Here's my review for the Aaron Carter Jukebox Tour concert i went to in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire on August 12, 2003.

My mom and I left early Monday morning, the day before the concert, around 6:45am. We arrived at Hampton beach around 9:45am. We looked around the area a little bit hoping to maybe see Aaron somewhere's but unfortunatly we didn't. so then we checked into our hotel, and we also went to look at the hotel we thought he could possibly be staying at. We saw Jump5, which was one of his opening acts, but didn't see Aaron or anybody else. So we kept riding between that hotel and near the Casino Ballroom hoping to find him somewhere's but we never did. So at night time we just went back to our hotel, then Tuesday morning we got up around 6:00am, got ready, and went down to the Casino Ballroom. I was gonna wait in the line since it was general admission, but since i'm quite small and could just like make my way to the front, i decided not to and waited where the buses would come instead. While I was waiting in back of the Casino Ballroom, I saw Aaron's tour manager and spoke to him for a few seconds and took a picture with him. Around 3:00pm the buses started arriving. The opening acts all came, then Aaron finally showed up. The crowd was way too crazy so he didn't come over, but he waved to us from near the bus. Then i went to get the meet and greet passes i had and waited for the meet and greet. The meet and greet was awesome. It was in a small room in the upstairs of the Casino Ballroom. There wasn't that many people for it so it wasn't that crazy and when it was your turn you went into a small room where Aaron was, so that was pretty cool. When it was my turn, i gave him the gifts i got and we talked a few seconds then he signed my ticket stub and the sign i made. Then i took a picture with him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. After the meet and greet, we went to get something to eat then waited in line to go in for the concert. When i got into the Casino Ballroom for the concert, first i went to get a few souvenirs, went to the bathroom, then waited near the stage for the concert to start. I was quite far back at first, but by the time the concert started i got to the 2nd row so i had a great view. I was really close to the stage, but i'm really short so i stood on my tip toes the whole time. It was really hot in there and it was general admission so at times it was kinda uncomfortable but oh well. Security ended up having to take one lady out cuz she felt faintish and during one of the opening acts i felt kinda faintish too but i was ok after that. So the opening acts were first obviously, first was Stevie Brock, then a girl named Jamie (i never heard of her), then Greg Raposo, then Jump5. It wasn't supposed to start until 8:00 but it started at 7:30. The first 3 opening acts had 12 minutes each and Jump5 had a half hour. And Aaron was on for an hour and a half. After the opening acts they had a short intermission. Then Aaron came on!! He had quite a few outfit changes. He first came out in a white outfit with studs on it looking like an Elvis suit. Then he had a suit on, white shirt and tie with black pants and black jacket. Then he took off the jacket and shirt and underneath was a hawaiian print shirt. Then he had a different colored outfit on. Then he changed into a black t-shirt with some design on it and blue jeans. Then he put on a scarf thing. Then took that off and at different times he put on a leather jacket then a leather vest. And then he had some blueish shirt with like stud things all over it. Then he had a black outfit with a red belt and a red hat on. He sang older songs from like the 40's until the 80's, then sang a few of his own songs. He also played the drums. During the concert he threw a towel he was using cuz he was sweating into the audience and i'm the one that got it! It landed like right behind me and like 4 other girls were trying to grab it and i was trying to pull it too and a few minutes later security said to break it up, so slowly the other girls let go and i pulled it really hard and then i had it. I really couldn't believe it at first that i actually had it, but i did. He got off the stage and ran like between the barracade and the stage alot too. I got to touch his hand 3 times. I had to stretch alot in order to see and to touch his hand so my legs like really hurt. And my ears were ringing for like a day after it was so loud in there, there was so much screaming and Aaron said that we were one of the loudest crowds he's had. No wonder i was so hoarse after the concert. It was so much fun though. I had a great time and i hope to go to another one of his concerts very soon! MEET-N-GREET PICTURES HERE!.

Thanks, Crystal