Fan Experience for 8/22-Camden,NJ concert by Jessica:

I got to the concert at 5:15 there wasn't that many people there just about 20-25 people for the contest Andy( the web guy) had going on. Well i met up with my friends Kate,Nora,Anna & Rachel. I had Meet n greets for Aaron that i than went to pick up... but the will call window didn't have them and either did Andy and either did some other dude who was handing out passes with peoples names on it. So i was getting upset that noboy had my passes. So i went over to Andy and explained everything to him.And told him the guy who was supposed to have the meet n greet passes for me, so Andy went looking for him and asking for him through his walkie talkie thing (lol) But they couldn't find him and couldn't get a hold of here i was with NO passes ( yet ) , There was a group of fans around Andy ( all of us were pratically on top of him so they had to get people to tell us to stay back) every fan wanted meet n greet passes and we know thats not possible... so andy handed out 10 last passes he randomly handed them out....since it was my friend Rachel's 15th birthday we went up to andy and kept reapting over and over again "Its her birthday!" and he had 3 more passes left so he handed ONE to nora ( rachels friend) so nora gave the pass to rachel, so now ONE of us had a pass to meet aaron...there was 4 of us who still didn't...
But than Angel Faiths mom ( from No secrets) came out and she quietly said she was taking people back to meet No secrets... so i said well if i can't meet aaron than why not meet No secrets... so Me n Kate when back to meet No secrets... but Nora and Anna waited with Rachel in line to meet aaron. So i went back behind this gate where the busses were and where this pourch was and i met No secrets( they are soo sweet! that was my 3rd time meeting them and they are soo nice!!..they said they liked my A&F purse! hehe)... than i was about to leave and i spotted the guy who was supposed to graciously give me 4 AC meet n greets and i talked to him and well he knew who i was and everything and he said "I'll see if i can get passes now or you can meet him after the show" than he walked away and came back a few minz later with 4 meet n greet passes!! :) i FINALLY got the passes to meet Aaron...
Well since i was already back where the meet n greet was supposed to be and it handen't yet started...but it did like 2 minz after i got the passes they told me to stay back there til Aaron came out. So we got in a line and well My sister was first and than Me than my friend Kate ( well since my other pass was for rachel and she already had one i gave it to my mom) so oh my gosh my sister went and i took their picture and i had to announce i was shaking so i said "IM shaking" and aarons body guard started laughing (lol) and Aaron smiled! :)....Than it was my turn so i walked up to him he said "HI" and i said "Hi" than i said "This is for you" and i handed him a bear, rose and 2 notes and he had this cute look on his face and said "Thank you" and i said "your welcome" than i handed him a picture for him to sign ( and since i met him on 8/21 the night before i said ..." remember me , i met you yesterday" and he looked up and said "Hey girl! you met me yesterday and you have meet n greets again! ::laughs, smiles::" than we got together for the pic! :-)...and than we were done...and as i was walking away he waved to my mom! ( lol ) but i noticed he was very happy and hyper because when i came out he was jumpin up n down hehe...but i went running out of the gate and to my friends Nora, rachel and Anna who were like one of the last people in line.. and well my mom gave her pass to Anna.. kate gave her pass to Nora and rachel had one already so now rachel , kate and nora could meet aaron! :)...(they ended up kinda not, its a long story...aaron decieded he wanted to stop the meet n greet before he got to rachel , nora and anna becuase he was tired .....but before he went he got a group photo with anna, nora and rachel... but they didnt get an autograph...but anna got a kiss and a hug from aaron and aaron called rachel they were happy lol ) but than i went to my seats it was about 6:00...and i had front row for the concert so i was VERY excited! :) :)
....well skipping over to when the concert started ,Triple Image started first *they were good..great dancers!* than JUmp 5! * awesome!, Brandon is such a cute he pointed to me twice!* and than No secrets!*they were soooo good!!!* than of course Aaron! , for Aaron i moved over to the catwalk like right in front of it ( so when aaron came out on the catwalk i could get his hand!) well i was like a lil shorter than the catwalk so i used the bar on the chair to stand on so it made me higher in the air....well Aaron was behind a curtion singing "You wear it well" while a fashion show was going on ( angel carter was in it along with other girls) Than Aaron came out and sang a lot of songs from his new album! and a lot from the old! he really worked the stage and was climbing all over the speackers! hehe it was cute! but everytime he came on the catwalk i grabbed his shoe and leg ( i have to say i got to touch his shoe and leg about 10-12 times!) and than his hand i grabbed ( 5-6 times) one time i grabbed his ring ( accidently!) and it almost came off...and he was struggling to put it back on!.. lol....(oops sorry Aar!) but than durring the song BOUNCE oh my gosh he came out onto the catwalk and let some girls sing! and well he went to his left first let a few girls sing than he came to the CENTER ( where i was , it was like i was almost in his face i was that close lol) and he saw ME and I think he remembered me and well he leaned down DIRECTLY TO ME and put the microphone directly to ME and let me sing part of bounce!!!! :) than he went to my friend Anna who was right next to me and let her sing ... i decided to help her out and sing too haha.. so i got to sing twice in his microphone!! :) than a lil later this girl next to me her name was Jackie and we became friends well she had this bear and this pizza box lid... so we attached the 2 together and wanted to hand it to aaron onstage... well that exactly what we did! :)...she grabbed onto one end of it and i grabbed onto the other and when he came out on the catwalk right in front of us... we handed it to him and he stood there looking at it with a cute funny face , his face sorda looked like * this is cute and funny you guys are crazy!* <-- that kinda look! hehe....and he knew me n jackie handed it to him so he smiled! :) that was just some things during the concert that happened... he threw out , water bottles, towel, fake cell phone, 2 drum sticks (< which my friend anna next to me got but security took it away cuz there was a fight over it with another girl!) and he sprayed silly string and than handed the bottles out to some girls on the side of the catwalk!...and i think thats all he handed out!...hehe and lots of people were throwin stuffed animals onstage , this one girl tossed up to him a sponge bob and he caught it and smiled and said "Whats this!?" and we all yelled "Sponge BOB!" and he laughed and than said "Im gonna put him right here" and he put it on the piano was really cute!...and at the end a lot of confetti came down and since i was front row center where it all came down it covered me from head to i was covered in confetii and silly string! :) than he ended the show FLYING in the air... hehe that was good!...and that was the concert!
Afterwards i went out to the gate where i went in for the meet n greet and i waited there cuz thats where the busses pulled out i waited there for an hour and first triple Image left than Aarons dancers on one bus than Aaron! his dad was driving and aaron was standing in the front and he waved to the left side first than came out and waved and blew a kiss MY Direction! hehe! :-) and than waved and than opened the window and than he pulled away :-( and that was it! was over! but it was def. one of the best nights of my life! I've met aaron 2 times now and i hope to meet him again!