Well it was about 4:30 and I just got to the Amphitheater and about 30 people were standing outside and the concert didnt start until 7. So we were out there for along time. I looked around and I saw Andy the "Web Guy" and I talked to him. Then I went on back to my business. Well It was begining to rain and just bout everyone out of the 30 ppl had meet and greet passes and I didnt and same with about 4 other ppl. So they were all going through the line to get their tickets scanned so Andy looked at us and said "Come on!" so here I was going nuts just thinking I get to meet AC. Well it started pouring down with rain and tons of lightning. So we were all under where they scanned the tickets. So then it calmed down and we all made a run for it. We were all walking really fast to get to the meet and greet area. We were in there for about 15 minutes and behind some wooden gates we saw some people coming, and one of them had a orange shirt on.. So I was most certain that was AC. Come to know it, it sure was! He went on signing people's stuff and when he got to me I took a picture with him and got his auto. He was so nice, he told me He dont bite..And he said some other things too but I forgot cause I was day dreaming when he was signing my stuff! lol.. which I knew he didnt. I was just in total shock when he was right in front of me that I was actually getting to meet Aaron Carter.
After the M & G was over, we went to our seats it was about 6:00 cause we didnt get to see ac til 5:30. I went everywhere and spent ALLLL my money. *Who wouldnt? :-)* Hehe. But anyways...Well before the show.. I was lookin at some people that were bringing in a table, 5 chairs, Permanent markers, and this box with looked like paper. So I stood there right in front of these people setting up this stuff and come to know it No Secrets was doing a "Public" signing. So I was first in line! So thats No Secrets AUTO too! Well by the time they got there it was 6:45 so they had 15 min to sign before the concert started.
At 7 the concert had started with Triple Image *Their too cute* then Jump 5 *Brandon and Chris are HOTT* and then No Secrets then the best of all, Aaron Carter. Aarons show was awesome with the lil car for "My First Ride" and then his American Flag for "America A O" the show was awesome. Then the best part I think he was asking what the most important things were, And I yelled out, "FAMILY", and he Looked right dead at me and smiled and then went on to singing his song. I just about died!! Then ALLL that glitter to top everything off was an awesome Idea.. But it was TONS of glitter. I had 4th row so I got it G-O-O-D!! Then after the concert, I went and met Jump 5! They were all really nice. The only people I didnt get to meet was Triple Image. *Their tour bus was so cute!* Thats my Fan review for ya! Thanks!!

Brittney from ACFS - 6 MORE PICS!