Fan Experience for 8/22-Camden,NJ concert by Kristyn:

It all started out me bugging my parents for Aaron Carter Tickets for my B-day, since I asked last year I never got them, but one day my grandma was over and she decided to buy me tickets to go to my first Aaron Carter Concert!! You donít know how excited I was I was like screaming and running all over the place!!, well that day I went online and went to ticket master, since I live in NJ I wanted to go to a concert near me (obviously) so I look at the PNC Bank Art Center in Homdel NJ and looked at the tickets I tried to get the best seats available but alll they had was seats all the way in the back, and I said it wasnít worth it cause I wouldnít be able to see anything at all! So I checked what was closer and they had ones in Camden NJ so I was like hey its in NJ so thatís awesome!!!! But it wasnít really in NJ its in PA, I dunno why they said NJ, but anyway the problem was that I had no way of getting there, my dad would have to work, and my mom hates and I mean HATES driving on highways. My grandma wouldíve taken me but she hates driving in the dark so I was stuck. Then we had this convo with my g-ma at a party and my aunt was sitting there listening and she said ill take you! I was like you would?!?!?! My eyes like widened with a big smile on my face!! And she said sure!! So that nite I went online and got the tickets at ticketmaster and I kept clicking the best available and it turned out I got section 104 which was pretty close!!! So I got section 104 Row Q I thought I was far but I looked at the seating chart and it wasnít that far at all!! So I called up my grandma and she said get them, I had to get 5 one for me my sister my best friend lisa my cousin Leann and my Aunt and it came to a really good price for 5 people it was about uhhh 223.45 not that bad!
Soo I had a couple of days to wait till the concert!! And I couldnít wait anymore, but I had to. I searched online for any contest to win meet and greets for Aaron or anyone else , this website thatís called I went to and you had to vote for no secrets song thatís what girls do like 50 times and e-mail this girl every time you do, so I did that and she e-mailed me back and said I won meet and greets for no secrets!!! And asked how many I need and my name and what concert im going to, so I e-mailed her back and told her everything and she told me to go to the will call window before the concert like at 4:30Ö I was like that is soo awesome!!! Then went to to see what contest andy the web guy had to get meet and greets for aaron and I looked at it and it said like best outfit for the concert like one thatís says Aaron all over it or pictures so I made a shirt with blow pens and stuff that said aaron carter on the front and on the back it says another earthquake it was VERY colorful and I had a huge poster too!!! It said Aaron carter rox my sox!! And aaron is too good to be true and without aaron there would be no me and at the bottom was a pic of aarons new cd and a pic that say another earthquake, on the back of the poster I had a huggge collage of aaron pics!!! It was awesome!!!! Well when I got my aunt finally called me up and said ďhow bout getting a hotel?? Cause I know the concert is gonna end like late so we donít have to drive all the way home after we ca just go to the hotel,Ē and I said ďyeah!!! Thatís awesome!!!Ē.. We were gonna get a hotel with a gicoosey (sp?) but we couldnít find one but we managed to get a hotel with a heated pool!! So that was good haha so we stayed in AmeriSuit cause the other hotel next to ours was booked!! But ours was soo niiice!!! It was in the next town over from Camden so it was about maybe 15 minutes away from the Tweeter Center. Well finally Wednesday came (the day before the concert) and I was soo excited I was hyper all day!!! I was reading every aaron carter thing I had watching his dvds I got listening to his music just getting all pumped up for the concert!! Well that nite I couldnít sleep but I finally got to sleep the next morning I had to get up at like 8 and take a shower and my best friend had to come over at like 10 cause my g-ma was picking me my sister and my best friend up and droping us off to Bogota NJ where my aunt lives so when we got there my aunt and my cousin packed and we left like at 11:30, we left early cause it takes about 2-3 hours to get to PA so we wanted a lot of time in front of us to do whateverÖ our hotel check in was at 3 but we got there like at 145 and they let us in early so that was great! So when we got in the hotel room we looked around cause the hotel was really nice!! Then we were all hungry, so we went rite down the street of the hotel where Chiliís was, so we went there and ate this was about like 2 so we all ate got done like maybe about 2:30we took our time, so when we got done we wanted to go swiiming for a little bit like till 3:00 so we did at like 3:00 we got out got changed and got ready for the concert, we didnít swim much we just took a little sip and got out, cause we had to be there at like 4:00(so we heard) to pick up the tickets for the meet and greet for no secrets. So I put on the shirt I made put on my arms aaron carter in colors and stars on my face and everything I had glitter on me, and I had my poster and I was ready.
So we left at like 3:30 got there about like 4:15 and this guy came up to us and was like uhh you just missed aaron carter he drove up In a SUV, and we were like really??? Hes like yeah and that gurl over there was cryng I was like oh man!!! But thatís ok so I wentt o the will call window and no one was there except a bunch of girls and no one new about the no secret passes or whatever so I was like I hope this isnt a scam finally Andy came out like at 5:30 and I went up to him and said andy are you doing the contest for the best dressed or whatever? And he was like no that contest was yesterday he said the contest for today is the best model of aarons dressing room, so I was upset cause I thought I wasnt gonna get the passes for no secrets or aaron!! But then at like 6 I went to the window cause thatís when they opened up and I asked them if they had my name on a list and I told them my name and they are like wait are you her and I was like yeah!!! So I got the passes!!!! Then after andy gave out all the passes for the people who made a model for aarons dressing room he said he had 10 left and hes just gonna hand tem out so i ran over there with my best friend and I was like ANDY ANDY CAN I PLEASE HAVE ! I TREID SO HARD FOR THE OTHER CONTEST THAT WASNíT EVEN TODAY AND I DIDNíT KNOW!! Then he looked at my poster that I had and he was ;like herÖHE GAVE IT TO ME! I was like ... I was litterally shaking!!!!!! So I got online for the aaron meet and greets!! And they were only taking 10 so I had my aunt wait online in my place for aaron and I went to go meet no secrtes!!! They are soo sweet1!!! I got their autograph and then left I went on the aaron cartter line where my aunt was standing and then she went with my sister my best friend and my cuz to go meet no secrets and they took a pic, I didnít take a pic cause I didnít have much time cause I had to get online for aarons!!! Haha so I went online and they were only taking 10 people at a time to see aaron so there was like maybe 18 of us left and andy came out and said aarons not signing anymore autographs, I was soo mad!!! But they saidaaron will take a biig group pic with you so I was like fine, first they took everyone who won meet and greets from the fan club and they tooka pic with aaron then the rest of us including me had to take the pic, when I walked in my ,outh dropped!! I was like .... he was talking to some guy that he knew a little bit away from where we were all standing and then he lifted up his shirt and I saw his stomache!! And back!!!! I was like ... he showing off but I like it!!! Haha he supposedly got a tatoo!!! A dragon!!! But I think its fake, I donít think he wouldve gotten a real one, so anyway he came over and tooka pic of us my aunt came in a took a pic of all of us standing with him he was like almost infront me me is elbow was rite near me!!! I was like ahhh!!! Then this girl asked what kind of tatoo did he get and he was like a dragon I was like thatís soo awesome! And he smiled!! Hehe after the pic I just managed to get aarons attention cause he was walking rite near me, his body guard was like pushing him telling him to go, then I go AARON!!! Can I have a hug?!?!?!?! And he smiled at me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... and my aunt got a pic of him hugging me!!!!! And then he stuck his tongue out at my aunt for like a pose and she took a pic of that to!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant waot for the pics to get back I started crying when I came out fo the gate cause my dream was to meet aaron!! And it came true!!!!!!!! So then after we got our seats for the concert we got a drink and glow sticks and I got a poster of aaron!!!! And it was just awesome!!!! First Triple image came out, they were pretty good!!! They are spoo kute!!! Then jump 5 came outÖ they were sooo awesome!!! They were` like doing flips on stage!!!! It was soo kool!! Then last but not leats no secrets came out!! They did great!!!! Then came the model show with angel carter moving to the song you wear it well which I think aaron sang!!! But he wanst on stage!! Angel looked soo prettty!!!!! The seats we had were great but I donít think the pics came out that good, but anyway aaron finally came out onstage and the crowd went wild!!!!! I was screaming soooo loud!! I couldnít talk for like the rest of the nite!!! He did and AWESOME CONCERT!!!!!!! I cant believe it!!! Im not gonna tell you what he does in the concert cause I wantt o make it a surprise!!!! Youíll love it!!!!!!!!!!! But anyway there was kinda no one in a section so I was like literally jumping up and down with the glow sticks and aaron came on my side and he was like pointing out at me and like jumping!!! I was like AHHHHHHHHH I was jumping soo high and everyone was just standing there waving the glow sticks I was the only one jumping!!! Then aaron goes you want me to go home?!?!? I was like NOOO so was everyone else and then he goes lets see what song should I do, and I held up my poster high and he looked over and on my poster it said aaron is too good to be true!!! And hes like ill do too good to be true!!! .... Hahaha that was soo awesome!!!! After the concert was over I ran with my sister and best friend and my aunt and my cousin to the gate where he comes out and I saw him come out in the limo!!! He honked and everything and irt was the best!!!!!! Then we went to go meet triple image and we got their autographs!!! they are sooo incredably sweet along with no secrets!!!! It turned out this concert was the best but the only bad thing wa si lost my aaron poster!!! L I was kinda upset but at least I got a hug and a kiss from him!! I WOULD HAVE TO SAY THIS IS THE BEST B_DAY PRESENT EVER! TO ALL THE GIRLS WHO THINK ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO MEET AARON ITS NOT!!! DONíT GIVE UP!!!!! EVER!!!! FOLLOW YOUR DREAM AND IT WILL SOON COME TURE!!! IT DID FOR ME!!!!!!! LUV YAS!! ~kris~