AaronCarter.com Response to the World Trade Center Tragedy 9/11/01 -

"Dear All, A few words from Aaron. Our prayers go out to the victims and all Americans and the world on this day of tragedy. May we all find love and peace in spite of this cowardly evil."

- Aaron Carter

It is true that Aaron and family were in New York at the time this event took place, Aaron and family are all fine, just in shock at the scale of the acts that took place and saying their prayers for the families and friends of those who are gone. We thank you all for your concerns. We must bow our heads and send out a prayer for those who were so needlessly lost in this tragic event and send out our deepest thanks to those who are working so hard to help others. Thank you.

- Aaron Carter's Street Team

I join all Americans in sending my thoughts and prayers to the countless many around the world who have suffered the heartrending loss of a loved one in the recent tragedies. I myself witnessed the horrific event in New York, and I am struck by the terrible blow it was to us and the world. My gratitude goes out to the many who have responded to this event with incredible honor and grace. I also join you in showing everyone, and especially those who perpetrated these attacks, how resilient we of civil descent are. In watching the events of the past week, I have been inspired by the sheer determination and focus to overcome what has happened, and to move forward. All at AaronCarter.com send love and our best as we rise above and beyond this tragedy.

- aaroncarter.com