Aaron Carter- Theater of Living Arts..7:30 PM...General Admission.

Warning: This review is going to be very long, but its fun and well worth the read. lol.

MY highlights for the concert:

1). Meeting Aaron. (and giving him the fanbook i made for him)
2). Meeting Craig.
3). Seeing Aaron come off his bus right in front of me. haha.
4). Watching the dancers get off their bus..unload luggage and go into the theater..
5). seeing Aaron's 2 guy dancers go shopping in the shop across the street LOL.
6). Seeing everybodys busses lol.
7). Getting front row
8). Brandon & Chris from Jump5- touching my hand..than Chris..grabbing my thumb when i didn't even have my hand up! lol
9). Touching Aarons hand at least 10-12 times.
10). Getting my camera wacked out of my hand and hitting the ground and loosing the batteries..and having Craig being very sweet and picking it all up for me and helping me look for it, thanks hun! lol.
11). The jukebox tour should be rated PG-13 lol.
12). Getting soaked from head to toe by Aaron and his dancers when they had a water fight onstage.
13). Watching Aaron slip 3 times right after another, trying to get up after falling from the water.
14). After the meet and greet when Aaron came down and surprised this girl who was in a wheelchair..he came down..gave her a kiss and got a picture with her...I dont even think he was asked to do any of that. He is such a sweetheart.
15). After the concert..hanging by aarons bus..although he left on another one..it was fun to beg one of his crew members to give us a tour! lol.

Concert Review:

Okay well I got to the Theater of Living Arts at 4:15(PM). Yes, the concert was General Admission...when i got there..i met up with my friend Holly. And i got my number for which i was in line. I was number *86* in line (but that didn't really matter because I got in the building before anyone else anyway.) So i hung around..talked..somebody told me Aarons bus was parked up the street and around the corner there..well i went to check it out..somebody was sitting on his bus..but i tried not to look because i didnt feel like staring lol. Than i went back to the alley where everybody had to sit and wait for gates to open or whatever. I had meet and greets so i went to the box office @ 5:00 to pick my meet and greet pass up..so a few of us girls waited in line for the meet and greet and all of a sudden before i get my pass a security guard says "You need to get out of the lobby right now, we need to clear it." So i walk outside..on one side..but than i quickly move to the other. We needed to clear the lobby because Aaron was getting off his bus. I got a picture of him comming down the stairs...shutting the bus door. LOL he is SO cute when he shuts the bus door..he like does it..like nobody else! haha. I got one of him standing there...and than on his way over to the door (the side where i WAS until i moved haha) and well these girls mobbed him and gave him hugs he got 1 pic with the 1 girl..and said "Im sorry, I have to go inside now, im sorry." so he looked around before he went in..and ran inside. haha. After that i went back into the lobby and got my meet and greet pass from the box office. I was told to come back at 5:50 for the meet and greet.

So while i waited before the meet and greet, Greg had just come out from eating i guess ( cuz he had a coke cup in his hand. and i heard someone say he ate a whole pizza pie by himself ha.) He as well was being mobbed but than had to leave..my friend Holly and I said "Bye greg" lol and he winked. <--I got a pic of him in front of me lol....oh and aarons dancers loaded off their bus...the guy dancers..i know one of their names is Meisha (sp.?) lol well the 2 of them got off..they got mobbed by girls. The one girl dancer looked kinda mad lol. she wouldnt smile or anything. but anyways..they loaded their own luggage off the bus and brought it into the theater. hm..than i just walked around...

When it was time for the meet and greet I went to the box office..there was only about 10 of us..it was a very small meet and greet. so they told us to get in a line. and i was leaning against Aarons bus waiting in line (cuz they were going to let us in at 6:00) and i looked across the street and Aarons 2 guy dancers were shopping in this one clothing store lol! Okay so there was 2 other meet and greets going on. the line was split up, it went: Aarons meet and greet (10 of us) : than Greg's meet and greet (maybe like 50 of them) and than Jump5...(a lot of them) so Aarons got let in first..when we walked in Aaron was playing the drums. GO AARON. lol. so we all screamed like "woooo Aaron" hahaa...so i got a pic of him playing the drums....and than he got up and walked across the stage..and went somewhere i didnt see though. but the meet and greet was going to be held on the balcony so we went up the stairs...and waited in line...there was tables and stuff...than Aaron came up the other stairs..and said "hey how you doing??" hahh..and than started signing...i DID NOT want to be first in line again..cuz i have been first in line to meet him before and i don't like it haha. but surprisingly i was VERY calm....i didnt feel sick..or nervous...or i didnt shake. nothing. i was very outgoing to be honest with you. But anyways..i was like 6th in line..and when it was my turn..i got up there...and i was just about to hand him my picture of him to sign..and holly came back after her turn and she wanted another picture cuz hers didnt turn out the first time...aaron was a lil confused..but he didn't mind. After that...Aaron says "Hey, sorry about that." i was like "no problem!" he signed the picture and i said "I made this for you!" and I handed him the fanbook he jolts back! lol he looked surprised and happy and he said something like this to me: "wow..whats this??" i said "It's a fanbook, It has letters from your fans all around the world"...he smiled and started to flip through the book..skimming over a few letters.. ((Dawn if your reading this..or anyone can tell her before i do lol--he looked and read your letter right in front of me when i was standing there. LMAO)) and he looked through the rest of it and said "wow...thank you!" ...i said "Your so welcome" and being the dork I am..i start to talk away..and he sorda lightly grabs me like for a hug/picture..so im not sure what he meant..so i gave him a hug..and started to walk away again! LOL..and he says "oh wait! dont you want a picture??" and i go "OH yeah sorry, duh!" lol....and we got together for the picture..and hopefully it turns out because i didnt know the girl who was taking the picture and i hope she didnt cut us out or anything :-/ ..but than i lightly touched his arm and said "thanks aaron" and I smiled...he looks so happy to get a "thank you." it was gonna break my heart lol..so he gives me an "aww" look, smiles and said to me " enjoy the show!"..so than i walked away..and i saw craig..i knew it was him..earlier i had seen him in front of Aarons bus..and i was standing right in front of him..and i said to myself *thats craig..* and i pointed him out to somebody and i asked them what they thought and she said "no, im 100% positive thats not craig." So i was like..he looks so famillar and like craig though..but gave up and walked away...but after i got done meeting aaron..like 2 tables away from Aaron was sitting the guy who i said was craig..so i knew i had to ask him..so me and Holly stopped..and i asked nicely "I'm sorry, but whats your name?" ..he than sat up in his chair and said "Craig." and smiled..so i told him the lil story about how i knew i thought it was him..and blah blah lol..he laughed...than Aaron said something about like "It's my buddy craigs fault, blame him!" lol and he turned around and pointed to craig..while me and holly were standing there..but craig looked confused and had no idea what aaron was even talking about..hah. so than i asked "can we get a picture with you?" and he stood up and said "sure"..so we got together for the pic..and hopefully it turns out..lol..cuz once again i didnt know the girl who took the picture. so i dunno if it will turn out. Okay so after the pic w/ craig..i said "thanks craig." and walked away...i <3 craig! haha.

Well this was a very unorganzied thing..because after the Aaron meet and greet they let us stay in *before anyone else got in, like doors opened*..i lucked out SO much being able to pick my seats first...so i picked front row center. and so did everyone else from the aaron meet and greet. It was unfair to others though because i was # 86 and i ended up gettin front row..while people with a lot lower numbers did not get where they should have been. It was just that they let aarons meet and greet in, than jump5s people..than greg's people...THAN they let the normal people in...it was just unfair..and i felt bad being up there in front row when others deserved to be where i was. ..Well before anyone else came in..right after Aarons meet and greet he came down the stairs and all these girls started screaming..and aaron was like "no!, SHHH" cuz he wanted to surprise this girl..who was like right next to me..she was in a wheel chair..she was so cute, she smiled to me before she was so happy to be there...but yeah aaron comes down..up behind the girl and gives her a kiss and says "hii!" and she was all happy..and he got a picture with her..said a few things to her..and than he had to rush out of there because they were gonna let other people in again soon....but i got a picture of aaron bending down on the ground talking to the lil girl though! :-) It was the sweetest thing though..i dont think he was even told to go do that..he just did it, cuz he's really a sweetie.

Well waiting for the actual concert to start was h---. im sorry but G/A sucks very much! I was being pushed, squeezed for like an hour just to keep my stand in front row..we were all so squished..but let me tell you...Aaron fans ROCK! lol your all so sweet..the girl next to me..she was the sweetest thing ever. haha. okay so...opening acts..came...Stevie brock: (i caught stevies shirt that he threw out..but the girl next to me..literally ripped it out of my hand..so i was like "fine, have it!" lol!)..so than J-me or something came on..than greg...he was awesome. i got to touch his hand a few times...but mostly i was trying to stay out of the way cuz the girl next to me..she was mostly there for him..so he came down and sang to her, and dedicated one of his songs to her , awe haha..she started crying!..but yea anyways..greg was good...than Jump5...or this time Jump4..were awesome...Brandon : I LOVE YOU. haha..got to touch his hand atleat 6 times...and Chris: I LOVE YOU 2 haha..(jp all) ..i got to touch his hand a lot also..his sweaty hand haha...the funniest thing was ..when i put my hand up for chris..cuz he was right in front of me..he didnt grab it..cuz he was about to do some dance moves...(i was the only one with my hand up at that time) so i put it down..and he grabs my THUMB lol. i guess meaning to grab my hand..but yeah haha..i was like *wow, okay chris!* haha. well they were good..i admire there abilitly do all those flips and all that ;-)

Okay well Aaron comes on...i dont think i need to explain too much about songs and everything cuz people have in other reviews...but he came out in an elvis outfit..yes..indeed he did have more make-up on than any girl in the entire place! lol! i'ts okay aar we still love you!..he did great with all the songs!...all his costume changes were awesome~ i got pictures of him in each costume....umm...i got to touch his hand about 10+ times in all...these lil girls behind me were ready to kill me just to touch his finger lol!...well aaron threw out..a towelz...water bottles..it was funny..thes girls like to the left side of me..he threw the girl this towel..and like 5 of them fought over it...so he spoiled them and gave them each a towel...than this girl i knew...like talked to her before the concert..still haden't gotten anything..so they started to yell to him that she was crying..so he got a water bottle..drank outta it..and gave it to her, AW! umm...::thinking:: ...craig came out and sat kinda in front of me in front of the gate thing..right before the song "Outstanding"..yes where he picks a girl to come onstage haha...well i saw who he picked right before i had an accident with my camera...but he picked a girl he knew..( i think that was her..or it was her friend..one or the other..) the 2 of them didn't look happy at all during the concert..when i looked over at them a few times..they didnt look too happy..and even aaron pointed it out..but he brough her on stage..1) because he knew her...2) cuz she wasnt having a good time...but i totally missed it when she went onstage and was up there...cuz the girl next to me hit my camera out of my hand..and onto the floor concrete in front of the barrier thing...well craig heard my camera smash to the ground, my batteries came out..and everything...he got up from sitting..picked up my camera and 1 battery and handed it to me..i said "thank you so much!" and he nodded at me. Than i relized my other battery was missing..and i thought..oh no..i cant take anymore pics with my camera til the battery was in ..and i just had started a new film roll..so i said "Craig! do you see a battery?" and he looked around..under the stage..around..but couldnt see anything..but the girl next to me spotted it by his foot.. so i said "Craig..by your foot!"..and he sorta looked around but couldnt see cuz its dark down there..so he brought out his cell phone and used the light to find it..lol..so he got it..handed it to me..and i said "thank you SO much" and he nodded...so here I am..missing the whole outstanding thing haha..and when i finally get it back i look up and aarons dancing with the girl...and than it was the end of the song..and he took her offstage..by that time..i had my camera back together...thank gosh. lol Well the rest of the concert was great..i saw craig standing backstage...um..aaron did an awesome drum solo!! he was great. he told his drummer that he sucks. LOL..than everyone was like "aww!!" and aaron goes "okay sorry that was kinda hard.." so than he started to play..and somebody was like "Boo!!!" and aaron goes "boo??" lol!! than he played around with this guitar or whatever player..he hopped on his back..he wanted to see if he could play but the guy wouldnt let him..haha! poor aaron. umm..these girls on the left side of the stage..had silly string..and sprayed aaron with it..he was really taken aback from it..and was surprised..and he was covered in it..he could hardy sing haha..so he took most of it off and threw it out to people...the girls sprayed him again..and he took the can from them and got them back with it..than took the can to the side of the stage....umm..a lot of girls threw stuff to him onstage like..lil stuffed animals..he played with em' than threw them backsatge...somebody gave him a basketball..so he played around with that a lot of times...mainly there was a lot of stuff throw to aaron onstage...he really interacted with us. at the end of the show..Aaron/his dancers..went to get the girl and her friend back for not having a good time..so he got both of them soaked and full of silly string..than a BIG water fight broke out and aaron and his dancers moved right in front of me..and got me and a couple others SOAKING WET...than got the crew and aaron..dancers..all wet..and aaron like did this big slide right in front of me..like right to the edge of the stage he came sliding off..his feet almost hit somebody haha! ..this was like right after the song "Do you remember" he was really good with that song..he let a lot of us fans sing the song in his microphone..he skimmed over me :-D lol! um...he took a long time to end the song..he exagerated on it a lot! lol..he kept on going...but it was great! lol. than right when he was exiting the stage..after the water fight..he slipped on the water..fell on his butt..his dancers tried to help him up..but he fell again..than got up and slipped again..than they picked him up and he was able to walk! lol!

After the concert...i hopped over the fence thing and got part of the song sheet..like the list of songs he sang..like i was literally hangin over the fence with my feet dangling in the air..haha..but since the song sheet was taped down so good and was all wet from the water fight..it was hard to get it..but i got a big chunk of the first sheet..and got some of the 2nd and 3rd for these other girls....i actually had to go over the fence quite a few times during the concert..because of gettin peoples bags n things...i bruised part of my rib cage it looks like...ouch, let me tell you..it hurts! Well after the concert...greg and jump5 were signing..i didnt go to any of those though...i went outside..there was one bus parked there..it was Aarons dancers...but aarons bus was parked down the street and around the corner...so i went there..nobody was in it..and u can tell nobody was gonna come get it and get aaron on it..some of his crew came out..and they were teasing us saying "aaron made a quick exit before the show was over..he ran out back, down the alley and out front, on the bus and it pulled away" - okay well maybe he did?? lol.. but u didnt hear any screaming from fans seeing aaron come out..so i dunno..i hung around his bus a little longer..and we asked for a tour of it and he said "no, i cant do that ::laughs::"..lol..there wasnt many girls out there but he was nice..and he locked the door behind him, haha! and we banged on the bus n stuff...but oh well..after that i left...

yes, this was long..but thats how i am..very detailed and a long review type a person..im sorry it was long..but i just want to say..that was my 4th time meeting Aaron Carter, and meeting him each and every time gets better and better...this will probably be my last time meeting aaron..because its gettin harder to meet the kid. but i had a blast meeting him 4 times..and i am going to catch a show next time hes back near me. Also..if you knew about my fanbook for Aaron..and didnt send a letter in, im really sorry to hear that, cuz it was an awesome book..and i gave it to aaron personally! Well thanks for reading..and be sure to see Aaron sometime this tour if you already havent! :-)