGuire? Maybe …..

What’s your favorite movie? Right now, my favorite movie is Shrek.

Do you like to surf the net at all? I love to surf the net – you never know when I’m on.

What’s up Aaron? (smile)

Are you and Leslie fighting? We never fight. We actually get along pretty well. You guys are pretty close? Oh, yeah, definitely.

Do you have any close friends that are girls right now? Yeah, I have a close friend named Kim. She’s pretty close to me. But Kim’s not a girlfriend? Nah . But she’s a friend? Yeah. You say what’s up Kim? Yeah, you know how it is.

What’s in the works for Aaron? What’s coming down the road? Well, yeah, basically we have a movie coming out. That’s all we have in store for right now.

Do you like pro wrestling? Yeah …………opened up my show.

You’ve met just about everybody, haven’t you? Do you hang out with the president? Actually I have – I’ve met the president once.

When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you do? I don’t know. It depends …. I wake up and do what ever comes along.

When are you coming to Norway, Aaron? (Yawn) I should be coming to Norway pretty soon. I love it there. You’re getting tired aren’t you? Very soon. You’re a devoted guy – we got a boat load of people in here right now. This guy is tired. He needs his sleep. but he’s still on with everybody from Syracuse.com. That’s dedication, bro. Alright, man.

Brunettes or blondes? – both. It doesn’t matter.

Who’s your favorite Backstreet Boy? Besides Nick, it’d be AJ, and then Brian.

You still got a couple of more minutes or you gotta run? I don’t know. Couple of more minutes? Yeah, we can take some more questions.

Do you have any bad habits you want to tell everybody about? Messing my room up. That’s a pretty bad habit.

What’s your favorite cereal? – Would probably be Lucky Charms. What do you like for dinner? – Actually my favorite cereal is Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms - those Frosted Flakes are good - and Pop Tarts, chocolate, the chocolate chip kind……

Like making videos? – Yeah I’ve done about… Mike, how many vidoes, 20? … I’ve done about 20 videos.

What do you like better – acting or performing on stage? I like both. Acting and performing. But do like being on stage singing tunes or do actually like being in front of a video camera? I like everything. ….. I like making people happy and making them enjoy my music.

Will you go to the Mall of America when you are in Minnesota? Oh yeah, definitely. At the mall, what’s your favorite store? – Spencer’s

What kind of music do you listen to? –Actually, I like a lot of Blues - Gap Band is what I listen to.

Do you like any hardcore stuff? – Metallica’s pretty cool, it depends on what kind of mood I’m in for music.

What’s your favorite holiday? - Christmas

What’s your favorite song you ever wrote? – One that I just wrote called Chances. Can you sing it for me? I don’t have the lyrics. I just wrote it couple of days ago.

What’s your favorite beany baby? Probably ………. So your big into beany babies? Yeah ……

I’ve only got time for a couple more questions.

How many beany babies do you got? – Like 500 – C’mon man. Yeah I do. Garbage bags full of them.

Here we go, two more questions? Yeah

Do you have free lifetime passes to Disney? – Of course, man. Gotta have …...

What’s your favorite part of touring? ….. and just being out here with all my friends.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Aaron Carter. Thanks Aaron, I appreciate it, brother. Thanks man, appreciate it.

Ladies and gentlemen, that was Aaron Carter on the chat here in Syracuse.com.

It’s been great checking out his career and where he’s come. Definitely a true kid, a true person, into the spotlight, really enjoys meeting his audiences, and really being out there, and he’s a really stand-up guy, so thanks so much to Aaron Carter.