Here is a review of August 12, 2003 when Aaron Carter came to New Hampshire. I saw the day different from what a lot of people probably saw the concert so here is my “Aaron Fan Experience.”

To set the stage, my name is Lori, I’m 16 and I own the newest online magazine on the net all about pop music ( Check it out!) with my friends as a fun thing to do. I arrived at the concert at 10:30 with my friend (and staff member) Melis. We got like 8th in line but then for an undisclosed reason we got out of line and just hung on the beach until around 3:00pm when we met this cool security guard named Scruffy. He told us when the performers were coming and what buses they were in and everything. It was very cool and we found out we had been hanging out next to Jump5’s bus (Jump4 for the concert—Lesley is sick… Feel better Lesley!). We’re really big Jump5 fans and as we were speaking of them Chris comes around the corner and walks past us and we just stood there in awe as Brittany and Libby follow. Then a few minutes later Brandon passes us and I have to say something so I said hi and we talked for a minute but he had to go. The day went on like that except we talked to Jump4 a few times as they kept walking past us and the same with Stevie Brock. Finally Aaron’s bus arrived and there were a lot of girls but not many as it was 5:00 and doors opened at 6. Aaron got out of his bus and came close to where I was (like 20 to 25 girls and I was in the front) and he yelled “I’m coming over to sign and see you soon!” and he made eye contact with me and pointed and smiled as he was being called away. Greg Raposo arrived and so we talked to him for a minute. Finally after around 45 minutes Aaron came back and there were only around 8 girls and he was with Craig (his friend) and he said “Let me drop my stuff in the bus and I’ll be out.” We waited for him for around another 20 to 30 minutes but during that I saw Misha (sorry if I spelt it wrong… he’s one of Aaron’s new dancers) across the parking lot (we were in back of the venue) and so no one else knew who he was so I yelled his name and he came over to me and talked and took pictures and stuff. Turns out he’s 16, from Colorado and as everyone can tell he is so cute! I gave him a business card and told him to get in contact with us and he said he might so watch out! Maybe he’ll be on our magazine soon! He also said he said the new dancers (like him) were going to be on Aaron’s jukebox tour, then go over to Japan and then will be with Aaron in the UK in the end of 2003 beginning of 2004. Well, he got called away but he said bye with hugs and every time my friends and I saw him we’d say hi and he’d wave, smile, or wink. FINALLY Aaron and Craig came out from the bus and walked over to me but a few girls I hadn’t met pushed there way to him so he signed for them and started working down the other part of the line so as we waited we took a picture with Craig and talked to him. After, I was looking at Aaron and he saw me and he came over and he puts his hands out for a hug and to sign something and he got pulled away by his security guard and I had a teenybopperish moment and was yelling “No! Aaron! Aaron! No!.” As he was being pulled away he was looking at me in the eyes (made me sort of nervous) but he was trying to fight the person dragging him away coming to me and so finally he made it reaching distance so I gave him a business card for the magazine just to let him know who I was and as he was being pulled away he was saying he was coming right back, and he’d sign after and stuff. The person pulled him to the other side of the parking lot to have him sign autographs and he was led inside. It was about 7:00 and so we decided to go in to the venue. (If you want descriptions of the concert see the other fan experience from the Hampton NH concert). My friends and I got into the place and we had press passes due to the magazine which allowed us to be between the stage and the barricade for the first 2 songs of every performer (don’t miss our awesome pictures on the magazine very soon!) and so I got to see Stevie Brock, Greg Raposo, Jump5 (one song), and Aaron Carter up front for 2 songs each. Greg took my hand and started to sing to me, I think I was going to die. When Aaron Carter was on stage he kept looking at Melis (all the performers did) and I got Tony and Misha (Aaron’s dancers) attention. We had to leave the press pit and got in line for Jump5 and Greg’s meet and greet as Aaron finished the concert.

As the excitement with us dwindled down, the concert ended we met Greg and Jump4 again and then went out back and met 2 of Aaron’s girl dancers. They were all very nice and are very talented so watch out for them. It was raining out so instead of waiting for Aaron and going through the whole crowd we met up with a few awesome girls we had met earlier and then we went on our merry way back to our homes in Mass.

All in All it was a great concert and an easy time to meet all the performers. It was awesome and a big shout out to all who made our day a dream. Thanks! - Lori