Here is JESSICA'S FAN EXPERIENCE at Aaron's Concert in York PA on 9/10! (this is Jess's 3rd AC concert):

Alrighty hey everyone...this is a fan review ( by me) from Aarons concert on 9/10 in York,PA! alright so i got there like 5:30, and i called kate( my friend) and told her i was there, and i was just a LIL lost haha ( no i was more like tottaly LOST) and i had no idea how to get to i just started walking then i came into this parking lot by the busses and kate was like ALL the way across the parking lot and so we found eachother and earlier she met up with andy and told her who she was and ME..and so she showed him the scrapbook and he gave her the passes. So kate had passes..and since we met up at 5:15 and the meet n greet was at 5:30..we had to go to the gate thingy where you go to get in..and there we met up with Anna( My other friend who was sitting with me )..she had a pass too ( from Andy, cuz ANDY rocks!!)Okay so andy was like RIGHT THERE so i said "IM JESSICA" haha..and he goes "OH okay so your the one ive been talking to" and i said "YEP!" than he said "::LAUGHED:: your so presistant" than i laughed haha, than i was waitin for them to let us in and i saw Anna talkin to this one girl and i walked over and they were talkin about her getting Aarons hair and so than i asked how? and she said that Jane gave Aaron a haircut earlier that day and andy came out with it in an envelope and he gave it to her ( because shes like the # 1 person on the online street team) so andy gave it to her ( cuz ANDY ROCKS!!!)...haha..and than i was just standing around waitin for them to let us in and they did...and well everyone was like to the left but me, kate n anna went to the right a lil and this COOL security guard came over and said "Lets start a trend and go over here" and i was like "Are u serious?!" and he started takin us back kinda to the entrance to backstage, and me , anna and kate were FIRST lol...well we waited out there for a lil and everything..and than Matt ( Aarons dancer) came out..and my friend Anna asked him for a pic and he said "REAL QUICK" and than him n anna took a pic and matt wasnt really i thought he was rude....and than he started walkin around the seats...than they said that they had to put BIG X-es on our passes...because they found out the ULTIMATE secret to WHY the meet n greets DUpLiCaTed...haha..people were takin there passes and lettin others use now they put X-es on them..and well were like "NOO we dont want big Xes on it" so the body guard was cool and he hardly made an X on it lolol...than they let 15 at a time we went backstage....and than we went down the stairs into this basement UNDER the stage..and i didnt know Aaron was gonna be RIGHT i um was going on and on about how im gonna fall in my shoes haha...than we turned the corner and Aaron was RIGHT smack there( to the left)..and the body guards were like GO ALL THE WAY AROUND..and aaron had this LOST puppy look on his face and he was wondering where we were going haha it was funny..but he took Anna's cd booklet cuz he didnt know that we had to walk all the way around the hallway in a circle than to the other end to where Aaron will be doing when we walked all the way around it was so it was Aaron in front of Kate than Me Than Anna..well He signed Anna's booklet, handed it to her, and i was just about to take a pic of her standing by Aaron ( because they said NO pics cuz of TO many PeoPles)..but the body guard stopped Anna :-(...and by that time Aaron had moved on To kate...and they kinda pushed Anna away..i felt so bad...:-(.. oh AARON was wearing...a hat backwards, dark blue or black ( i couldnt tell) shorts and a white t-shirt and than a white net shirt kinda thing over that..( well here just let me tell you, i made Aaron this frame..and i didnt wanna give it to him, but kate said i had to , but i still wasnt, so she gave it to him, dangit lol) and so kate said something like "Jess made this frame for you ::points to the side of her to me::" and than aaron said " :::smiles::: this is cool" than kate said "This is a scrapbook with a whole bunch of letters and stuff" and he said "That is so sweet , thanks!" and than he gave KATE a hug..than as kate walked away and i was standing in front of Aaron, aaron turned around to kate and said "See ya later" and he waved lol...than he turned back around to me, and i said "I made you the frame" ane he smiled and i think he said "Cool" and than i handed him my Cd cover ( AE) and he took it and started signing it..and than while he was signing i asked him "Can i have a hug?" and im guessing he cant exactly "consentrate" while he goes "Uhhh"..than he finished signing it , looked up and said "SURE" and than he handed me my booklet and gave me a really COOL hug haha..i liked ittt....( oh and thanks to ANNA..she got a pic of me standing there with aaron hehe,,,oh and I took 2 pics of aaron close up when he was talkin to KATE haha i flashed him 2wice it was GreAatt).

Okay so than we leave...and we go out, and i run over to Andy and i go "THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!" and he said "your welcome" and we started talkin to him cuz he ROCKS lol..we talked to him about the meet n greet and i dont exactly remember what we all talked about but we talked for awhile andy is so nice..and he like knows my dad and my dad and him talked about my dads buissness and how my dad might do buissness with aaron haha( long story) so andy gave my dad some address in marathon and he was talkin to me n my dad and how the Carters personally offered Andy a job to be a FULL time tutor for Aaron down in marathon so andy is gonna move down to marathon and be aarons tutor..and andy said Aaron is only in Pre-Algebra..( hes in 9th grade by the way guys ok? 9th grade, NOT tenth but 9th lol) and than andy took off his hat and told us he was shaving his head last nite, and he cut to much off and now he has to wear a hat..haha...( i started crackin up) and than we talked more about aaron and he said that Aaron doesnt like to sit still he cant stay still for like 2 secs ...than kate came up with this awesome idea..and said why wont we ask andy to take a camera back and have him take a pic of Aaron holding the scrapbook so i said thats good!!!! let me ask me being the LOUD mouth said "Andy!, can you go back to Aaron and take a pic of Aaron holding the scrapbook and frame!?" and he said "Sure" and he took my camera than he said "I cant gaurentee he''ll stay still long enough!" and than he walked backstage under the stage and than to aaron like 5 minz later he came out..and i was like "Did you get it?!?!!?" and he was like "Yes i got it!" and i said "THANK YOU SO MUCH!, was he smiling!?!" and he said "Yes" <--haha.*than i got a picture with Andy, i think Anna was in it to*..but than tasha ( aarons dancer) came out , and she was soo nice/sweet...hehe...i didnt really feel like meeting any of the dancers so i just took pics for people and watched, but tasha was soo sweet...:-)..shes nicer than aaron haha...okay well i bet most of ya are DYING by now eh? okay well than we talked with andy for a lil bit more than we departed.

Anna went to meet No secrets..i didnt cuz i met them already like 3 i decided not to and so i waited for her and than as she was coming out they were closing the gate for people to go FRONT ROW so me n anna ran and as we got there he closed it, but he wasnt lookin so me n anna ran past it and up to the front row center, so instead of 4th row we had front row center and so ya skippin over triple image( they were first, haha they were good , they got a good songs! ), omg haha...JUMP 5 haha.. BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) n him have a lil THANG going on.. i think he totally remembered me from 8/22 so when he first came out he saw me and POINTED and and he did that the whole time they performed everytime he came to the center where i was he smiled/pointed at me or he Smiled/waved at me and he came down and touched my hand ( cuz i was reachin for it all the time) and i would scream when he touched it so he laughed and smiled hehehehe...but he pointed at me A all the time was great...hehehe ok..than Aaron came outs...and i got TONS of great pics..he threw things out let me name it haha...Water bottles,Towel ( he had it arond his neck than he threw it out to one row behind me and some parents got it haha) and his glove ( he wiped his mouth on it and than threw it), his hat (that he wore for most of the concert, he had it on backwards,sideways , i think he was wearin it cuz of his hair cut lmao). umm he threw out a fake cell the sill string he couldnt cuz even though i was right there...he had it in his hands he saw me but dropped it and than threw the other at his dancer haha....oh they wouldnt let anyone near the catwalk really..but omg i was like 3 feet away from the catwalk so everytime he came out there i got a great view of it cuz he was like right up there..and there was an empty space, its hard to explain it was great though...and than FINALLY aaron bent down to touch hands RIGHT in front of me..and he touched my hand !!! :-)..and i grabbed onto it haha..than i let go...than when he was on the piano..i was directly in front of the piano like it was RIGHT there, it was great so when he was singing "Im all about you" well me, anna and 2 other girls right there leaning on the gate front row..we were singing and he heard he did that thing with his ear, and he stopped singing and he let us sing and he listened while he played the piano haha, that was cute...and than AFTER Another Earthquake he goes "You know what!?" ....*than he paused, and i KNEW exactly what he was gonna say lol* i shouted and it was real quit and i shouted "THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY LAST SONG" and he heard MEEE lol and he looked! and smiled...hahaha.....that was GREAT , well he did a great job,...He looked at me a when he was walkin over from the left side he could see me clearly i knew it , i could see it in his eyes i knew he saw me...and than my dad said he saw him turn around and look at me one time...hehe :-)..but he mostly threw out his stuff to front row on the right side and than 4th.5th row...but ya he was GREAT....omg lol umm...i dont know what else to say about the concert i mean it was great, i got awesome pics...real CLOSE!!!! he was ALL over the speakers dancing and he was shakin his BUTT all the time haha...and doing that awesome move he does hehe...and he didnt let anyone sing bounce...haha I FEEL SO SPECIAL I GOT TO SING BOUNCE ON 8/22 haha...but he sat on the railing thing and sang most of Bounce...he took of his vest and than he was SHIRTLESS and he did flips and stuff than put it on than a lil later took it off again and did songs without his shirt on...( yes i gottt picsss!!!!!) lollol...oh and the Gaterade bottle that was onstage for aaron that his FOOT touched..a clean up guy at the end tossed it down and it hit anna than fell to the ground and i picked it up and got it haha... ;-)

Than we left..and we went out by the busses...I found out Aaron has his OWN personal BUS lol..that its HIM and ofcourse his dad drives it..and i guess sometimes his mom and angel but its just HIS haha..and its the animal one with the bike on the back , oh and i saw CRAIG...haha..he was sittin kinda backstage but onstage..where the body guard stands..and in the middle of the concert aaron goes over to him and pushes him almost to the ground (Jokingly lol) and than craig got up and went backstage haha but okay back to the busses..hehe I saw Jane walkin from the bus to backstage than i saw BOB get on the bus and start up the engine..and than i saw andy go to the bus of the window talkin to Bob and than when he was done me anna n kate yelled "ANDY!!!" and we waved and he waved back hehe ( MAN HE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) HAHAHA...and than we went around the other side where they would be pullin out...and than a few minutes later they did, Aaron was on the first one, NO-ONE knew though cuz aaron didnt make it obvious..he didnt open the window or anything he just sat up there and waved lol..and the TV was on they were flippin through it was like chanel 8 haha...ya...but than the other bus left with aarons dancers , matt was upfront with no shirt waving...and than the 3rd bus and than ADIOS the end haha...but kate followed the busses ( for 2 and a half hours and 20 minz) to a service gas station in New Jersey! and she met Craig and Aaron...:-)..hehe she had a nice conversation with Aaron too ( about the scrapbook) well that was my encounter on 9/10..that was 3 times now {meeting Aaron} and i hope to make it 4 next concert! :-)..Aaron rocks! - Jess