Fan Experience for 8/22-Camden,NJ concert by Julie:

Okay, uhh, first things first. Get tickets... the only seats left were section 202 row M so I decided to wait... then my mom buys me two tickets from E-Bay. I don't know how many times I thanked her. Although they were not first row, they were the first row behind the pit, so let's say row 9. I went with my best friend Sarah. At first, if we bought the tickets from ticketmaster, it was going to be me, my friend Sarah, my friend Jenn, and Sarahs friend Nikki. Well since I only got two tickets, I took Sarah. We paid my mom the 66 dollars a ticket (that included shipping) and I waited. I had the tickets two days after we ordered them. It was great. I kept checking the website for contest updates as the concert drew closer.
Then the day before the concert came. I had been talking to a friend online and we were going to have our own little gag to get back stage. We all had the Vince Carter jersey that Aaron wore in his 'Bounce' video, (well, Sarah had the white one, they didn't have the purple one) and our shorts read 'Aaron Carter's Bouncin Babes'. Each one of us had a different word. Well my one friend from online had just won meet and greets from Radio Disney and I was absolutely crushed because she only got 3. One for her, her friend, and her mom. She told me I could have gone though, in her moms place, but I wasn't going to leave Sarah. The day of the show came. Me and Sarah were taking the Camden/Philly riverlink ferry over to the arena and meeting my friend from online. On the ferry, we met up with two other girls, who were Aaron/ DreamStreet/ Jump5 fans. We ended up finding my other friends and then leaving, since the radio disney meet and greet was starting. It was only about 3:30 or so, and we were set on finding Andy The Web Guy. As we walked by the gate where the buses are, we see Chris from Jump5 walking around and call to him. He comes over but cant take pictures. He was cool. Then a few buses come in and then a black expedition. It was Aaron. We were all freaking out. He goes in and we calmed down and searched for Andy some more. I had made entries for the contest... which was to design Aaron's dressing room. He said he only had 10 passes. He picked me, Sarah, and our two friends from the ferry in the first 10! I got my pass and called my mom. I was freaking out! I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. Then Andy gave out more passes... over his limit. As we were herded into a line, he told us we would go in in groups of 10. If you were a group, you had to get a group photo. Me and Sarah had a plan. We were about the 3rd or 4th group in... and as we walked in, I looked at her and I went 'Oh my gosh. He is soooo cute.' He was wearing a white beater, baby blue sweats, and nikes with a blue swoosh that matched his pants. Oh, and as I love to point out to everyone, he was eating a pretzel. As I walked up, I lost my voice and quietly asked him to sign my cd booklet. I feel like such a nerd now lol. I got a picture with him (which Sarah took), grabbed our camera, and handed it to one of our friends from the ferry asking her to take the picture for Sarah. He called her 'Sweetie' when she asked him to sign her Carter jersey. Security yelled at us because we were only allowed one picture. We got it anyway. =P So there lol.
We walked into the arena and found our seats and made friends with the girls behind us who were wearing white with pictures of Aaron all over. We even talked about Bob (Aarons dad) for a minute. They were awesome. I gave them glowsticks that I had bought before the concert at the store. We passed time pretty quickly. Triple Image were cute... one was a little too perky for me though. Then, as I turn to the side aisle (we were on the aisle) a blonde lady runs by me. It was Jane! She waved and I felt special. Jump5 were REALLY good. I'm a big fan now lol. No Secrets were great, better than I expected. I danced a lot. When they were done, we tried starting the 'We Want Aaron' chant. It didnt catch on. Then it comes from behind us in the 200 sections, goes for about 10 seconds, and dies. We made a joke about burying it. Aaron came out in grand AC fashion and I didn't sit the whole time. He laughed at my sign and smiled at it too (since it said 'Smile AC Style'). Then, during Thats How I Beat Shaq, me, Sarah, and the girls behind us started waving her Aaron dolls from side to side. He looked at us like he was scared lol. I had an awesome time. I'm still finding glitter everywhere from the show. After Aaron was done, we went to go get Jump5 autographs with our friends from the ferry. We waited for a while, thus missing the last ferry to Philly. We called Sarah's dad's cell phone and he picked us up. All my friends are now jealous that I met Aaron Carter. Anyone going to any of the AC shows... it's gonna rock your world! - Julie