By Vanessa:
My friends of the Nautilus Middle School Dance Team (15-20 girlz) went on a trip to New York. As they got on the plane they saw/met Aaron Carter, yep, Aaron himself. I know he takes first class but for them to get to coach they had to pass through first class so they saw him there. when they got to New York, Aaron was waiting for his limo driver and they were waiting for their bus, so he visited with them on their bus. One of my friends interviewed him and asked him tons of question, not that much, and she asked him if Hilary and him were dating and he said that no that they weren't dating cuz it just wasn't working out. *not lying*
He signed lots of stuff that they gave him, & he signed my friend's passport. he gave my friend his bandana that he was wearing and he gave everyone on the bus his cell number (which I have, but can't give it out). This was all caught on tape which I saw, and my friend's have pics of it too. They'll bring them to me tomorrow (Tuesday 5/20). Today (Monday 5/19) my best friend's (Estefania) friend was wearing Aaron's bandana around her wrist. It smelled like him too. well datz all the info that i got for now.
Lotz of luv, Vanessa

UPDATE 5/20: Today my friend Angie brought me a pic of them two and she told me about what had happened in the bus, cuz thatz where they interviewed him. by the way he looked really hot in the pic, he has his long hair as it was before he cut it. he lukz so fine. LOL. hahaha. but really he does luk extremely cute. - Vanessa