The show was going to start at 7, so my mom, dad, and I got there @ 6. I started looking for Andy (the guy doing the contest) immediately. Didn't have much luck finding him. So we went and found our seats *14th row*. I then spotted Andy from across the arena, but he'd already gone backstage. So I went back out and kinda waited around for him. While I waited, I started talking to this one security guy and some 10 year old dude. Anyway, I didn't see Andy, so I went back to my seats. Then my mom asked if I wanted something to drink. I was like "yeah, lets get a poster too" so right when we got up, I saw Andy across the arena again getting ready to come out in the crowd. So i went over and waited for him. He came out and I walked over to him and was like "are you doing the contest on where you can win the pants leg?" and he was like "yeah" so I gave him my essay and explained it and he was like "cool, i'll be sure to give it to him" (aaron) so I went w/ my mom and got a poster and then we went back to our seats. about 5-10 minutes later, Andy comes back with the pants wadded up in his hands (so no one would see) and motioned for me to come where he was. He shook my hand (with the hand the pants were in so he could give them to me w/o making a big scene) and said "congratulations" I was like "thank you soo much!!" they're autographed too.
Triple Image was first. They sang 3 songs. They're pretty good for 11 and 12 year olds... although I don't really think they'll be all that famous. But I'll prolly get their album. They're pretty good dancers too.
Next was Jump5. They're awesome! Great dancers and singers. They were extremely interactive w/ the audience by waving and pointing to people a lot. Brandon waved @ me! They sang about 5 songs. They did a re-make of the title track of Beauty and the Beast. It was a lot faster.
Then No Secrets came one. They were really good as well. They sang about 6 songs. One of their songs was a really slow one called "I Will Remember You" or something. It was about friendships and how some don't last. Very touching. LoL! Then came Aaron! Before he came on, there was a small runway show where Angel and a buncha little girls would come out and walk to the front of the stage modeling Stevie Madden or something. LoL.. I wasn't really paying attention cause there was a silhouette of Aaron behind them singing. Then they pulled the curtain and there he be! LoL! He was wearing an all white outfit. His first actual song was Baby It's You. During the song, myself and two other girls went up to the stage w/ some other ppl! I can't really remember what all he sang, so I'll just tell ya about the songs I remember. During To All The Girls, Aaron came over to where we were and pointed to all of us and was like "there are my girls!" LoL! Do You Remember is a great ballad! Aaron did really well on it. For My First Ride, Aaron came out in a little red car and was wearing a camouflage outfit. For American AO, he had a really big American Flag and was waving it around. Umm... He did another costume change... this one was jeans w/ rhinestones on them, and a baby blue shirt w/ a jacket. They brought out a white piano and Aaron played the first verse and chorus of I'm All About You on it. Then he went into another song, but I couldn't make out what it was called, but it was slow. He came over to our part of the stage after he was finished. While he was walking over to us, he looked at me and reached around other reaching hands and help mine for a few seconds. I was smiling at him and kinda scrunching my face in that cute way, and making those googly eyes at him, and he was doing the same back to me! It was really cute! 2 Good 2 Be True was his last song. It was pretty fast. After he was finished, he went off the stage and took his shirt, then came running back out shirtless and did a backflip! LoL!
Some oof the older songs he sang were: Come Get It, I Want Candy, Bounce, Real Good Time, Hey You, and That's How I Beat Shaq. All in all, it was an awesome concert! I can't wait till his new album comes out!!