Here's a fan report from Faina of Aaron's episode of MTV Cribs 10/27:

Aaron Carter was on Cribs last night! he showed and talked about his family room, showed some photos of his family, showed the family living room, some records including Journey (his fave group), his kitchen, and something nick baked, he washed some dishes, then showed his room...showed his living room, and showed swords that he collected, talked about his safari bed and about his chair. Then he went outside and showed around the marinas...first him and his brother's boat, then the family yacht, then he drove on like a golf cart with his dog (i think merlin) in the front and showed around the compound (several houses on the property). He showed Nick's house, then he went to the studio, he also played some drums while in there, then went into the back and showed where he recorded his last 3 albums. Then outside he showed 4 of his cars...the first one was an Escalade with 24 inch rims, then the Mercedes G-wagon..with 23 inch rims, then the 1500 Chevy Suburban with 20 inch rims, and there was another car which he didn't mention which looked like a Wrangler - then he left.