From Tara - Aaron came out and was wearing a tydie blue shirt with khaki pants and looked hott! they showed a clip of do you remember? Aaron surprised tom with a present (it was like a tiki doll)-aaron said "i brought this for you" "it was my great-grandmother's" "actually it's a friend of mine" "naw i got it from the dressing room"
Tom said "so your on tour?" aaron said "big big tour" he also added that he was having fun with it.
Aaron on hilary duff.....tom asked by saying "so you went out with hilary duff when you were 14?" aaron says "no, 13" and tom said "where'd ya go on dates?" aaron said "McDonalds"
Aaron says he took the driver's test 3 times and failed it but finally got it on the fourth time.
Tom brought up the idea that Glenn (tom's sidekick) played the guitar and said it would be a good idea for Glenn to guest onstage with aaron at the show in los angeles. Aaron said it was a good idea and that they would do it. If they really do it, tom said it will be on tomorrow night's show!
Tom brought up the tour when Aaron opened for Britney Spears. Aaron said "it was alright" Tom said "alright?, it's britney spears!" and Aaron said he prefers someone else....Tom said "who?" Aaron said "guess", Tom didnt know so Aaron said "Christinaaa".
Then aaron's interview was basically over and Tom asked Aaron for the gum he was chewing so Aaron gave it to Tom and they added Aaron's gum to the gumball! so watch tomorrow night and there might be something about Glenn onstage with Aaron!

From Faina - Last night on the Tom Green show...Aaron was wearing white pants with a blue shirts and some of the things they talked about was...his tour! which said was going good!, they talked about nick, they also talked about how he toured with britney but he was like it was alright, and he said he would rather tour with christina aguilera...Tom Green also talked about Germany and Hilary Duff....They also joked about Aaron driving...aaron said he failed his driving test 3 times (but hopefully he was joking) and they also showed a clip of him driving in this old van...he was crashing into the trashcans and the end Aaron stuffed his face into the camera!